Post Holiday

November 29, 2016

It's a blog post, post Thanksgiving. I won't lie - I loooooved Thanksgiving but I almost feel like I need a vacation from my vacation. Mostly because of the driving (8 hours to get home to Kansas City on Wednesday, 8 hours to get back to Dallas yesterday) but also because of the marathon family time (amazing but draining for an introvert) and the fact that I have still been waking up with Rosebud every two hours. Her internal clock is pretty incredible. How she knows to do her little whimper/barking action at those specific intervals - no matter what time I put her in her kennel for the night - blows my mind.

This time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is one of my favorites because it's so festive and exciting to count down the days till I'm back with all the family...but it's also hard for me to not buy for myself while I'm shopping for others. Is anyone else horrible about this? The only way I know how to distract myself is to keep a list of what gifts I need to buy and focus on shopping from my own closet versus adding things to cart for myself while making my present purchases.

The topjacket, and bag you see in this post are somewhat recent additions - I got them at the end of October and early November - and I've been wearing them all a lot individually but am also really loving how they look together here...


And this is super off topic but Sally, her husband and I have been binge watching The Fall on Netflix and we’re obsessed. Has anyone watched? It’s so creepy and addictive. We just finished season two late last night and it took all our will power not to begin season three and force ourselves to go to bed.

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