Micaela Meyer Shirtdress

June 21, 2016

Does anyone else have trouble sleeping when there is a full moon? Both Blue Moonbeam and I were up and tossing and turning in bed around 4:30am this morning and by 5:00am we were taking our morning walk. I'm not usually an early riser but figured embracing the early start and getting a jump on the day was better than lying wide awake in bed.

So, you can thank last night's "Full Strawberry Moon" that this post is getting up in a timely manner. And while I'm pleased about this morning's productivity I'm not into it so much that I'll be rising before 5:00 everyday!


What you’re getting here is a look at a very special shirtdress. The designer, Micaela Meyer, created her namesake line of perfectly tailored dresses in 2015. Years spent wearing and styling   her father’s worn-through bespoke shirts led to Micaela developing a deep appreciation and love for the luxurious fabrics, crisp tailoring, and structured silhouettes. The design for her dresses is a blend of personal nostalgia and inspiration drawn from a men’s shirt she found in an antique shop in London…the result is a line of dresses created with extreme craftsmanship and attention to detail. Cut from luxurious Italian fabrics and produced in the USA, each style is incredibly soft and designed to last for years.

I’m wearing the Kensington – one of the three styles Michaela currently offers, and possibly the most classic. Micaela calls it “the ultimate wardrobe staple” and after wearing it multiple times and styling it differently with shoes and accessories, I have to agree with her. Made with Italian cotton, it’s super soft (has a really nice silky feel) and has all the details that make it timeless and transitional. I love it belted or worn loose for a relaxed fit and the pockets are my favorite. Now I’ve got my eye on the Chelsea style in linen…

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