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January 4, 2017

Hi 2017, bye 2016! As far as resolutions for the new year go, mine are pretty short and sweet: get organized before my husband and I welcome our baby boy this spring, capitalize on the time I have left to get some R&R time in, cook more meals (now that I can stomach foods that aren't all bread-based I'm forcing myself back into the kitchen!), and stay on top of thank you notes for the thoughtful and generous baby gifts we've been given. You'll some of the resolutions reflected in today's vibes... (just keep reading, reading, reading to see those vibes)

1. COVETING // CERAMIC STATEMENT PIECE: Molly has this really amazing statement bowl that sits in the middle of her round dining table and I am always quite jealous of it each time I visit her house. It has inspired me to splurge on something by ceramic artist Lawrence McRae. I love the sculptural and modern look of his pieces and think one of the bowls would add just the right amount of interest to our round table. Does it make me boring that I am leaning towards the white? I can’t decide between the “Ruth” or the “Ruth Fan” design. Either one would look amazing filled with fruit or even flowers.

2. PAPERING // MOODY FLORALS: I’ve long been a fan of the work of Ashley Woodson Bailey. Her photographic floral prints are moody yet delicate and pretty. I recently discovered that she now has a line of wallpaper and I can’t get enough. I love the idea of putting it in a small powder bath to really make a statement. This one may be my favorite! Now I just need to patiently wait to live in a non-rental so I can make my wallpaper dreams a reality…

3. WARMING // FUR-TOPPED HAT: Word from the Dallas weather channel is that a “cold front” is headed our way this week. After a few blissful days with weather in the 70’s, temperatures are supposed to drop to the 40’s and 30’s. I know that this version of “cold” is nothing compared to most states (family in Chicago, we know how annoying our complaints are to y’all!), but it still has me excited to wear my latest purchase from Zarathis guy. I’m a sucker for a pom pom winter hat, but a multi colored, faux fur pom pom is pretty much irresistible. Even if I only get to wear it once a year with our erratic weather.

4. WANTING // ROSEY POSEY BONBONS: I absolutely love the Les Bonbons earrings by Rebecca de Ravenel and couldn’t resist collecting two pairs for myself during 2016. The earrings are definitely pricy, but I have gotten more than my money’s worth through the amount of times I have work them and how often they have made my outfit. Solid tops and dresses become 10x better with the addition of these pretties. I even borrowed my moms blue ombré pair to wear for my baby shower last month – it seemed quite fitting with the color theme happening. It’s no surprise that I’m loving the latest additions to the Les Bonbons line, including the adorable new “Rosie Posie” color that is my absolute favorite shade of nude/pale pink and one I can’t seem to resist. I may also like them because Rosie Posie one of my puppy-niece’s many charming nicknames.

5. READING // BRINGING UP BÉBÉ: I recently started reading “Bringing up Bébé” by Pamela Druckerman as I had always been intrigued by it (I’ll be honest, part of the intrigue may have been because of the cover), but even more so with a baby on the way. The book is written by an American journalist raising a child in Paris and she compares what she knows from the lives of children in America to that of children in France. I am finding it to be not only entertaining, but also informative and interesting. It’s fascinating to read about the differences between the two cultures and how those differences came about. Even without any kids of my own yet, a lot of what is discussed I have seen just through my years of teaching and babysitting. I’ll definitely be coming back to this one for pointers once our babe is here!

6. ORGANIZING // CLEAR FILE BOXES: I am embarassed by how long I have gone on with neglecting my filing. And the papers just keep piling up, especially with a new doctor and a baby coming in May – I know that once our little one comes, the paperwork will grow even more, so I am making it a goal to get organized long before then. My mom has these great looking acryllic file holders by Russell+Hazel that are pretty enough to sit out, so I’ve decided to follow suit and order a few of my own. Here goes nothing!

7. WRITING // THANK YOU NOTES: With our baby shower last month, I realized that I didn’t have any appropriate stationary to send thank you notes on for all of the amazing gifts we got. I had our nice wedding stationary with our initials, but that didn’t seem quite right for baby gifts. I decided to order these from Paperless Post after eyeing them for quite some time. Happy Menocal can do no wrong in my book (obsessed with all her designs for Paperless Post) and the shades of blue in the “Orleans Family Crest” Cards are exactly what I was looking for. I got ours with our last initial so that they could be used from anyone in our family in the future. These just came in this week, so thank you notes are high on my agenda this weekend!

  1. just writing to say thank you for being an angel and featuring the work of my husband lawrence mcrae! his work is always a statement and it might be interesting to note that each of his pieces is handcarved by him here in our boston studio..come visit if you are in town!

  2. Congratulations on the future addition to your family!

    Those bon bon earrings are so cute!

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