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November 30, 2016

I love a good facial and really believe in turning to trained aestheticians when it comes to treating my skin. But I generally only book a facial once a quarter (four times a year) due to the expense and scheduling. Between those visits I try to do the best at-home care I can...I love getting to show up to an appointment and hear, "Your skin is looking great!" rather than getting scolded for under moisturizing, picking, and not using my SPF and anti-aging products.

So the home care I mentioned. There are certain things I will and will not do myself. Like I would never try to wax myself. Or use any tools that could seriously damage my skin. But I do try tools that are deemed safe and yield incredible benefits when used properly and consistently. ReVit happens to be one of the aforementioned tools I use and I seriously love it. You may have heard the term "microdermabrasion" and even had an aesthetician use a microdermabrasion tool on you during a facial. ReVit is an at-home microdermabrasion tool by Silk'n, and like the ones used by professionals in the facial industry it combines gentle microdermabrasion exfoliation with vacuum stimulation. What this means: it removes dead skin cells and draws them into the device, leaving you with seriously smooth skin while also improving the appearance of age spots, fine lines and acne scars. Super easy to use and it's only $99. Sounds too good to be true but it's not...


You might recognize the Silk’n brand for their additional at-home beauty products (hair removal, anti-aging, acne, and cellulite treatment). They’re a leader for creating innovative devices that are both effective and extremely safe. The light, laser and LED based products have made it possible to achieve results that are often only accessible via professional treatments at-home.

With one of my biggest skin issues being an uneven tone due to combination skin and scaring (stupid adult acne) I was really excited to discover ReVit and immediately put it to use. Anything that has to be plugged into an outlet induces a little fear in me (would this hurt? burn? damage my skin?) but after reading a ton of reviews, watching videos, and testing the device on the back of my hand before using on my face, all my worries were put to rest and I got to work getting into the routine of using the tool.

.Basics of the tool:

  • ReVit comes in a nice little case which makes for easy storage and keeps all the parts clean and organized (a must for anything that’s going to be touching your face). Included in the kit is the device and cord, three non-abrasive diamond exfoliation “tips,” and two little baggies of filters.
  • The tips can easily be swapped (they range from “precision” [the light aqua], “fine” [medium aqua] and “corse” [darkest aqua]) and the filters should be changed every few treatments as this is where all the dead skin cells get trapped.
  • The precision tip is going to be the most gentle exfoliation and there are two suction modes (partial and full). When you first turn the device on it will be the partial suction mode, clicking the on button again gets you to full suction mode, and clicking it a third time turns it off. It really is a fool-proof product!

.How to use:

  • The instructions recommend cleaning your skin, drying it, then using the tool (without any topical toners or moisturizers on)
  • Choose a treatment tip most suitable for the area/skin being treated (I started with the precision tip for my first time. Now I alternate between the fine and corse tips each time I use ReVit)
  •  Turn the device on to the desired level (I set it to partial suction my first time to be sure I didn’t have a strange reaction to the process but now use it on full suction each time)
  •  Hold the device in one hand and use your other hand to hold your skin taut near the area where you’ll be going over first
  •  Hold the tip to face – like a pencil, being sure that it’s in full contact with the skin – then run the tip slowly across treatment area. Don’t keep the device in one spot, always have it moving!
  • The guide that comes with ReVit has a handy face diagram that correlates to a numbered list of areas to treat: neck (move Revit in downward strokes), forehead, cheeks and chin (stroke from the center outwards towards the hairline), around lips and eyes (using short upward strokes above the lip/eye then short downward strokes below the lips/eye, and out towards the hairline on the sides), and nose (straight downward strokes)
  •  Try to treat each area for approximately 5 minutes…this is always a challenge for me so I set a timer on my phone (my sessions usually last 15 minutes)
  • After covered each area, wash your face with cool water and apply moisturizer
  •  Use every 3-4 days

.What it does:

  • The first thing I noticed was the noise – the suction aspect makes for a low hum. The second thing you’ll pick up on is the suction itself…it’s very light and super gentle but you do get the feeling that you’re running a teeny vacuum over your skin. Sounds strange but it’s actually extremely satisfying to know that all those dead skin cells are getting buffed off then sucked away.
  • Though I use ReVit every 3-4 days (usually twice a week) as recommended and I don’t get any irritation, my skin does get a little pink when using the tool. The rosiness completely fades after I’m finished – it just shows up from the light exfoliation and suctioning.
  • You can look at before and after pictures of people who have been using ReVit longer than I have (I’ve had mine a little over one month) but the results are pretty amazing. We all know that safe exfoliation is essential to having smooth skin – but the light abrasion of ReVit removes the outer layer of dead skin, promoting the growth of new cells, which is why it helps improve your complexion, reduces scaring and pigmentation, and even treats fine lines and wrinkles. It’s like your favorite topical exfoliator on steroids.

Baby-bottom smooth skin is lovely and definitely helps with the effectiveness and absorption of skin care products, but what I love the most is that the stubborn redness I have from scars is really fading now that I use ReVit. I’ve been sharing the tool with Sally (who also loves it) and have already promised my mom that I’ll bring my ReVit home for her to try over Christmas. I’ve also been encouraging people to add it to their wish lists and/or give it as a gift this holiday season…nobody doesn’t love more radiant, younger, smoother looking skin and ReVit can be used on all skin types!

P.S. Silk’n is offering an amazing discount for 15% off any purchases on their site between now through the end of the year with the code “SilknTalk”!

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Current Vibes

November 30, 2016

Tomorrow is December. That is wild. I feel like it was just July. But I'm feeling super excited about the chill in the air and all the holiday lights and decorations that are all over Dallas. I'm still debating about whether or not I want to try and do a Christmas tree (worried about Rosebud disrespecting it and the ornaments) and might just go with a little garland on my mantle and some outdoor light action on my porch. The one thing I know for sure is that I'll be picking up an chocolate Advent calendar today (it's one of the vibes!).

1. LOVING // E2: I love the simplistic pieces and transparent pricing of Everlane. There are a few favorites I’ve scooped up this season (this sweatshirt is so soft and getting a ton of wear and I can’t wait to style this long, cozy cardigan in an upcoming outfit post) and am consistently impressed by the quality and wearability. So, I got pretty pumped when I learned about the brand’s limited edition capsule collection E2. Deigned to be perfect for party season and intended to be mixed and matched, nearly all of the 18 pieces speak to my basic, monochromatic-loving soul. I might not have any holiday parties on my calendar (yet) but that won’t stop me from trying out the Wide-Leg Crop Pants and luxe-looking Bomber Jacket!

2. SUBSCRIBING // WINC: Unwinding with a glass of vino at night is one of my daily vices. And though I love enjoying a few glasses during the week, I don’t know much when it comes to buying wine. I recently learned about Winc, Inc. – a wine subscription service – after seeing a Pinterest post (yup, I’m that person who clicks on the sponsored posts if the photo is pretty) and I was super impressed with the program and pricing. The company was formerly named “Club W” but just went through a rebranding and renaming. Despite the name change and new look (which I find very appealing) the membership platform is still the same: delicious wines are selected for you each month based on your flavor profile. Easy peasy. You can even choose to skip a month and receive benefits as you continue to order and give ratings on wines you receive. I just signed up and am really looking forward to seeing what three wines I get sent to me!

3. GIFTING // MI GOLONDRINA HOLIDAY: I love when my favorite brands get into the holiday spirit and offer festive pieces. Y’all know by now that Mi Golondrina is a company near and dear to my heart – not just because my beautiful friend Cristina is the lady behind it but because each piece of clothing is a literal hand-made work of art. This season, Cristina and her team have released their first-ever holiday collection complete with hand-embroidered ornaments, napkins, pillows, and clothing pieces that have a festive allure. I’m patiently waiting for the pillows to be re-stocked (this one is my favorite) and plan on scooping up some of the El Villancico cocktail napkins before they’re gone!

4. OPENING // ADVENT CAL: When we were little, Sally, our brother and I would each get chocolate Advent calendars at the start of December and open the numbered doors as we counted down the days till Christmas. These dime store calendars were one of my favorite holiday rituals but for whatever reason, we outgrew the tradition (or our parents stopped buying them for us) and I’m really wanting to bring the chocolate cal back into my December routine. I’ll probably try to find one before tomorrow so I can kick off December correctly (Sally told me she saw some at Central Market) but if I was really on top of my game and in the mood to splurge, this Vosges Haut-Chocolate Advent Calendar looks like it could be the ultimate version of the daily door-opening cal. Yum.

5. ADMIRING // KSNY PHONE POCKET STICKER: I’m so excited…I just got a new iPhone after having the same one for two years (the regular 7, not the 7+). It’s so shiny and new and the camera really is wonderful. And of course, I’ve been going back and forth on what case to get because a phone case really reveals a lot about its owner, right? I haven’t landed on a favorite but I know that whatever I get needs to be able to accommodate the scalloped pocket sticker by kate spade new york. Have you guys seen these? They are so genius and adorable. You just literally stick the pocket directly onto your phone or to a case and it can be used for holding your ID, credit card, etc. I’m a big wallet person when it comes to keeping all my stuff safe so I wouldn’t use the pocket 24/7 but it’s so nice for when you just want to have the essentials and or have a small bag that can’t hold anything besides your phone and a lipstick. It comes in eight color options (and a glitter version) but I think the gold will look best on my silver iPhone.

6. DRINKING // TEA: Coffee is my caffeine drink of choice and I like making at least 2 cups a day at home. But as soon as the weather turns chilly I find myself craving tea…I think I love the process of dunking the tea bag as much as I do the act of sipping on something warm that’s not coffee. I’m still trying to find blends I’m obsessed with – right now I like Flying Bird Botanicals’ Jasmine Green and Pukka’s Lemon, Ginger & Manuka Honey – so if you have suggestions for favorites, please let me know! I’m really looking for a flavored green tea (for the caffeine) but am interested in trying a peppermint tea like this one by Harney & Sons.

7. NEEDING // SPA DAY: At the beginning of October I got treated to an amazing “Yours Truly” massage at Hiatus Spa in Dallas. It was such a treat after moving in September and I loved that I got to customize my experience. The only thing is that I loved the massage and the super lovely environment at Hiatus so much I have been dreaming about making a return visit. Thinking that I might make a mini spa day the Christmas gift I give myself this year…

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Post Holiday

November 29, 2016

It's a blog post, post Thanksgiving. I won't lie - I loooooved Thanksgiving but I almost feel like I need a vacation from my vacation. Mostly because of the driving (8 hours to get home to Kansas City on Wednesday, 8 hours to get back to Dallas yesterday) but also because of the marathon family time (amazing but draining for an introvert) and the fact that I have still been waking up with Rosebud every two hours. Her internal clock is pretty incredible. How she knows to do her little whimper/barking action at those specific intervals - no matter what time I put her in her kennel for the night - blows my mind.

This time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is one of my favorites because it's so festive and exciting to count down the days till I'm back with all the family...but it's also hard for me to not buy for myself while I'm shopping for others. Is anyone else horrible about this? The only way I know how to distract myself is to keep a list of what gifts I need to buy and focus on shopping from my own closet versus adding things to cart for myself while making my present purchases.

The topjacket, and bag you see in this post are somewhat recent additions - I got them at the end of October and early November - and I've been wearing them all a lot individually but am also really loving how they look together here...


And this is super off topic but Sally, her husband and I have been binge watching The Fall on Netflix and we’re obsessed. Has anyone watched? It’s so creepy and addictive. We just finished season two late last night and it took all our will power not to begin season three and force ourselves to go to bed.

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Cyber Monday Sales + Deals

November 28, 2016

It's "that" Monday. The Cyber Monday. Don't be overwhelmed - we took care of pulling all the best sales and details for you. Do take advantage off what's being offered - the discounts are insane. This is the day to try and get as much of your holiday shopping done as possible! Whether you shop small (some of our favorite smaller brands and companies are on the list!) or go big with the crazy deals from AmazonShopbop, and the Gap Inc. brands...just make sure you're not missing out. Because that would be a bummer. Now get out there and stimulate our economy!!

  • Amazon: Too many deals and steals to list out – but the savings are not to be missed!
  • Ann Taylor: In stores and online – 50% off everything with code CYBER50!
  • Anthropologie: 30% off each and every item with code LETSGO!
  • Ariel Gordon: 30% off of orders over $150 from 11/25-11/28 with the code CHEERS30!!!
  • ASOS: 20% off everything with code GOGOGO.
  • AthletaCyber Monday – 20% off your purchase online only with code recharge!
  • Banana RepublicCyber event – 50% off absolutely everything! No exclusions!
  • Barneys New York: 40% off select styles from the season’s best collections!
  • BaubleBar: 35% off 2+ items with code SAVE35 or 25% off everything with code SAVE25.
  • Bloomingdales: Take 25% off a large selection of regular and sale priced items.
  • Blue Mercury: Spend $100 and get a free $20 gift card with code TWENTY, spend $250 and get a free $50 gift card with code FIFTY. And get free shipping!
  • BURU: 30% off BURU White Label with code BWLCYBER!
  • Calypso St. Barth: Pink week – enjoy an extra 25% off full priced purchases in stores and online with code PINK16!
  • CB2: 1 weekend. 2 Merry deals. 15% off your full priced order with promo code SAVE15 + free shipping.
  • Club MonacoCyber Monday event – 25% off $150+, 30% off $250+, and 35% off $400+ with code THANKSAGAIN.
  • Crate & Barrel: 15% off full priced purchases with promo code SAVE15.
  • Design Darling: 20% off everything through Monday! Use promo code HOLIDAY.
  • Drunk Elephant: Take 20% off through Monday!
  • Furbish Studio: 20% off everything with code HOLIDAY20!
  • Free People: 50% off most loved styles through today!
  • GapCyber Monday – 50% off everything with code CYBMON.
  • Gold & Gray Jewelry: Take 40% off your order with code CYBER40 at checkout!
  • Hampden Clothing: 10% off everything (including on top of sale items!) with code GIVETHANKS
  • H&MCyber Monday – up to 30% off. 20% off your order over $30+ with code 5144. 25% off your order over $50+ with code 0275. 30% off your order over $100+ with code 8284.
  • Hudson Grace: Free shipping on all orders!
  • Intermix: 40% off new designer markdowns!
  • Jenni Kayne: 20% off your entire purchase + receive a 50% off e-giftcard with orders of $500+!
  • J.Crew: 40% off your purchase in stores and online with code MONDAY. Just today!
  • J.Crew Factory: 60% off everything + 40% off clearance with code HAPPYSALE.
  • kate spade new york: Enjoy 30% off your purchase in shops and online with code WIRED.
  • Lo & Sons: Up to 50% off select styles – the famous and amazing OG and OMG bags are 40% off!
  • Loeffler Randall: Up to 40% off fall favorites!
  • LOFTCyber Monday – 50% off everything with code CYBERMONDAY!
  • Lulu FrostCyber Monday sale – 25% off sitewide plus 20% off fine jewelry with code FINE20.
  • Lulu & Georgia: Black Fri-yay! Save 15% off on $250+, 20% off $500+, and 25% off $1,000+. Use codes BLACKFRIYAY15 / BLACKFRIYAY20 / BLACKFRIYAY25.
  • Madewell: 25% off your entire purchase using code CYBERMONDAY!
  • Mango: Black Friday all weekend long – take 20% off everything with code BLACK.
  • Mignonne Gavigan: 30% off site wide with code THANKS30, plus today only certain Le Marcel scarf necklaces are an extra 20% off (for a total of 50% off!)
  • Mirth Caftans: Enjoy 20% off the entire site through TUESDAY with code THANKSTOYOU20!!
  • Neiman MarcusCyber Monday online only! $750 gift card with qualifying purchase – code GC4YOU. Spend $200 save $50. Spend $500 save $125. Spend $1,000 save $250. Spend $2,000 save $500. Spend $3,000 save $750.
  • Net-A-Porter: Up to 50% off sale!
  • NordstromCyber Monday sale – plus today only, extra 20% off selected sale items!
  • Old Navy: Biggest sale of the year for Cyber Monday – 50% off everything!
  • OTTE: 20% off EVERYTHING! No code needed.
  • Outdoor Voices: 20% off in-stores and online with code “Hey-Hi-Hello”
  • Overstock: Amazing deals up to 70% off!
  • Pixie Market: Take 15% off everything with code THANKS15!
  • Plum Pretty Sugar: 15% off $100+ orders, 20% off $200+ orders, 25% off $300+ orders AND buy one sale item get 50% off a second item!
  • Rebecca Atwood: 20% off pillows, fabric and sale items with code GIVETHANKS!
  • Rent The Runway: Get 30% off all rentals with code CM2016!
  • Roberta Roller Rabbit: 30% off everything site wide today only! Use code CYBER30 at checkout.
  • Saks: Earn up to a $750 gift card with code CYBER16 through today.
  • Serena and Lily: Today only – enjoy 25% off everything at the biggest sale of the year with code BESTEVER.
  • Sephora: Get 8 deluxe samples of orders of $25+ with code VERYMERRY!
  • Shopbop: Buy more, save more! Use code GOBIG16 for: 15% off orders of $200+, 20% off orders of $500+, and 25% off orders of $800+. On all full priced AND sale items!
  • Stuart Weitzman: Fall sale preview – a first look at your favorites for 40% off!!
  • Sweet & Spark: Take 20% off your order with code TAKE20!
  • Tata Harper: Full size gifts with purchase! $200+ orders receive the Luminous Glow Kit, $400+ orders get the Illuminating Moisturizer, $800+ orders receive Illuminating Eye Creme & Moisturizer!
  • St. Frank: Get 25% off the full collection with code JOYTOTHEWORLD!
  • TIBI: End of season sale – up to 50% off ready to wear and shoes.
  • TRUFFLE: Get 25% off your entire purchase (excluding sale items) plus everything ships free with code GETGIFTING!
  • TuckernuckCyber Monday sale – 20% off sitewide, 25% off orders over $500, and 30% off orders over $1,000.
  • Vince: Up to 80% off all handbags online only and today only!
  • Waiting on Martha: Use code TURKEY10 for 10% off $0-$50 / code TURKEY15 for 15% off $51-$100 / code TURKEY20 for $101 – $225 / code TURKEY25 for $226-$350 / code TURKEY30 for 30% off $351+.
  • West Elm: Amazing Cyber Monday deals – up to 50% off everything!
  • Zappos: Huge savings on over 50,000 items!
  • 7 For All Mankind: 40% off everything – including sale – with code CYBER40!

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