Bedtime Must Haves

December 9, 2016

My nighttime routine has been completely turned upside down as of recently. After moving into a two-bedroom duplex in Dallas at the beginning of September I decided to make one of those bedrooms a true "master bedroom." Because I'm the master of my life. And because it was the perfect excuse to graduate to a king-sized bed. So I got a new, amazinggggg mattress from Loom & Leaf at the end of October - slept on it sans bed frame for a few weeks - then got a bed delivered and put together the day before I brought Rosebud home. Rosie was a champ in her kennel (also in my bedroom) for three weeks. Then this week she told me she was o.v.e.r. it and needed to be in the big bed with me and her brother Blue.

Fine. I love my pups and love sleeping with them. But anyone who sleeps with dogs in their bed knows it can be a struggle to get any actual sleeping accomplished because fur babies tend to move around, take up room, wake up at night to go out, etc. My struggle is especially real with Rosebud still being so little and very into roaming around. The only way I'm able to get even a few winks each night with two labs in bed with me is because I now have more room with the larger bed and I have not one - but two - NIGHT Pillows. I got my first NIGHT Pillow last May and it kind of changed my life. When I got my king-sized bed I got a king-sized NIGHT Pillow. Because, again, I'm the master of my life and take my sleep situation seriously. Keep reading to learn why I can't live without my NIGHT Pillow, why I think it makes for the perfect gift, and what other must-haves I need for bedtime...


I’m a give-me-tons-of-pillows-on-the-bed person. I like them for sleeping on and for decor purposes. Even when I was in my queen-sized bed I was working with four sleeping pillows (two squishy that wore pillow cases, two more firm that were dressed in standard sham cases), two euros, and a lumbar. I thought, “This seems good. Excessive even. What more could I need?” Then I learned about NIGHT Pillows and realized I could not have been more naive about what constitutes as a life altering pillow. What is a NIGHT Pillow? It’s a hypoallergenic polyurethane memory foam pillow form wrapped in a luxurious black TriSilk case. It’s like sleeping on a dream wrapped in a wish and sprinkled with smiles.

Oh…you all have heard of memory foam pillows? Well this one is different. NIGHT uses a memory foam formula to make a pillow that’s lighter/airier/fluffier than anything else on the market. But what makes the pillow super special is its TriSilk case. Sleeping on silk might seem crazy luxurious – and it is! – but aside from it feeling like butter, TriSilk has amazing beauty benefits. Most pillows and cases are made with extremely absorbent materials (cotton, polyester, etc) and they literally suck moisture from your skin and hair which contributes to wrinkles, and oil from your hair which causes lovely bed-head. They also attract and lock in pollutions and allergens (dust mites, dead skin, bacteria and oils from your skin) which can cause breakouts and skin irritation. Ew. The NIGHT Pillowcase is made with TriSilk – a propriety blend with spandex that makes it moisturizing and incredibly strong. You actually don’t have to wash the case as much as you would a normal pillowcase because silk is naturally antibacterial but it’s 100% machine washable and comes with a special case to keep it in perfect condition.

The NIGHT Pillow, as y’all may have noticed, is black. Probably not what you are used to (I wasn’t) but it makes total sense. For one, the black negates light which optimizes your body’s natural production of melatonin. If you’re using a sleep masks mask to block out light you’d be surprised to find what a difference going from a white or light colored pillowcase to a black one does for eliminating the light hitting your face. The hue also doesn’t show dirt and oils the same way white does. So if you are a girl who sleeps with a full face of makeup (no judgement!) or one that piles on pigmented oils and or heavy skin products (guilty) you’re not going to wake up every morning grossed out. I personally love how the black mixes with my bedroom but I also happen to be playing with darker hues. My mom also has a NIGHT Pillow and her bedroom has a light headboard and all white and green bedding – no clashing. Black is luxe and plays well with pretty much any decor situation!

So. I myself had never used a memory foam pillow – kind of thinking it was a bigger investment than it was worth and that it wouldn’t impact my sleep in a meaningful way. But crappy pillows (like the “normal” ones I was using) can lead to crappy sleep, and ordinary pillowcases (like the ones I have and still use on my “normal” pillows) can really take more of a toll on your skin and hair then you realize. Just one night of using my NIGHT Pillow and I was a convert. Now I can’t sleep without it – it even comes with me when I drive home – and I can honestly say it’s had a legitimate impact on improving my sleep (I’m always comfortable now, no tossing and turning to find the perfect spot) and making me wake up with skin that’s received the benefits from all the skincare I slathered on it the night before.

Aside from always having my NIGHT Pillows in bed (I sleep on the king-size and Blue has taken over the standard-size) there are a few other things necessary to me getting situated for my shut eye:

  • Freshly made bed: I make my bed every morning. Not because I’m worried someone will see it unmade (I live alone and rarely have guests) but because I relish climbing into tight, tucked in sheets. My sheets get washed at least once a week but having them smoothed out and tucked into place each morning makes getting in them each night feel clean and fresh. *Side note: I’m waiting on new bedding so don’t judge my very basic sheets and naked duvet!
  • iPhone on the charger: I have to have my iPhone plugged in and charging next to me while I’m in bed. Waking up with a full battery makes me feel like I can take on the day. A lot of people charge their phone in the bathroom or across the room so they are forced to get out of bed in the morning and not stay under the covers and scroll through emails/Instagram/etc. I am not one of these people. I tried the whole phone-in-a-different room thing and it only made me feel panicked.
  • Clean skin: no matter how tired I am or how annoying the process can be when it’s late at night, I don’t skip on washing my face. Most nights I love going through my full routine and slathering on my products but if I’m lazy I’ll do cleanser, an oil, eye balm and call it a night. Oh and my teeth. I could never sleep without brushing. Just the thought of waking up in the morning having not brushed is enough to give me spine shivers.
  • Bedside table stash: glass of water, lip stuff, hand stuff. I won’t always sip the water and I’ll more than likely forget to put lotion on my hands but I never go to bed without swiping something moisturizing on my lips.
  • Eye mask: Sally is really the one who can’t sleep without an eye mask (she’s literally dependent on it by this point). I can go without one – and often do – but if I’m feeling restless the slight pressure of having something across my eyes does something to help lull me to sleep.
  • Reading: even if I only get through a few pages, ending the day with some reading time is one of my rituals. I read on my iPad (I know, I know – so bad to be looking at a screen before bed) and depending on how my day went I’m either staying up late to keep going through a great story or barely able to keep my eyes open.
  • Pups: for those who don’t have dogs or ones that sleep in bed you might be thinking, “OMG how can you sleep with giant animals in your bed getting their fur everywhere?” Well, for one, I wash my sheets every week. And as a single lady sleeping alone, the love I feel when I have Blue and Rosie snuggling up to me at night is kind of the best feeling in the world.

I’m honestly wanting to crawl in bed from just typing this post. I’ve always loved my bed, even before I upgraded to a king-size, but my NIGHT Pillows have just made me that much more obsessed. And with it being the season of giving, I’ve already gotten NIGHT Pillows for a few people. Because they really are the perfect gift! They’re something most everyone will love but not necessarily buy for themselves, and the perfect combination of form and function. How many gifts have you gotten that you can really admit to using as much as you would a pillow? We spend a third of our lives with our sleeping pillows! My friends at NIGHT (and yes, at this point I feel like I really can call the sweet people on their team friends) did an awesome blog post (here) going into more details about why a NIGHT Pillow makes the perfect present and I’m just going to list out their reasons because they’re really fantastic:

  • One size fits all
  • Gender neutral
  • Always appropriate
  • Black matches everything
  • Always needed
  • The gift that keeps on giving

Great for people you love, people that are impossible/hard to buy for, people that love luxe stuff…people who sleep? Basically, NIGHT Pillows are great for anyone and everyone (:

  1. I have a lab too (best dogs ever!) and the only bad thing about them is all the shedding!! And tips or tricks you use to decrease all.that.fur?!

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