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August 10, 2016

I could very well think this every time, but this week's Current Vibes might just be my favorite one yet. So many good things to share and I just can't contain myself with the excitement over all of it! Molly comes in town today before heading out for a wedding this weekend and I'm pretty pumped for some sister time. We've already planned to get our favorite acai bowls and to have a limeade/chocolate chip cookie date. Our dogs always love it when their cousin comes to play, and I'm thinking of scooping up a baby pool for them to play in since it is so blazing hot here. Kind of feels like the weekend started early... (read on for the current vibes!)

1. LOVING // LEIGH WEBBER: I have always thought underwater photographs were just so mesmerizing and unique, so when I saw Leigh Webber’s work, I was completely blown away. Leigh Webber is based out of Charleston, which seems to house some of the most cool and creative people in the country. I still can’t believe that I’ve never visited. I discovered Leigh’s underwater photography via Chassity, because Leigh has used Chassity’s darling kiddos as some of her subjects. She has also recently worked along side Marysia Swim to photograph her Bumby line for kids, which seems like a complete match made in heaven. Given that we just moved into a new place and have much more wall space in our home, I now have major heart eyes for Leigh Webber’s work and need to find a way to make something of hers mine. Is that strange to want photos of children that are not mine in my home!?

2. BAKING // BROWNIE COOKIES: I have been trying to do a decent amount of cooking since we’ve moved, and feel like I am doing a pretty good job at it. My mom is the most amazing cook and I have always wanted to live up to her example, but have completely fallen short. I am really hoping that this latest cooking spree will continue. Cooking aside, I would much rather be baking. Mostly because I have the biggest sweet tooth and will happily devour anything and everything I make. Smitten Kitchen has always been a go to of mine for recipes, and I swear by her Crispy Chewy Chocolate Chip cookies. I plan to try her “Browniest Cookies” sooner rather than later, because who doesn’t love double the chocolate?!

3. BEACHING // ROUND TOWEL: Even though we just got back from the beach, and have no future plans to visit, I am set on convincing Molly to make a trip in the fall. September and October are some of the best times to go because the scene is so much quieter and the crowds/unchaperoned teens are no longer, which makes it truly relaxing and enjoyable. We made a sister trip at that time last year and it was quite splendid. I wish that I had discovered these fantastic round beach towels by Turkish T before our trip, but its not like I will never be going to the beach again, so they’d still make for a good buy.

4. WANTING TO TRY // TRUE BOTANICALS: One of my favorite blogs to read for beauty recommendations is Bare Beauty Blog. Jessica Morse, the founder of Bare Beauty, is a self proclaimed guinea pig and consultant for all of your ‘clean’ beauty wants or needs and has truly done all of the leg work for you. I don’t consider myself to be perfect in the clean beauty department, but I am definitely trying to slowly change everything I use over! One brand that Jessica geniunely loves and endorses is True Botanicals, which I am now dying to try. She swears that True Botanicals changed her skin when she first started using it and she has been a devotee to the brand ever since. Thisrecent blog post on Bare Beauty has me fully convinced that I need to start investing in the True Botanicals brand, and stat!

5. LUSTING // PIEDMONT VASE: There are few things that make me happier than having fresh flowers dispersed throughout my home. Luckily for me, my husband actually doesn’t mind shelling out an extra $15 at the store and often comes home with fresh flowers which is always the best surprise. I take great pleasure in trimming the stems and arranging them in the various vases I own and caring for them to give them the longest life possible. No, I am not kidding, I genuinely love my flowers. I have had an image saved on my phone of the Piedmont vaseby Arteriors for a good year now, and I have yet to forget about it. Now that we have more space, there are countless places that I can put fresh flowers around our home, which calls for more vases. I am saving my pennies for the Piedmont vase, because I don’t think I have seen anything quite so amazing.

6. ORDERING // TIERED TRAY: The other day as I was reading write ups on Into the Gloss (a favorite hobby and one that steals all of my money), I came across the above photo of Alexander Pakzad’s “shelfie”. Pakzad used a marble, tiered kitchen serving piece from Crate and Barrel to house her beauty products on her counter and I am completely obsessed with what she did. The tiered server is perfect if you don’t have enough counter or storage space and it looks The white marble gives a clean look, which is the perfect backdrop for all of your daily beauty needs. I already have one on its way to me because I just couldn’t resist!

7. GIFTING // HALO HOMEHalo Home is a Dallas-based monogram company started by Kimberly Schlegel Whitman that sells some of the prettiest monogram pieces I’ve seen in awhile. They offer endless monogram styles and there is literally something for everyone. The offerings range from classic to cheeky, like theseemoji cocktail napkins that would make for a great gift. I personally have my eye on their entire fringe collection – I love the combination of the fun fringe paired with a more traditional monogram. They are colorful, but not overpowering and could go with so much. I am thinking that a set of the fringed cocktail napkins would make for the perfect wedding gift for some upcoming weddings we have and I’d like to give my mom and Mimi the guest towels, which I know they would both treasure.

  1. Can’t wait for you to try true botanicals, ladies! You both already have gorgeous skin, but i’m telling you, you’re going to love love love it. xx

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