Black on Black

December 6, 2016

When in doubt of what to wear, turn to all black. This isn't always my rule of thumb (I tend to fall back on my tried and true white top + jeans combo when I'm at a loss) but it seems to be what I gravitate towards time and time again around this time of year. Black on black can look pretty harsh a lot of the time so to avoid looking too much like Cat Woman, I try to brighten things up with accessories - in this case a plumb-hued bag and gold-tone tassels earrings and bangles.


About the black pieces…this MLM Label top is one that I bought over a year ago and still wear constantly. Nothing better than investing in a piece that you can wear season after season! These Mott & Bow skinny jeans are a recent denim addition that I am obsessed with…they have a friendly price tag and amazing stretch. So comfy. Now I just need them in every wash they come in. And of course, my Manolo pumps are one splurge I’ll never (ever) regret buying. Pointed pumps are one of those things you want to be comfortable and well made and Manolo makes such an elegant, timeless silhouette (in my opinion). No heel is going to be comfortable to stand in for hours on end but these are really pretty forgiving on the feet (and this comes from a lady with bunions). My black Ray-Ban aviators make me feel like the badass I’m most definitely not and for that reason, I love them.

I only wish I had really coordinated this look and had my nails pained with my fave super dark hue: CND’s Weekly Polish in Dark Dahlia. It’s the best “not-black-black” and the formula really lasts 7-10 days!

  1. Love this outfit! I miss texas and being able to still wear off the shoulder in december

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