Traveling With The Lo & Sons Catalina Deluxe

July 14, 2016

The Lo & Sons weekender bag I've been using for three years - The Catalina - just got an amazing now comes in a "Deluxe" version. Available in both large and small, the Catalina Deluxe has all the same features as the original Catalina and includes some really amazing additional details that take it to the next level in terms of awesomeness and functionality. For anyone unfamiliar with the canvas duffle and what makes it so different from other options out there, I'm excited to tell you all about it! I packed my new forest green bag (it's a Large) for the week I was gone over the 4th of July and through last weekend and everything fit perfectly. My favorite thing about the Catalina bag is that it holds a ton but doesn't look huge. You never want to be the person that shows up for a weekend and looks like you packed for a month. I was only slightly surprised that I was able to fit everything I needed for a week inside my Catalina Deluxe Large - even though it's called a "weekender" bag it can really get you so much further than two days if you need it to!


The first thing you’ll notice about the Catalina (in each of the three variations) it’s the bottom pocket/section that has its own zipper. This area is connected to the top part (it doesn’t completely zip away) and is amazing for holding shoes, toiletries, or other items you want to keep separate. This bottom part of the Catalina Deluxe is different from the original in that it comes with a removable padded insert (!).  In the past I had gotten questions from readers worried about packing delicate shoes, make-up, hair appliances in the bottom for fear that they would get damaged. I have never, ever had that problem with my original (and I put everything from my laptop to fancy stilettos down there) but the padded insert is a great addition for those concerns and it gives the bag extra structure that helps with packing and keeps the canvas from getting lumpy and bumpy. Here’s what I packed in mine:

I like to load up the bottom pocket first then zip it and move on to the top part. Unlike other duffels I’ve used in the past, this one really opens up wide and placing items neatly inside is really easy (and ideal for a type-A, organized packer like me). There’s a small zippered pocket on one size of the interior and two divided pockets on the other – great for holding smaller items like my laptop charger, perfume, and lip stuffs. Here’s what I fit:

Two of the features of the Catalina Deluxe that the original Catalina doesn’t have: a back panel pass-through sleeve and a removable messenger strap. The back panel is similar to those on Lo & Sons infamous O.G.O.M.G. and laptop tote bags – it allows you to slide the Catalina Deluxe over suitcase handles for seamless travel. There are double sided zippers on the top and bottom of the panel that make it adjust to fit different handle widths. I often use the panel as an additional pocket when I’m not using it with a suitcase. The messenger strap easily clips onto both sides of the top of the bag, near the zipper, and it has a removable padded piece that makes it extra comfortable to carry.

My large Deluxe Catalina came with me to Ft. Worth for some pool time, then to Dallas, then on to Kansas City (note: I did bring a small separate bag to hold the few things I needed to wear for my aunt’s wedding last weekend and my camera has its own separate situation) then back to Houston. And while living out of a bag for a week isn’t necessarily my favorite thing, it’s really (really, really) not a chore to do it with this bag. Having all my beauty needs in the bottom of the bag and my clothes in the top really helps me feel organized and the lightweight canvas means that even when it’s full of stuff and I’m swinging it from one place to another, I don’t feel like I’m lugging it around.

You can check out this handy guide to see the differences between the Catalina Deluxe Small ($128), the Catalina Deluxe Large ($148), and the Catalina ($120). If you don’t have a weekender bag you’re in love with or feel like it’s the bag missing in your life, I cannot recommend a Catalina (any version of it!) enough. The price makes it a serious bang for your buck and you’ll never use another duffle type bag again – I seriously haven’t in over three years. Shop them here!

Oh, did I mention it’s machine washable and totally collapses for easy storage? Mic drop.

Fun stuff: the Catalina now comes in a really adorable color-blocked style (three different color options on the bottom with a natural canvas on top), and the seven fully-colored options are currently on sale ($120 → $84)!

  1. Hey! Is the bag in your pictures forest green or teal blue?

    I want to get the deluxe in the color pictured, but on the website FOREST green seems much darker (and the teal blue is only offered for the catalina).

    Great post! Thanks!


    1. Hi Emily! I have the Forest Green – it’s pretty true to color in terms of what’s pictured online – my photos were taken with quite a bit of natural light which might have made it come off a little differently. I hope that helps! xx – M

  2. Love this bag!!! Thinking of getting it, but Quick question: Were you able to take this onto the plane as a carry-on bag or did you have to check it in?

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