November 15, 2016

Those who know me, know that my dog Blue Moonbeam and I are attached at the hip. He's been my best friend and constant companion for nearly three years and having him in my life brings me an absurd amount of joy. So much joy that about six months ago I started thinking about adding another fur baby to our lives. I had reservations: would I love another pup as much as I love Blue? would Blue like having a sibling and having to share me? would I be as good as training a puppy the second time around?

Seeing the happiness and excitement Blue gets from being with other dogs (especially Sally's two labs - his cousins - Camp and Dolly) is what ultimately made me decide that I wanted to get another pup. After waiting several months (somewhat patiently) we brought baby Rosebud home this past weekend and I'm already having a hard time remembering what life was like without her.


Like Blue, Rosebud (“Rosie” for short) is a white labrador retriever. Though I got Blue at the same age  there are already such noticeable differences between the two…she is sooo tiny. A bitty, fluffy muffin. Blue was quite the chunk and had huge paws – Rosebud is noticeably smaller. But maybe that’s because I’m seeing her next to her big brother who’s 85 lbs (haha). Blue had a darker mouth (especially noticeable in this first blog post with him) and Rosebud has these super sleepy eyes that look like they are being weighted down by her thick white eyelashes.

The little lady is a quick learner – knows where to find her water bowl, doing great at night in her kennel, already walking up and down the short steps outside our place, and picking up on potty training like a pro – and I think having a big brother to show her the ropes is helping so much. Watching the two of them play makes my heart explode. They run laps around the couch, wrestle with toys (Blue has been excellent at sharing), and take turns being the chased and the chaser.

Blue doesn’t seem to have any issue “sharing” me. He has been SO sweet – letting Rosebud use him as a jungle gym and personal chew toy – and his tolerance and patience with her has made me such a proud mama. He’s still deciding if he likes having her cuddle him while he naps…but I know he’s happy that his spot in bed with me hasn’t changed.

A lot of people told me not to get a second dog. Hearing things like: “that’s so much baggage to have as a single girl and is going to turn guys away,” “you’ll be so annoyed when you have kids someday and you have one dog, let alone two,” and “why would you want to go back and have to deal with potty training and waking up at night?” Unsolicited advice can be hard to take…especially when I’m in such a different life spot than most all the people offering it. Though I know the comments are meant to help and not hurt, I’ve really been trying to live each day in the present. “Future thinking” (worrying about the fact that I’m single, those unborn children, and where I might be a month from now, year from now, etc.) can be the thief of joy – at least for me – and making decisions based on the “now” is what has kept me most happy. Going with my gut and getting Rosebud has made me feel like I have my own little family. Having these two fur babies to take care of and receive love from has made my heart really full. I can’t wait to see how the three of us get closer in the coming days!

Wish me luck and send good vibes. Remembering the patience required in the early days with a young puppy is humbling and I’m trying to savor this time since I know Rosebud will only be teeny tiny for so long and she and Blue will go from newfound-friend-bliss to sibling familiarly in the blink of an eye!

  1. This post really resonated with me. i commend you for following your heart instead of others’ (likely unsolicited) advice. my boyfriend and i live in a small house with a dog and cat (both rescues). we recently said, “no more pets!” because we’re talking about starting our family soon. Well, the universe suddenly put a scared, starving stray lab in our lives (it took two weeks just to catch him), and we just can’t say “no” when our hearts say “yes!” i know rosebud will be a wonderful addition to your life! (and you to hers!)

  2. I applaud you on taking the unsolicited advice in stride, and realizing you know what’s best for your life and your happiness. i have been considering adding another pup to my single pup fam, and love hearing your story. much love to you, blue, and rosie. xx

  3. Pets make life wonderful! I Am glad you didn’t listen to the naysayers. Even if you are single, why should you deny yourself the joy that animals bring?? As for tge kids thing- when my parents had me, they had four dogs. Just made our home more loving. My dad jokes i was raised by dogs! Your pooches are adorable- and makE me want to run out and add to our family!

  4. Oh my gosh, heart is melting looking at these photos! i’m so happy you made the decision to get a 2nd dog. I grew up always having 2-3 golden retrievers at a time & after you train the first one, the older dog helps steer the young pup in the right direction without nearly as much training. i think a house filled with dogs is the best way to live. plus, if & when you ever do have kids, when did it become a bad thing to have the grow up loving furry animals that teach them kindness, love & responsibility? You go girl!! congratulations & can’t wait to see more pics of the two of them together!

  5. Getting a little brother for my beagle girl was one of the best things i have ever dOne. I love them so much and can’t imAgine Life without them. They love each other so much and would be lost Without each other.

  6. Congratulations!

    I agree with the others above. any man worth his salt and who is right for you would love your companion animals. The people I know who have both children and critters still love their animals greatly, and their children regard their dogs, cats, turtles, etc. as part of their family.

  7. I am an only child. Although my parents made the most of my childhood, i.e. Camps, travelled the world, lots of slumber parties, etc. still there was lots of alone time. Therefore i NEVER have just one dog. They love and enjoy each other sooooo much and that translates to more for you as well. I’ve so enjoyed Blueand now double the pleaSure!!!

  8. Awww, congrats to you!! I have a chOcolate lab and love her to pieces. They are such great dogs in every way! You Can’t go wRong with a lab and two is just two times the fun! Appreciated the honesty of this post too. I have also considered getting a second Dog and the responses have been largely unfavorable! I think you have to do what’s best for you. Enjoy Rosie and Blue! They will always be there to keep each other coMpany and be best pals before you know it. 🙂 xx

  9. Can i just say i, and i feel like so manY oTher Readers, woUld love a toast talk about life being single & any funny date stories, etc. may be too personal but I love your Outlook from the times you’ve talked about it on the Blog– even Just your line aBout saying f*ck it in regards to people’s aDvice aBoUt dogs+guys. Anyways, just a thOught & i totally undErstand if it’s too personal for ya. Love your blog & congrats on rosie!!!!

  10. My goodness is she CUTE! Congrats on your little family! i’m a single girl with one dog, and i’ve been recently thinking about getting another. I love that you just went for it–maybe i should, too?!

    xx Hannah //

  11. She’s so precious.

    i admire you for following your gut and living in the present, amen sister!

    Wishing you many happy and fun times with your little family! 🙂

  12. What a cutie!! And I love your attitude about knowing what is best for you and honoring that in your choies. ENjoy all those doggie cuddles! xx

  13. Do what is best for you! i have a 2 year old chocolate lab (leo) & a 16 month old baby. i could not imagine our family without our lab. the first laughs my baby ever had were because of leo & her first real word is about to be dog/leo. he is so patient & gentle with her. pets are such a special part of a family.

  14. rosebud is so precious. it makes my heart feel all warm and fuzzy! Congratulations!

    I’ve been struggling on whether to get a second dog (I’ve heard similar things like i travel too much, don’t own a house yet, etc.), so it’s nice to hear you decided to go with your gut!

    Can’t wait to see more pictures of rosebud and blue on the blog and insta! 🙂


  15. Love everything about this! Congrats on the new pup! She is adorable. We just got a new puppy too! xoxo

  16. Congratulations on your new fur baby!
    i’m a Long time fan and follower of your blog. keep up the great work! continue to follow your gut and insight. You’re right on point. God bless. And give a hug to Blue!

  17. Forget the haters/unsolicited advice-givers! No one knows what your life is like except you! 🙂 Rosebud is absolutely darling! Have so much fun with her. <3

  18. I don’t comment on blogs… 🙂 BUT.
    I have three dogs, a lab like yours, a rescued terrier beagle mix and a 4 month old rhodesian ridgeback (help me). I also have a 5 year old and a husband. My life is crazy, hectic, hair, and fun! my pups were my first babies and they still are. my little girl loves animals as much as i do and i know she’s learning so much from them- responsibility, kindness, and she is getting all those good germs too.i can’t believe you’re single and would you even want to be with someone who wouldn’t love your fur babies? 🙂 trust me the answer is no…

  19. so adorable! And good for you making decisions for *NOW* rather than some hypothetical future. Besides, any guy worth keeping around will love your pups as much as you! I’ve been feeling guilty because I suspect my dog would love a sibling as well but just not sure I’m up for the extra expense & effort.

  20. Well this is the cutest thing ever! Now i want a second fur baby! You look so happy. Have fun with those two cuties!

  21. Rosie is adorable! Congrats! sending you lots of good juju 🙂
    what size are you wearing in the sweatshirt?

    1. Hi Meg! I got the sweatshirt in a small – it’s definitely cropped though – I love it with jeans but if I order in another color I’ll go a size up so it will be a little longer to wear with leggings and such 🙂 It is SO soft and cozy though! Hope that helps! xx – M

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