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November 30, 2016

I love a good facial and really believe in turning to trained aestheticians when it comes to treating my skin. But I generally only book a facial once a quarter (four times a year) due to the expense and scheduling. Between those visits I try to do the best at-home care I can...I love getting to show up to an appointment and hear, "Your skin is looking great!" rather than getting scolded for under moisturizing, picking, and not using my SPF and anti-aging products.

So the home care I mentioned. There are certain things I will and will not do myself. Like I would never try to wax myself. Or use any tools that could seriously damage my skin. But I do try tools that are deemed safe and yield incredible benefits when used properly and consistently. ReVit happens to be one of the aforementioned tools I use and I seriously love it. You may have heard the term "microdermabrasion" and even had an aesthetician use a microdermabrasion tool on you during a facial. ReVit is an at-home microdermabrasion tool by Silk'n, and like the ones used by professionals in the facial industry it combines gentle microdermabrasion exfoliation with vacuum stimulation. What this means: it removes dead skin cells and draws them into the device, leaving you with seriously smooth skin while also improving the appearance of age spots, fine lines and acne scars. Super easy to use and it's only $99. Sounds too good to be true but it's not...


You might recognize the Silk’n brand for their additional at-home beauty products (hair removal, anti-aging, acne, and cellulite treatment). They’re a leader for creating innovative devices that are both effective and extremely safe. The light, laser and LED based products have made it possible to achieve results that are often only accessible via professional treatments at-home.

With one of my biggest skin issues being an uneven tone due to combination skin and scaring (stupid adult acne) I was really excited to discover ReVit and immediately put it to use. Anything that has to be plugged into an outlet induces a little fear in me (would this hurt? burn? damage my skin?) but after reading a ton of reviews, watching videos, and testing the device on the back of my hand before using on my face, all my worries were put to rest and I got to work getting into the routine of using the tool.

.Basics of the tool:

  • ReVit comes in a nice little case which makes for easy storage and keeps all the parts clean and organized (a must for anything that’s going to be touching your face). Included in the kit is the device and cord, three non-abrasive diamond exfoliation “tips,” and two little baggies of filters.
  • The tips can easily be swapped (they range from “precision” [the light aqua], “fine” [medium aqua] and “corse” [darkest aqua]) and the filters should be changed every few treatments as this is where all the dead skin cells get trapped.
  • The precision tip is going to be the most gentle exfoliation and there are two suction modes (partial and full). When you first turn the device on it will be the partial suction mode, clicking the on button again gets you to full suction mode, and clicking it a third time turns it off. It really is a fool-proof product!

.How to use:

  • The instructions recommend cleaning your skin, drying it, then using the tool (without any topical toners or moisturizers on)
  • Choose a treatment tip most suitable for the area/skin being treated (I started with the precision tip for my first time. Now I alternate between the fine and corse tips each time I use ReVit)
  •  Turn the device on to the desired level (I set it to partial suction my first time to be sure I didn’t have a strange reaction to the process but now use it on full suction each time)
  •  Hold the device in one hand and use your other hand to hold your skin taut near the area where you’ll be going over first
  •  Hold the tip to face – like a pencil, being sure that it’s in full contact with the skin – then run the tip slowly across treatment area. Don’t keep the device in one spot, always have it moving!
  • The guide that comes with ReVit has a handy face diagram that correlates to a numbered list of areas to treat: neck (move Revit in downward strokes), forehead, cheeks and chin (stroke from the center outwards towards the hairline), around lips and eyes (using short upward strokes above the lip/eye then short downward strokes below the lips/eye, and out towards the hairline on the sides), and nose (straight downward strokes)
  •  Try to treat each area for approximately 5 minutes…this is always a challenge for me so I set a timer on my phone (my sessions usually last 15 minutes)
  • After covered each area, wash your face with cool water and apply moisturizer
  •  Use every 3-4 days

.What it does:

  • The first thing I noticed was the noise – the suction aspect makes for a low hum. The second thing you’ll pick up on is the suction itself…it’s very light and super gentle but you do get the feeling that you’re running a teeny vacuum over your skin. Sounds strange but it’s actually extremely satisfying to know that all those dead skin cells are getting buffed off then sucked away.
  • Though I use ReVit every 3-4 days (usually twice a week) as recommended and I don’t get any irritation, my skin does get a little pink when using the tool. The rosiness completely fades after I’m finished – it just shows up from the light exfoliation and suctioning.
  • You can look at before and after pictures of people who have been using ReVit longer than I have (I’ve had mine a little over one month) but the results are pretty amazing. We all know that safe exfoliation is essential to having smooth skin – but the light abrasion of ReVit removes the outer layer of dead skin, promoting the growth of new cells, which is why it helps improve your complexion, reduces scaring and pigmentation, and even treats fine lines and wrinkles. It’s like your favorite topical exfoliator on steroids.

Baby-bottom smooth skin is lovely and definitely helps with the effectiveness and absorption of skin care products, but what I love the most is that the stubborn redness I have from scars is really fading now that I use ReVit. I’ve been sharing the tool with Sally (who also loves it) and have already promised my mom that I’ll bring my ReVit home for her to try over Christmas. I’ve also been encouraging people to add it to their wish lists and/or give it as a gift this holiday season…nobody doesn’t love more radiant, younger, smoother looking skin and ReVit can be used on all skin types!

P.S. Silk’n is offering an amazing discount for 15% off any purchases on their site between now through the end of the year with the code “SilknTalk”!

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