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November 23, 2016

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving always seems like a busy day - whether you're traveling, cooking, or doing last minute grocery shopping - there is always something that needs to be done. While my husband and I aren't doing any traveling in our house today, Molly is en route to Kansas City as we speak. We will meet her there on Friday (can't wait!). Today will be spent getting our ducks in a row to bring a few things to my in-laws tomorrow - a yummy salad and a delish little appetizer. I went to the store yesterday, which I am so glad I did because even yesterday the place was a complete mad house. Since we leave town Friday and host a dinner that night in Kansas City, I'm also spending the day doing last minute laundry so that we can pack. I always leave laundry until the very.last.second. Here's to hoping that you have a successful day-before-Thanksgiving, no matter what you're doing! (gobble, gobble, keep reading for the vibes)

1. CRUSHING // STUTTERHEIM x GARANCE: My husband bought himself a Stutterheim raincoat while we were living in San Francisco during some major rain due to El Nino. Since then, I have been eternally jealous of his purchase and even more so each time it rains. Like yesterday here in Dallas. The company was started in Sweden in 2010 with a vision of creating beautiful yet functional rain gear and has since grown immensely. The raincoats are all handmade with a strong attention to detail out of a rubberized cotton with double welded seams. After seeing my husband’s jacket function first hand, it truly stands up to the elements – not a drop of water penetrates that thing. Just recently, Stutterheim collaborated with Garance Doré on a limited edition women’s jacket. The coat is color blocked in white, translucent, and Garance Doré’s signature pale pink. I love the translucent feature which adds an added interest might be my favorite part. But then again, I am a huge lover of any and all things pale pink.

2. BOOKMARKING // DOMINO’S NEW BOOK: I can’t remember the last time I picked up a new coffee table book. Although, I always have a wish list of them about a mile long including a specific wish list for books on our Amazon account. The latest to add to my endless list? domino’s newest book: “Your Guide to a Stylish Home.” The book is great because it has endless inspirational home images as well as goes into the details to make your house a home and what elements are needed. The guide showcases how to hang a gallery wall or how to make dark walls work. Small tweaks that can make a world of difference!

3. USING // PLUME: In an effort to go more natural and organic with my skincare and makeup, I was lucky enough to learn about Plume a little while back. Plume’s lash and brown serum is a plant derived formula meaning no strange chemicals are getting anywhere near your eyes, which scares my most of all because eyes are so sensitive! The serum does three things for your lashes (or brows) in that it hydrates the follicles, extends the longevity and growth of the hair follicles into a “prolonged growth stage”, and protects them from environmental stress like the sun. I will admit that when I first got my hands on the Plume serum I wasn’t the best at remembering to put it on, but once I finally got into the hang of it, I can safely say that I’ve seen steady growth! I apply the serum each night after my skincare routine and always make sure I give it time to “sink in” before going to bed. My lashes definitely have reaped the benefits of using Plume and now my only concern is that I always have back stock so that I can keep up the results! Even better than the results though, may be knowing that the product is completely natural and safe for constant and long term use.

4. LIGHTING // SKI HOUSE: With two big dogs at home, burning candles is a must. If my husband and I don’t burn one everyday I swear our house smells like dogs run the place. Which is crazy because they’re indoors 24/7 except for their two walks a day. That being said, we burn candles like crazy around here. With the holidays here, I am dying to add something a little more “festive” into the mix. LAFCO’s “Ski House” candle is the perfect winter and woodsy scent without being too much, like a cranberry scented candle for fall. I just can’t get around fruity scents! Once we return from our Thanksgiving travels, I may just have to make this guy mine.

5. ORDERING // LIPS + STRIPES: I’ve been feeling major vibes from J.Crew this week. First they offer the best sale they’ve ever had (40% off everything with code HOLIDAY), literally, never been done before and then, they send out a new catalogue that has me wanting to buy all the things with this epic sale. One of my favorite pieces from the catalogue was this embroidered lips striped tee. I was sure that I had enough long sleeved striped tees until I saw this one and now I just have to have it. I also have a feeling that its going to be one of those pieces to sell out fast, so with 40% off I’ve convinced myself to order it. Other favorites from the new arrivals? This festive cami that I’m wishing I had for my dinner on Fridaythis sweatshirt, and these fun earrings.

6. NEEDING // PACKING CUBES: When I traveled to Breckenridge the other week, I felt like I was way out of practice with my packing skills. Random pieces were just kind of floating in my bag and it felt unorganized. As if on cue, I came across Tour Paravel last week and am very intrigued by their packing cubes. The cubes come in a set of three sizes and can be used to categorize and separate items while packing. You can even use them for dirty laundry when heading back home, which is great because who likes to pack their dirty clothes with pieces they didn’t wear?!

7. LOVING // GUCCI W on GOOP: I first learned of makeup artist Gucci Westman from my friend Michaela who works in the fashion world in NYC. She bragged on her for creating that perfect “look” of being natural and not too overdone, which can be pretty difficult to do! I find makeup artists to be completely fascinating because I always wonder what they use on their own faces day in and day out. Goop recently met with Westman to learn of her must haves and how she packs those products when traveling. Tip: she always checks her luggage so that she can bring full sizes and not skimp on anything. A woman after my own heart. Every time I carry on my bag I regret thinking that I could go without a certain something from my daily routine. Even something as simple, yet necessary, as my hair detangling spray. What I loved most about reading of Gucci Westman’s favorites was learning that she prefers clean and nontoxic makeup. A double bonus – learning of a makeup artists musts that are also nontoxic. Some of her favorites are also favorites of mine (Tata Harper lip and cheek tintW3LL People Mascara, and RMS Living Luminizer), but there were also some that I am now dying to try. Including the RMS Bronzer, which is the one makeup item that I have yet to switch over to a clean version, but if this one’s good enough for Gucci, it has to be good! Be sure to read the write up, there are tons of other great products mentioned.

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