Doing Things

December 29, 2016

If you live in Dallas and have yet to visit the new Outdoor Voices shop, make sure to get yourself there asap. If you don't live in Dallas and haven't heard of the brand - and can't pay a visit to their other stores in New York or Austin - get on their website and discover why people are freaking for the line of "Technical Apparel for Recreation." Sally and I got our first OV pieces while in Austin last January and have been faithful devotees ever since. It's a little hard to put your finger on exactly what makes the brand and its pieces so instantly covetable but they definitely have something everyone wants...I think the pieces are cool but not intimidating, elevated but not too pure to sweat in, and I love that brand celebrates fitness over performance. They're into "Doing Things" - whether that means hardcore workouts or walking your dog - and that's something I can get on board with.


When it comes to doing things (be it sweating at a workout class or sitting on my couch) and being in comfortable clothing with stretch, I tend to gravitate towards leggings. My collection isn’t absurd but the only real variation is in pant length. While Sally and I were in the Dallas Outdoor Voices store before Thanksgiving we were asking the fab sales team what their favorite items were and they all led us over to a section of sweatpants and hoodies. I was like, “Wait, we just bypassed all the leggings with the awesome new color combinations and I think I saw some cropped tanks…” And then I felt the Mossed Jersey sweats. And they felt like butter. And I was intrigued and excited. And also a little ashamed that I was just now turning my attention away from the leggings, bras and tops onto these heavenly sweats.

Almost all the sweatpants I own are the kind that shouldn’t be worn outside the house. Like my Juicy Couture velour pants (true life, I also have them in turquoise terry cloth). And some very baggy joggers that make my tush look like I may-or-may-not-be wearing a diaper with them (for the record, I do not wear diapers). I like all these pants and feel zero shame wearing them around my dogs and family (and friends I really like) but they are not pants for “Doing Things” in. The Outdoor Voices Running Sweats on the other hand, have a lovely fit that isn’t tight like leggings but isn’t so loose you look like you stole them from your dad. They are soft like butter and light like a cloud but also super cozy. Sold.

I was not however, totally sold in getting the Catch-Me-If-You-Can Hoodie in the same color. Would I wear these two things together? Is it super lame and weird to wear a matching set? Will I look…like I did back when wearing Juicy Couture sweat sets (the high school snap shot in my memory is enough to give me spine shivers). The OV girls assured me that the matching set was a thing (something they actually sold as a kit) and that it was totally acceptable – and even cool – to wear them together or mix and match with other stuff. I giggled and said I would try this unitard thing out in the fog grey.

As soon as I got home with my new sweat set I jumped into it felt the softness on my bod, determined that I was 100% on board with the matchy look, and decided I needed to get a set in another color. Then I wore the look like multiple days in a row (including on my drive home to Kansas City for Thanksgiving) before washing it and repeating the uniform. The Mossed Jersey fabric is, as I mentioned like a million times, beyond soft – but it also has four-way stretch which means that while you’re busy doing things, it’s not giving you a diaper tush or getting saggy.

I can’t believe I wrote that much about sweatpants and a hoodie just because. But guys, I have been so excited to style them up and share my insane love with you. I literally wear both together and separately (sometimes, if my legs are shaved or I’ve spilled coffee on the hoodies) almost too often. How you see me wearing them in this post is pretty much exactly how I’ve been doing it in real life: throwing a coat or vest over the hoodie then hopping out the door to walk the pups or run errands.

And that kit I mentioned makes buying both pieces such a steal: you get the Catch-Me-If-You-Can Hoodie and Running Sweats for $150 – making it a $65 saving. Sooo. Consider getting a matching set then thank me later?

  1. What sizes did you order for the top and bottom? I’m debating getting the same set, and we are very close in size. Thank you! 🙂

    1. Hi Sarah! I have a medium in the top and small in the bottoms – they are honestly the best, best, best!! xx – M

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