Lace-Trimmed V-Neck

December 20, 2016

I ordered this sweater soooo long ago and am excited to finally get it posted! Before I talk about the sweater, I'd like to divulge that I have been loving the new Mariah Carey show on E! You can give me almost (and I stress almost) any reality show and I'll be hooked but this one is especially fascinating. For those of you less into tv (re: people with significant others and lives), the show is called Mariah's World and it's an eight part event that's filmed during the artist's Sweet Sweet Fantasy world tour. It's kind of what you would expect: lots of insane luxury, some diva activity, dancing and singing. I knew Mariah was fancy but it still shocked me to see how glam she is at all times. Diamonds, glitzy gowns and platform heels, and fishnet stockings...for someone like me who could live full time in jeans or sweatpants my eyes practically pop out of my head every time I watch an episode. But I love how she's totally herself  and doing what she wants (even if it is a little over the top).


A lace-trimmed v-neck sweater is my idea of elevated coziness. My brother told me and Sally that we’re no longer allowed to complain or comment about “how cold it is in Dallas” because it’s nothing compared to Chicago (which is where he and our sister-in-law live). Noted. I’m a TOTAL wimp with the cold and know my whining is not warranted. So what I’ll say is that this slouchy sweater is a nice little base layer for the Dallas “cold.” *Current comparison: 35° in Dallas, 23° in Chicago (plus lake-effect wind).

Not into the lace? This sweater is nearly the same version minus the lace detail around the v-neck. Stay warm, my friends!

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