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December 21, 2016

Can it be Friday already? I am seriously so ready to get in the car and head home to Kansas City (which is exactly what's happening in two days time). I talk to my mom multiple times a day on the phone but the number of calls definitely goes up this time of year. No complaints. Especially when she's filling me in on all the amazing things she's prepping in the kitchen and around the house for our arrival. It's hard not to want to speed up time and get home to start the celebrations but I'm trying to remind myself to slow down and really savor this Christmas - mine and my husband's last as a family of four (the two of us and our two pups). Some times when I think about all the goodness to come I get so excited, I can't sleep. Putting together this week's vibes has been a good distraction! (read on to see the seven things I'm loving right now)

1. SWOONING // MICRO ART: All of the art pieces around our home are fairly large, but we could use some smallr pieces to mix in here or there. Especially on our bookshelves in our family room. Lorraine Loots’ “Paintings for Ants” are so perfectly tiny, yet intricate paintings of a single figure/item/scene. Although the actual paintings themselves are small, they are not lacking in interest or detail. They would be absolutely darling hung in a grouping using a random assortment of her prints.

2. OBSERVING // CROCHET YOGA BALLS: I rarely make it to downtown Dallas, but a must see while there is the Joule Hotel which is home to some pretty neat little nooks. One of them being Ten Over Six – a sleek boutique with all sorts of curiosities. I love following the boutique’s Instagram to get a glimpse into their Dallas and LA locations. While scrolling through it the other day, I came across the work of Magda Sayeg – specifically her crochet yoga balls that are on display and maybe even for sale (not positive!) at the Dallas Ten Over Six location. How fun would it be to buy a few of these to display in your home? My next mission is to see if they are in fact for sale, but until then, I will continue my instagram stalking!

3. USING // SUNTEGRITY: There are a lot of “no, nos” while pregnant and often times, it can seem superrr overwhelming. From the food you eat, the amounts of caffeine or lack of that you drink, to the medicines you take, and the products you use on your body, there are opinions on just about everything. As a rule of thumb, I have tried to listen to my doctor first and foremost and not Google things, as I know it will only make me crazy and cause me to worry more. I follow the rules of what you can’t eat while pregnant, stick to 1-2 cups of tea a day (lately 2 at the permission of my doctor because of crazy bad headaches!), don’t take any medicine unless I’m desperate with a headache or heartburn, and try to use as many natural and organic products as possible. Obviously the shampoo and conditioner mentioned in this post aren’t organic, so I am still in the baby steps process here and have yet to transition those over. I did, however, invest in a natural sunless tanner as many believe spray tanning or tanners with DHA in them are not safe while pregnant. Suntegrity’s 5 in 1 natural self tanner contains an eco-certified source of DHA from sugar beets making it safe to use – thank god because I was feeling ghostly! My friend Hannah told me about the product and it has now made my regular rotation this winter. Mostly on my face, every few days, but I did apply it to my legs for a wedding we had last weekend.

4. NEEDING // FRENCH SWEATSHIRT: Lately, with a lazier schedule because of the holidays and the cold weather, I have had my favorite sweatshirts on regular rotation. Not necessarily the grungy sweatshirts one might think of, but my nicer, acceptable to wear out of the house sweatshirts. They can be worn with everything from leggings to jeans and even layered over button downs for a more “dressed up” look. I am wondering if my husband is going to start hiding them because I’ve been wearing them that much. But then again, he probably prefers them compared to other things I wear:) Just in case, I would love to add J.Crew’s newest sweatshirt – featuring a list of colors in French – to my drawer. I would definitely size up to at least a medium for a slouchier look and in case of shrinkage in the dryer. Also to fit over a belly that is sure to show up one of these weeks!

5. WANTING // DRAGON DIFFUSION BAGS: I’m a sucker for a good tote bag, because its literally the only type of bag that I can carry day in and day out. I’ve tried using smaller, cross body bags, but they just don’t do it for me for regular usage and I only seem to use them on nights out or weekends. I like to rotate my favorite totes so that they don’t get too much wear and tear from being used daily. When I saw these woven tote bags by Dragon Diffusion in one of Tuckernuck’s latest emails, I was smitten. They’re practical in size, yet also in durability since they’re made from woven leather that won’t scratch or show wear like a softer leather bag would. I was initially drawn to the black tote, which would be most practical in the winter, but now I am torn after seeing this one. Either way, a Dragon Diffusion tote might be my next big thing to save up for. I know that with a baby coming, my beloved tote bags will come even more in handy!

6. RESEARCHING // OWLET MONITOR: With a baby on the way, it is inevitable to spend many hours researching the best products to have and use when the baby comes. Everything from diapers and bottles, to crib mattresses and swings. Everyone wants the best and safest for their baby, but it can be hard to keep up with new products constantly coming out! The Owlet Monitor is one item that I am very intrigued by. Owlet’s “Smart Sock” uses the same technology used in hospitals to monitor baby’s pulse through the sock while they’re sleeping. Measuring both heart rate and oxygen levels, the Smart Sock wirelessly connects to your smart phone and a dock to notify you should anything be concerning. This gives parents peace of mind to sleep with their little one does, especially during a time where many are very sleep deprived. Even without a baby in my arms and only in my belly, I still seem to worry constantly and often times wake up in the middle of the night with worries. I know that this will only intensify once we have a baby under our roof, which is why the Owlet Monitor truly does seem like a complete game changer.

7. WASHING // EXTRAORDINARY OIL: Since I’ve been pregnant, my hair has been in a really strange place. Mostly in that it looks and feels “greasier” than usual at the roots even right after showering and blow drying. Not. Good. When I saw Kathleen Jenning’s post about a new shampoo and conditioner duo that she was newly obsessed with, I went out and bought it the next day. I have found many amazing products via Kathleen and I truly consider her a trusted advisor when it comes to beauty products! This L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil nourishing shampoo and conditioner is just one of those many products as it is now my new favorite. They both smell amazing, leave my hair unbelievably clean and shiny, yet not even remotely greasy. In the winter months, the ends of my hair can be disastrously tangled and dry, but the L’Oreal conditioner really helped even just after one use. I’ve only used the set a few times, but can safely say that this is my new favorite shampoo and conditioner that I will be regularly using. The price is pretty amazing, too.

  1. Aww thanks so much for the amazing mention of my blog! I really appreciate it, and it makes me so happy to hear you love the shampoo as much as I do! Happy Holidays to you and your fam!

  2. Hi – as a new first-time mom myself, I am 100% Team Owlet. I highly recommend, even for just a bit more peace of mind when the baby is sleeping. make sure to keep the base close to the sock/baby (so either in the nursery or your room, depending on that). It helped me to survive the first couple of months. congratulations – baby boys are so fun!

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