January 10, 2017

2017 has been off to a slow start for me. For whatever reason, I've really had a hard time getting back into the work/life groove. Crediting this slowness out of the start gate to: getting back to Dallas after tons of relaxation at home just before New Years, immediately jumping into helping Sally pack, move, unpack, and get organized in new rental house (moving = the worst), and experiencing ridiculously cold weather (now turned warm) that turned me into a hibernating sloth. Yesterday I finally went to the grocery store, got caught up on all my laundry, and have cleaned my place top to bottom...and now I feel like I can properly get started on my resolutions and back into the swing. Yay!


The scarf I’m wearing in today’s post was a beautiful and thoughtful Christmas gift and I have to say, it definitely gives me a little spring in my step and its “Electrique” name is projecting some energy onto my wanna-be-lazy self. If you read my White Shirt Buying Guide post yesterday, you know that I rely on white tops as a backdrop to more colorful pieces and this scarf is a perfect case and point. Looking forward to styling it and wearing it more ways!

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