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November 30, 2016

Tomorrow is December. That is wild. I feel like it was just July. But I'm feeling super excited about the chill in the air and all the holiday lights and decorations that are all over Dallas. I'm still debating about whether or not I want to try and do a Christmas tree (worried about Rosebud disrespecting it and the ornaments) and might just go with a little garland on my mantle and some outdoor light action on my porch. The one thing I know for sure is that I'll be picking up an chocolate Advent calendar today (it's one of the vibes!).

1. LOVING // E2: I love the simplistic pieces and transparent pricing of Everlane. There are a few favorites I’ve scooped up this season (this sweatshirt is so soft and getting a ton of wear and I can’t wait to style this long, cozy cardigan in an upcoming outfit post) and am consistently impressed by the quality and wearability. So, I got pretty pumped when I learned about the brand’s limited edition capsule collection E2. Deigned to be perfect for party season and intended to be mixed and matched, nearly all of the 18 pieces speak to my basic, monochromatic-loving soul. I might not have any holiday parties on my calendar (yet) but that won’t stop me from trying out the Wide-Leg Crop Pants and luxe-looking Bomber Jacket!

2. SUBSCRIBING // WINC: Unwinding with a glass of vino at night is one of my daily vices. And though I love enjoying a few glasses during the week, I don’t know much when it comes to buying wine. I recently learned about Winc, Inc. – a wine subscription service – after seeing a Pinterest post (yup, I’m that person who clicks on the sponsored posts if the photo is pretty) and I was super impressed with the program and pricing. The company was formerly named “Club W” but just went through a rebranding and renaming. Despite the name change and new look (which I find very appealing) the membership platform is still the same: delicious wines are selected for you each month based on your flavor profile. Easy peasy. You can even choose to skip a month and receive benefits as you continue to order and give ratings on wines you receive. I just signed up and am really looking forward to seeing what three wines I get sent to me!

3. GIFTING // MI GOLONDRINA HOLIDAY: I love when my favorite brands get into the holiday spirit and offer festive pieces. Y’all know by now that Mi Golondrina is a company near and dear to my heart – not just because my beautiful friend Cristina is the lady behind it but because each piece of clothing is a literal hand-made work of art. This season, Cristina and her team have released their first-ever holiday collection complete with hand-embroidered ornaments, napkins, pillows, and clothing pieces that have a festive allure. I’m patiently waiting for the pillows to be re-stocked (this one is my favorite) and plan on scooping up some of the El Villancico cocktail napkins before they’re gone!

4. OPENING // ADVENT CAL: When we were little, Sally, our brother and I would each get chocolate Advent calendars at the start of December and open the numbered doors as we counted down the days till Christmas. These dime store calendars were one of my favorite holiday rituals but for whatever reason, we outgrew the tradition (or our parents stopped buying them for us) and I’m really wanting to bring the chocolate cal back into my December routine. I’ll probably try to find one before tomorrow so I can kick off December correctly (Sally told me she saw some at Central Market) but if I was really on top of my game and in the mood to splurge, this Vosges Haut-Chocolate Advent Calendar looks like it could be the ultimate version of the daily door-opening cal. Yum.

5. ADMIRING // KSNY PHONE POCKET STICKER: I’m so excited…I just got a new iPhone after having the same one for two years (the regular 7, not the 7+). It’s so shiny and new and the camera really is wonderful. And of course, I’ve been going back and forth on what case to get because a phone case really reveals a lot about its owner, right? I haven’t landed on a favorite but I know that whatever I get needs to be able to accommodate the scalloped pocket sticker by kate spade new york. Have you guys seen these? They are so genius and adorable. You just literally stick the pocket directly onto your phone or to a case and it can be used for holding your ID, credit card, etc. I’m a big wallet person when it comes to keeping all my stuff safe so I wouldn’t use the pocket 24/7 but it’s so nice for when you just want to have the essentials and or have a small bag that can’t hold anything besides your phone and a lipstick. It comes in eight color options (and a glitter version) but I think the gold will look best on my silver iPhone.

6. DRINKING // TEA: Coffee is my caffeine drink of choice and I like making at least 2 cups a day at home. But as soon as the weather turns chilly I find myself craving tea…I think I love the process of dunking the tea bag as much as I do the act of sipping on something warm that’s not coffee. I’m still trying to find blends I’m obsessed with – right now I like Flying Bird Botanicals’ Jasmine Green and Pukka’s Lemon, Ginger & Manuka Honey – so if you have suggestions for favorites, please let me know! I’m really looking for a flavored green tea (for the caffeine) but am interested in trying a peppermint tea like this one by Harney & Sons.

7. NEEDING // SPA DAY: At the beginning of October I got treated to an amazing “Yours Truly” massage at Hiatus Spa in Dallas. It was such a treat after moving in September and I loved that I got to customize my experience. The only thing is that I loved the massage and the super lovely environment at Hiatus so much I have been dreaming about making a return visit. Thinking that I might make a mini spa day the Christmas gift I give myself this year…

  1. i love everlane…i’ve been dreaming about the silver metallic loafers they released with their e2 collection…might have to finally buy those before they sell out!

  2. I love winc! I’ve been a subscriber since they were still Club w. Sometimes i don’t drink all of it, but it’s always nice to have a bottle on hand when a friend invites you over for a party or dinner!

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