True Botanicals: Renew + Major Moisture

December 8, 2016

My efforts to make my skin and beauty routines "clean" have lead me down one Internet rabbit hole after another and over the past year or so I had heard amazing things about True Botanicals and read numerous rave reviews from various bloggers. There are lots of all-natural skin lines out there - many of which I have tried and loved - but True Botanicals is the first line of luxury anti-aging products that have also been certified "MADE SAFE" (read more on this here) while still meeting the demands of what it means to be a luxury skincare line in this modern world. The products are super-concentrated (re: high performing) and made with bio-active formulations (which means they have increased absorption rates)  but are made without the toxins that can be found in tons skincare lines these days. No pain, all the gain.

I've been feeling the itch to incorporate a select few True Botanicals products into my routine and with cold and dry weather moving into Dallas and preparing to stay through the rest of the season, I knew this was the perfect time of year to opt in and add a little lot more hydration and moisture to my skin. Read on to see what I've been using and loving and for an exclusive 15% off discount code!

Maybe it’s the teacher in me, but if you give me a quiz I’m gonna take it. So of course I jumped at the chance to take the True Botanicals quiz to see what skin type I was. Go figure…my thirty-year old skin was “Renew.” That basically means that my skin is pretty normal and I have to agree. I don’t have enough of a consistent amount of blemishes to classify myself in the “clear” category and I definitely don’t have heavy redness or inflamed skin to put me a “calm” type. What’s really nice about True Botanicals is that even through they have these three skin tracts (Renew, Clear, Calm) each one is formulated to have serious anti-aging benefits. No category skimps on the ingredients that will help address the causes of aging…which is amazing!

Once I established that I was in the Renew family type I started honing in on what products would be the best for me to test drive. As I noted earlier, I really wanted to focus on hydration and moisture. I had been a few noticing dry patches pop up here and there, which was a telltale sign of the seasons changing and my skin begging for more. Here’s what I landed on:

  • Pure Radiance Oil, Renew: the first thing I read about this product was that it’s True Botanicals’ best selling product. Fan favorite? Say no more. Actually, there was more to say. This oil is designed to add moisture while it strengthens barrier function, nourishes aging skin, softens dry or rough skin, smooths wrinkles, and shrinks large pores. The trick is to apply it before any other products (on moist skin – I put it on directly after my toner) and it works its magic by adsorbing directly into the top layers of skin, improving barrier function (water and nutrients get to the cells and toxins stay out) and replenishing the natural oils your skin has lost so that it can prepare to hold onto more moisture. It can be used both morning (followed by an SPF) and night (followed by a serum).
  • Cellular Repair Serum, Renew: again, this serum is part of the Renew family. And it’s actually the only serum in the Renew family. True Botanicals is pretty fool-proof in that each skin type tract has the exact products you need and there’s no guess work between choosing one serum over another, etc. What the Cellular Repair Serum does is plump and restore moisture while doing a lot of other fancy anti-aging stuff (improving barrier function, reversing cellular damage, softening wrinkles…). What I love is that it doesn’t just moisturize, but also gives super soft and dewy skin. Dewy skin in the winter? I’ll take it!
  • Vitamin C Booster: this really neat because it is Vitamin C in its purest form. What’s the point of having it as a separate additive versus putting it right into a serum? Well, “the moment Vitamin C is introduced into a liquid, it naturally begins to oxidize and over time, lose its potency.” By having pure Vitamin C available to mix to a liquid and then applied immediately, the skin receives the maximum amount of benefits. And the benefits are amazing…Vitamin C is essential for collagen production (which firms skin, fights wrinkles), brightening and and evening tone, and repairing damaged skin. The Booster is going to be great to use year-round but it’s especially ideal now because my skin always seems to look a little bit more “dull” and uneven in the cold weather months. To use, I just mix a couple shakes into a pump of my Cellular Repair Serum, mix till the booster powder dissolves in, and then smooth all over my face and neck.
  • Resurfacing Moisture Mask: for me, masking is not just for special occasions but a daily ritual – and this mask is a great one for any skin type. After reading about the Resurfacing Moisture Mask I knew I needed it in my arsenal…the mask gives a deep exfoliation (so great to remove dry skin cells) but doesn’t dry out skin (!) and actually adds a superior amount of moisture and hydration (!!). Just 2-5 minutes is enough time for it to sit on the skin and work it’s magic of giving an instant luminous glow.
  • Smoothing Eye & Lip Balm: the two areas of my skin that are notorious for being dry – all the time and especially in the winter – are my lips and eye areas. The ingredients in this dual-use balm (another product great for any skin type!) are super nourishing and actually seep into the skin to heal and protect the two delicate skin areas. I love that I can apply even a thin layer of this around my eyes at night and that it’s still there in morning…that might sound like it’s sitting on the surface but it’s really just super moisturizing and doesn’t dry out after applied. I also use it around my eyes before putting on any makeup to pump the lines around my eyes (I like to smile!) and deliver tons of hydration that prevents my concealer from flaking. It’s obviously fantastic on the lips, too!

I think “luxury” is a great way to describe True Botanicals. The modest packaging (which I happen to love) is almost like a juxtaposition to the amazing punch of ingredients and benefits each product packs. Simple outside with extraordinary inside. I haven’t been using my new skin care goodies long and already I can see and feel a difference. I’m just glad that I got them before the arctic blast hits Dallas this weekend – feeling prepared to take on the cold now that I have new key products to add major moisture and hydration!

If you’re all, “Baby, it’s cold and dry outside where I am, too! I want in on this moisturization goodness!” please get excited because my new friends at True Botanicals have created the code “TRUETOAST” so that you all can get 15% off purchases on their site from today through end of day Monday, December 12th! True Botanicals rarely offers discounts (I should know, I’ve been stalking them and their products for so long) and this is an exclusive offer for A Piece of Toast readers. So don’t miss out and take advantage of the deal while you can! Skincare makes for a wonderful gift, too…just saying 🙂 I’m personally going to be treating myself to one of the Body Balms…you know, for more (more, more) moisture action!

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