Sparkling Wine + Holiday Sweets

December 6, 2016

Sally and I are big (big, big) fans of Christmas. Mostly because our family is notorious for doing it up for the holiday. We don't have many traditions but the ones we do have surround food and family. Each year our mom welcomes us home with an impressive amount of home-made holiday cookies. There are usually multiple batches of around five different cookie recipes and my siblings and I work our way through the collection through the course of our stay at home. You'd think we'd be over this sugary display (being the mature adults that we are) but the sweets are a hallmark of our holiday.

I used to get in on some of the baking with my mom back when I had a longer holiday break in college but she now has it down to a solo science. And really, I'm much better at eating cookies than I am at baking them. I'm also great at playing bar tender and making sure that everyone has a full glass of something festive to go along with the delicious dinners and mouthwatering cookies our mother is famous for. This year I've pre-planned the best bubbly to accompany the aforementioned food situations while at home and it's Cupcake Vineyards Sparkling Red. From the holiday-red hue to the bright flavors (which are perfect for the holiday season), it is the perfect sparkling wine to pop, pour, and cheers with right now!


Fun fact: sparkling wine is different than prosecco, is different than champagne. Champagne is a sparkling wine made in the Champagne region France. Prosecco is a sparkling wine made in the Veneto region of Italy. There are some production and taste differences but they’re all generally delicious and bubbly. The Cupcake Sparkling Red is  made with Brachetto and Moscato grapes grown in the hills of the Piedmonte in Northern Italy. Its aroma (the scent) of black cherry, florals and nutmeg and its flavor (what happens when taste and aroma converge) starts with jammy fruit flavors of dark berries and finish with a hint of vanilla and spice – makes it especially wonderful when paired with sweet treats.

The first time I tried Cupcake Sparkling Red I was in love with it. I personally think that sparkling wine (and this one in particular) is appropriate to indulge in year round but it always feels most appropriate around the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years holidays. Maybe because you’re among family and friends and warm fuzzy feelings are just amplified with a little bubbly? Whatever the case, I think it’s delish and I can’t wait to sip it with family in the coming weeks!

Of course, I had to give the Sparking Red a proper test drive with some holiday sweets to be 100% sure it was as perfect a pairing as I imagined. The verdict: it is. The chocolate and vanilla Petit Fours and frosted sugar cookies I picked up from Society Bakery in Dallas served as place holders for my mom’s confections…they were all super yum but nothing comes close to what my mom will have waiting for me when I come home!

  1. So jealous about the cookie situation you will be having this christmas , my mom and i saddly can´t bake , but we are also pretty good at eating all that cookies we can find ;))
    love the merlot jumper !!

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