Cognac Slip Dress

November 8, 2016

Eeeeek Election Day! Have y'all voted? I'm trying to pick a strategic time to go when I think there will be less people. Luckily, my voting location is around the corner so I can just walk. I really nerd out over voting...I can still remember going with my mama when she was casting her vote when I was little (they had the punch cards) and the first time I got to vote in college felt like such a right of passage. I'm one of those people who believes that every vote matters (regardless of whatever way your state is said to swing) - and even though I would never shame someone for not exercising their right, I encourage everyone to go out and vote!

If you're OVER this whole election I can't blame you. Maybe this pretty cognac-colored silk slip dress will act as a palate cleanser to all the political hoopla.


I don’t usually abide by the “if it fits buy it in every color” theory because I went WAY overboard with that in college (the amount of button downs and polo shirts in my closet was obscene – it was a preppy time). But Cuyana makes pieces that I can’t help buying in more than one hue. I first got this silk slip dress in black – then wore it and loved it so much that I felt I needed it in the cognac you see here. Unlike some other slip dresses I’ve tried, this one feels more “substantial” and not like the undergarment that lends its name to the style. The fact that it goes past the knee and has an a-line body skimming silhouette makes it super wearable and I love the finished neckline, back panel, and subtle slit.

I’ve got plans to bring the cognac-colored dress home with me for Thanksgiving since the hue is particularly festive for this time of year. I love it with my old faithful Cuyana cape (a must-have layer for fall and winter) but can’t wait to pair it with a chunky sweater and booties for a more casual, cozy look.

Now. Go VOTE!

  1. I love your blog and always follow! i’ve been looking for a slip dress for a while and the color is gorgeous on this one. i was wondering if you could speak to the cut? i am typically an extra small up top but do have hips (more like small on the bottom) so wondering if the fit allows for me to get an extra small on top or if i need to go up because its narrow over the hips. so appreciate your opinion!!

    1. Hi!! I think you can definitely do an extra small…I also have a smaller bust and wide hips and it’s very loose in the hip area. The straps are adjustable so the top should be able to fit you well and I really don’t think you’ll have any issue in the hips! I truly is such a great dress because the cut is so flattering 🙂 xx – M

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