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November 21, 2016

I've said it before, but my "typical" day is never typical. I had more of a routine when I was living in Houston (up around 7:00am, workout class at 8:30am, etc.) but I have yet to establish a schedule in Dallas and my days consistently feel all over the place. All my actions are based on priority and my daily "to-do" list is always rearranging and shifting depending on deadlines, errands, meetings, etc. Adding my new puppy Rosebud to the mix has made things even more hectic.

I am not complaining. I know how blessed I am to work from home and have such a flexible schedule and creative job. But because my days often feel out of control I've developed practices to keep me feeling grounded. Keep reading to see how I try to live my best life in the midst of being slightly overwhelmed at all times!


None of the below are ground-breaking…but they’re habits I like to have in place to feel my personal best.

.Organization: I am very type-A in almost every aspect of my life. The only area where my love of the orderly and being self-critical fails is with my work. I’m a HUGE procrastinator and almost always leave things to the last minute. I like to think that this makes me a true creative – the 11th hour tends to be when I have the greatest surge of creative energy and my perfectionism still comes into play.

My type-A personality comes most into play with my need to have things organized at all times. I make my bed each morning, never leave dishes in my sink or dirty clothes on the floor, and I have a specific place for everything. To most people, this kind of behavior probably sounds exhausting…but it’s such second nature to me now that I find it soothing. Having things overly organized and being a total neat freak helps me to feel like I have some semblance of order in my chaotic life!

.Groceries: Some of my favorite things include a full tank of gas, a fully-charged phone battery, and a well-stocked refrigerator and pantry. I don’t know why but there’s something so pleasing about each. That being said, I hate going to the grocery store. It never feels like there’s a convenient time and I’m always convincing myself that I can stall on making the trip…that is until I realize that the only food I have is almonds and peanut butter. So I try to go once a week, I stock up on my daily necessities and usually sneak in one or two treats (chocolate and wine, always) and I come home feeling like I’ve won at life.

You would think that since I work from home that I’m always dying to get out of the house for meals, coffee, etc. Not so. I’m happy to eat the same thing and drink black coffee every day for breakfast, have a simple lunch, then do something more exciting for dinner. I feel my best when I can save money by going to the grocery store versus eating out. Eating from home makes the times I go out for food feel like such a treat and I love that.

.Vitamins: Adding vitamin supplements to my routine wasn’t super easy for me – some of the all-in-one multivitamins would make me feel sick, I was frequently forgetful about taking them, and I never knew which type/brand/dose was best for me. Once I figured out what I needed (on the advice of doctors and some research) I found that taking vitamins gave me increased energy and helped improve my overall health.

The easiest way I’ve found to stay on track with my vitamin taking is to store them all in the same place (the little wall cabinet in my guest bathroom is perfect for this), re-fill 7 day pill case with one of each vitamin every Sunday, and store the pill container where I keep my coffee so that I can take my daily assortment in the morning with my breakfast. To make things super easy, I order all my vitamins from Doctor’s Best – everything I need is in one place and I really trust the brand’s transparency and quality.

.Leisure: No matter how cray cray my days can seem, I frequently break away from my priorities and reserve 30 minutes to an hour each day for some “me.” Time. Sometimes this means taking nap, reading before bed, zoning out on Bravo TV, or shopping online. I wish I was more of a bath person because the idea sounds super soothing. I should probably add “taking relaxing baths” to my 2017 resolutions.

Along with my personal leisure activities I feel like my best (best, best, best) self when I plan time with friends and family during the week. Phone calls with my mom and dad, sister day dates with Sally or dinner and puppy play time wither her and my brother-in-law, hangouts with friends, etc. – they all make me feel most whole and happy.

I’m lucky that right now I get to focus so much on myself. It sounds narcissistic when I put it like that but besides my two puppies, the only person I’m responsible for is myself and there’s something nice about the self care I’m able to currently give myself. I have no idea what the future holds (tomorrow, next week, next year) and I’m always prepared for change, but I’m always going to make sure that no matter what, I continue to find ways to live my best life.

And y’all should be doing the same! Doctor’s Best agrees – so much so that they’re hosting a #MyBestLife contest! The contest is a simple:

  • Like the Doctor’s Best page on Facebook or follow them on Twitter or Instagram
  • Post a photo to one of your personal social accounts (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) sharing how you live your “Best Life”
  • Be sure to use #MyBestLife for the post to count as a contest entry!

The grand prize is a Doctor’s Best vitamin package worth $200, as well as a prize relevant to your personal #MyBestLife entry worth $1,000. That means you get $1,000 to spend on what helps you live your best life. I’d use it for groceries (super exciting!) or towards a fun night with friends. Along with the grand prize winner, four runners-up will each receive a Doctor’s Best vitamin package worth $100. The contest runs from November 14th (11/14/16) to December 9th (12/9/16) so make sure you enter before time runs out!

  1. Hi molly,

    I was wondering whAt sort of work (besides blogging of course) youre doing now that youve moved back to Dallas. I also studied interior design in school, And see myself branching off into other creatIve disciplines down the road. Ive always really enjoyed hearing updates about your Previous work in the past, As you always speak so candidly about Your experiences. id love to hear more about what youre up to now! Cheers, jenn

  2. I love this post. Quite motivating! I too like doctors best. I take their vit D. What are the two bottles that are turned around? Im curious to see what your regimen includes. I know i need to include tumeric cuRcumin and perhaps the mag as you Can’t measure your level. Thank you.

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