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December 28, 2016

I say this every year, but Christmas really went by too quickly. We did all the things: eating too many good meals, opening too many gifts, getting in too much quality time with our family staying up too late and sleeping in a little was a full and wonderful time but I still wish it lasted just a little bit longer. Or I guess I wish I could just have more hours in the day or be able to slow down time. But the show must go on and it's time to get back to regular life programming. (proof of life going on in the form of today's vibes)

1. ATHLEISURING // J.CREW GUIDE: J.Crew teaches me many things…like the fact that the word “Athleisure” was officially added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary in 2016 (“refers to casual clothing — like yoga pants, sweat pants, and hoodies — that are designed to be worn both for exercising and for doing (almost) everything else.”). Whew. Thanks Crew for the heads up! And thank you for also showcasing some really great ways I can style my yoga pants, sweatshirts, hoodies, and sneakers for non exercise wear with this blog post. Getting back on the workout train might be one of my resolutions for 2017 but that doesn’t mean I’ll give up wearing my stretchy clothing as a 24/7 option. My only problem is that now I have these, this and this on my “need” list and they’re definitely more of “wants.”

2. READING // CHERRY BOMBE No. 8: A few weeks ago I received my bi-annual copy of Cherry Bombe in the mail and it was like Christmas came early (raise your hand if you have a major girl crush on Padma Lakshmi). I’ve been in love with the magazine and its celebration of women and food since it launched Issue No. 1 in the Spring/Summer of 2013 and it’s crazy amazing to me that I just added Issue No. 8 to my colorful stack of older issues. The beautiful photography, typography and layouts speak to my graphic design loving soul and the content and featured cover ladies just gets better and better. If you’re late to the Cherry Bombe party, don’t fret. Many of the older issues are still available to buy and the publication hosts a Podcast Series on Thursdays via the Heritage Radio Network.

3. TREATING // WAGWEAR BONES: You can bet that I didn’t forget to gift Rosie and Blue a few toys for Christmas. I’m lucky that they go nuts over toys…it makes picking them out and presenting them really fun. When Blue was a bitty baby and I had him at home over Christmas three years ago (!) I bought him a small peanut butter scented rubber bone by Wagwear. I figured it would make an ideal teething toy and that he would stop chewing on me and move over to the bone. Wrong. He showed little to no interest in it an it’s has sat at the bottom of our doggie toy bin for years…that is, until we brought Rosebud home. Rosie has a real passion for toys – way more than Blue ever did at her age – and for whatever reason, she is obsessed with the peanut butter bone. And now her affinity towards it has made Blue want it again. We’ve brought it over to Sally’s house to play with and her two pups love it, too. So now I think I need to order at least one more. The “Give A Dog A Bone” is 100% gum rubber (a natural substance), comes in four scents (peanut butter, pistachio, chocolate and cashew) and really durable – but now that Rosie has had several weeks with the one we have, it’s definitely time to invest in another. Or two. Or three. #dogmomproblems

4. WANTING // PEARL-EMBELLISHED DENIM: One of the best parts about blogging is that Sally and I are constantly hopping around the internet, seeking out new things we could possibly post about, style, and/or share. One of the worst parts about blogging is that we then want to buy every great thing we see. Poor us, right? I have to say, I’m pretty good at holding back on pulling the trigger – only buying what I know I will really, really wear. But then I see things like this pearl-embellished Cropped Denim Jacket and its Mom Jeans pairing at Topshop and I’m all, “OMG those are so unnecessary and trendy and wonderful and I feel like I need one or both in my life stat.” I’m such a sucker for pearl anything and the washed black hue plus pearl detailing is so cool. Seriously, what’s a girl to do but sleep on it for a week (my go-to method for determining if I should really buy something I don’t need) and then decide which of the two would be the most life changing. I’m thinking the jacket?

5. MASKING // RICH SNAIL: I know y’all have read me mention my friend Brittany and the site she co-writes with the lovely Riley, House of Preservation The two have some serious skin and beauty knowledge and I turn to their blog and Instagram on a daily basis to learn about products, pick up on new tricks, and see what stuff they’re loving. In early fall I was discussing some of my skin woes with Britt (so. much. dryness.) and she told me that I needed to go home immediately and order a set of mothermade Rich Snail Facial Masks. She told me the mask was her favorite and that she uses one nearly every day because they provide a ridiculous amount of moisture and a serious instant glow while being super gentle and non-irritating. At first I had to confirm that the daily masking wasn’t a exaggeration – Britt assured me that it wasn’t and that doing a rich face mask was not a practice that should be reserved for special occasions but done consistently and routinely for best results. The Snail Masks are under $18 for a pack of 10 and really, that’s a daily cost I can absorb and would happily pay if it helped me achieve healthy, hydrated skin like hers. Usually I follow all her advice to the letter but for whatever reason, I just got around to ordering the sheet masks. It only took me using one from the pack of 10 to understand why Brittany puts one on everyday. Brittany advises washing your face and applying all your toner and serum as you normally would, then wearing the mask (15-20 minutes), and patting the excess product into your skin after removing. Let me just tell you, the hydration is unlike anything I’ve done before. About to place a bulk order now so I can go for everyday usage and I HIGHLY suggest y’all get on the snail sheet masking train!

6. LOVING // TRACY WATTS HATS: I wish I had an upcoming beach trip on the books so I had an excuse to order a straw sunhat by Tracy Watts. Based in Brooklyn, Tracy is a milliner that and has been hand making her unique designs since 1993. Usually I get upset with Sally for the 5,231 accounts we follow on Instagram (that’s an insane amount in case you’re wondering) because I never know any of the people/brands/retailers that come up on our feed and it’s made me shun the habit of scrolling – but I have to credit her with following Tracy’s account because it’s how I fell for her Resort 2017 designs. I see a pre-spring splurge in my future and I’m thinking the Tenerife Large Fedora with grey pom poms has my name on it.

7. SHOPPING // at THE SABAH HOUSE: Incase you missed this Instagram PSA, our friend Mickey (aka The Sabah Dealer) recently opened a little retail spot in Dallas – properly named The Sabah House Dallas – and there is a huge selection of colors and sizes of the famous Sabah shoes in stock. Not sure what Sabahs are? Check out this post I wrote about the brand last year! Or just know that they are an ancient style of unisex Turkish leather slippers, handmade by artisans in Turkey, designed to last for-almost-ever, and ideal for year-round wear. Sally and I are addicts (I just recently got a pair of the Sabah Baba slides) and wear the pairs we have on the reg. Sabahas are comfortable, versatile, durable, and they go with almost everything. If you live in Dallas, we highly suggest stopping by the Sabah House (literally a small little house in Uptown) at 2312 Routh Street. See the hours and days they’ll be open right here. And if you don’t live in Dallas, come visit, keep an eye on @thesabahdealer via Instagram to see where they’ll be hosting trunk shows or shop Sabah online!

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