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December 14, 2016

It's been a pretty good week so far...seeing the response to Sally's bebe announcement gave me all kinds of warm fuzzy feelings (she really is going to be the best mother) so thank you all for the well wishes! In addition to that, I've been mildly productive with work stuff and celebrated Rosebud yesterday for only having one accident inside (and it was later at night). One! That's a pretty big deal for a pup going on 12 weeks. I really have a love/hate relationship with this time of year - love that it's all festive and fun and giving and family/friends - hate that I feel so bogged down by an increased work load and that I have an easier time buying things for myself than the people on my list. But I can't wait to head home next Friday (so soon) and finally relax into the coziness of the holiday with the peeps I love most. (now, go get those vibes...)

1. DECKING THE HALLS // BOXWOOD WREATH: I’m blaming my lack of holiday decor this year on the fact that Rosebud is a very pokey little puppy and I know she would definitely disrespect a Christmas tree. But I can’t totally blame her…I could have put some garland on my mantle and added lights and ornaments to it. And I could have strung some lights on my porch. And I’m sure there are close to a hundred Pinterest ideas I could have tackled that creatively add a festive spirit to my home. I kind of blew it this year…but I have been burning some really yummy smelling candles and I think I still have time to get a boxwood wreath and hang it on my front door with a really pretty ribbon. Brady Tolbert’s front door situation is serving as my inspiration and this freeze-dried boxwood wreath is probably what I will go for (it’s real and stays green!).

2. HOLIDAYING // TORY BURCH: Have y’all seen Tory Birch’s holiday 2016 collection? The Pinterest board with images of the collection are killing me – I love how unconventionally festive everything is and I’m loving just about everything…the skirts are perfection (sequin midis! gold knit pleats! printed chiffon maxis!), I adore so many of the tops (particularly this tank and this sweater) and swimsuits…and hi, how fab are these beaded fish jeans?! I should probably book a trip to Mexico for the early new year so I have an excuse to save up for something in the collection.

3. SWIMMING // OTS ONE-PIECE: I’m not sure I can say that I’ve ever seen an off the shoulder one-piece swimsuit. And if I have, it probably wasn’t as adorable as this polka-dot one from J.Crew. I’m not usually a polka dot person (more into stripes, checks, and plaids) but there’s something so retro and classic about the black and white dots on this shoulder-baring style that I love. I’m also super impressed that J.Crew gave the back a dipped cut-out… P.S. The Crew is doing 40% off gifts and coats and 30% off everything else with code HOLIDAY – now through 12/19!

4. INDULGING // CHOC COVERED CHIPS: Guess what? I am taking this holiday season as an excuse to eat all. the. things. I could basically survive off cookies and peppermint bark and be perfectly happy. Truth be told, I fell off my workout bandwagon when I moved to Dallas in September (the shame) and I’ve told myself that I have until January 1 to get back to it (yup, I’ll be that person doing the new year resolution thing at the gym). One delicious confection I have to get my hands on before my indulgence train ends, the Chocolate-Covered Potato Chips from Neiman Marcus. Never had them? Well let me tell you, they are fantastic. They have the sweet + salty goodness of a chocolate covered pretzel but are thin and crispy and even more wonderful. When Sally and I were little our dad used to bring home boxes of chocolate covered ruffle potato chips from work…they were even better than these from NM. So there’s a little nostalgia with this craving, making it even more likely for me to splurge on a can to share with my fam starting next weekend.

5. WRAPPING // DONNI CHARM STRIPES: Thanks to my blog bestie Grace, I learned about Donni Charm’s amazing Ballsy Stripe Scarf from this post where she styled hers over a stripe shirt. I haven’t bought a scarf in a while and I loved that this one was cotton and huge (80″ x 56″) so I determined it was okay for me to splurge on the creme and navy version for myself. What makes it “ballsy” is that two of the corners are adorned with little mink fur balls. I just got mine in the mail the other day and it’s cozy perfection!

6. READING // IN THE COMPANY OF WOMEN: If there’s one coffee table book I want to buy and read cover to cover (versus plopping on a stack and letting it sit pretty like I typically do) it’s Grace Bonny’s “In The Company of Women: Inspiration and Advice from over 100 Makers, Artists and Entrepreneurs.” I love, love getting a peek behind the curtain of any woman entrepreneur – especially those in creative industries – so title alone is enough to get my mojo going. From what I’ve read the book is a series of one-on-one interviews. Some reviews have noted that they wish there were longer responses and more probing but having done several interviews myself, I can understand and appreciate how the book is meant to be more of an inspiring homage to ladies pursuing their passions and less of a road map for those looking to do the same thing. I can think of several friends I need to get this for…

7. RESORTING // MIRTH: My lovely friends at MIRTH launched their Resort ’17 Collection of caftans in November and I can’t stop dreaming about how I would style so many of the pieces now (over jeans, leggings, tights – with booties and socks and cozy knit layers on top) and later (on a trip and this upcoming spring/summer). I’m loving everything (literally) but my top favorites are the new San Sebastian
(would look super cool with white jeans, camel booties, and a brown cardigan), the Varenno Dot (would style this over skinny jeans), and the Zermatt (could style with booties and cute socks). Erin and Katie have such a way with neutral hues and textures – I’m blown away by how they’ve managed to make the Resort Collection feel different than what they had for Summer ’16 but still completely in line with their aesthetic!

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