Gemfields x Muse

December 5, 2016

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending a cocktail party event at Stanley Korshak in Dallas. It was a chilly night - one of the first to hit Dallas - and though I was very tempted to have my Friday night be on the couch with my pups, the event wasn't one I could dream of missing out was the debut of special capsule collection of jewelry created between Gemfields (the leading supplier of responsibly sourced rubies and emeralds) with a group of rising star jewelry designers from MUSE Showroom. Jewelry is kind of my love language and there's nothing I love more than getting to experience new artist new-to-me and play around with pretty pieces in person. Even though I walked away from the event sans a new piece of sparkle I was able to snap a few photos of the gorgeous goods, got to know a lot more about the work Gemfields does (they're an amazing company), learned what MUSE and their emerging group of designers is all about (so much talent), and added some new items to my jewelry "wish list"...


Gemfields is the world’s leading supplier of responsibly sourced colored gemstones – specializing in Mozambican rubies and Zambian emeralds. What makes Gemfields unique is that the company oversees the mining and marketing of colored gemstones from some of the world’s finest gemstones deposits (doing so responsibly and transparently) then supports the delivery of a consistent supply of high-quality colored gemstones to jewelers, manufacturers and luxury brands worldwide. Being at this intersection of mining, marketing, exploration and ethics makes Gemfields a very unique producer and provider with the highest standards of excellence.

To showcase their beautiful emeralds and rubies in a see-now-buy-now collection, Gemfields collaborated with artists from MUSE Showroom…

MUSE Showroom is known as one of the fine jewelry industry’s premiere showrooms for emerging and established talent. The company has a track record for scouting new designers and fresh brands that will become the “next big thing” in the jewelry market. Beyond helping their roster of designers streamline their collections and manage business growth, MUSE provides a one-stop experience for leading buyers, stylists, editors, and private clients to seek out and shop from the collection of international designers.

The GEMFIELDSxMUSE capsule collection includes a wide range of pieces from designers Carolina Bucci, Dezso by Sara Beltrán, Elena Votsi, Holly Dyment, Michelle Fantaci, Nikos Koulis, Savannah Stranger, Silvia Furmanovich, Yossi Harari, and AYA by Chelsy Davy (whose jewelry will be shown for the first time in the US). Gemfields and MUSE worked together to create a collection for every day wear geared toward a fashion-forward audience…most styles are a fresh take on the MUSE designers’ bestsellers reimagined with Gemfields rubies and emeralds.

Each and every piece in the GEMFIELDSxMUSE collection is stunning. And what I loved most was that though the rubies and emeralds were the unifying factor in the collection, each designer stayed true to their own aesthetics and and signature style. I really loved getting to stack my fingers full of rings, mix and match necklaces and bracelets, and debate between wether I’m more of a ruby or emerald girl (concussion: I’m both). All while admiring the sketched art pieces layered with jewelry by illustrator Meredith Wang, sipping champagne, and visiting with Sally Morrison (Gemfields’ Director of Sales & Marketing), Pari Ehsan (a wickedly talented creative and down-to-earth beauty – check out her Instagram @parisdust and be prepared for stunning content), and a few local Dallas blogging babes.

Though the capsule collection was only at Stanley Korshak for the weekend, I definitely have a whole new love for red and green (especially those sourced ethically by Gemsfields!) and many new jewelry designers I’m obsessed with (thanks to MUSE!). If you’re feeling green with emerald envy and/or red with ruby lust, you can shop part of the collection online here!

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