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January 18, 2017

This has been a really bizarre week with a lot going on - both good and bad. We had a doctors appointment Monday which always makes for a good week and our next appointment will be the last sonogram we have before baby comes - which is crazy! Aside from that I am trying to get organized while at the same time feeling super disorganized and not knowing where to start. I think I need a really productive day in my future, stat! Hoping the gloomy weather around here will let up because that may be just the motivation I need. (read on for the vibes that are keeping my spirits up...)

1. LOVING // FV NEW ARRIVALS: I always find this time of year to be a little bit bizarre – it’s usually still colder outside, yet half of the stores have started stocking their racks for resort so you’re lusting after all of these items that you can’t actually wear for months unless you have some exciting travel in your future. Which, with Zika circulating every warm climate, I do not. Case in point with my latest objects of lust – Frances Valentine’s new arrivals, particularly the Judy Bow Slide. Slide sandals are my best friend as they are 10x easier than a pair of sandals you have to bend over and buckle. I think this will especially be true come April when I am 9+ months pregnant. I won’t be able to plan for a lot at that time in my pregnancy, but I can plan to wear some pretty fabulous slides!

2. COOKING // SKINNY TASTE: When we moved back to Dallas in July I had resolved to do more cooking, which I did in fact do. But only for a few weeks because pregnancy caused me to be pretty plagued with some intense morning sickness…I could hardly open the fridge without wanting to run for the hills. Therefore, cooking was off limits. It didn’t necessarily bother me since “meals” like toast, saltines, and cereal didn’t really require much cooking, but I felt badly for my husband who only got a teaser of real meals before the nausea set in. Now that I am past the queasiness, I am back on the meal planning bandwagon and figure I better get back into the habit now before baby comes. After hearing rave reviews from a friend about “The Skinny Taste Cookbook” by Gina Homolka I decided to give it a try. I appreciate the cookbook because it gives great “healthy” options to your favorite meals and takes a lot of the guesswork out of cooking healthier. The meals also are not lacking in flavor whatsoever, which is an added bonus. Another bonus, the ease! Nothing is too hard or requires too many ingredients, which is nice now, but will be even nicer when we have our little one here.

3. TRANSITIONING // WAXLENE: I’ve mentioned many times my efforts to switch over to more natural beauty and skincare products. I’m feeling pretty successful in doing this, but there are still those few lingering products that I can’t seem to part with. Or maybe I’ve just been too lazy to actually do the breaking up. One of those products was my beloved Aquaphor. On any given day, you can find at least 6 of tubes lying around various places in our house. I use it for everything. Cuticles, lips, dry skin, my dogs paws, you name it. Unfortunately, the ingredients in Aquaphor are not so amazing (the petroleum in particular) and I knew it was something I wanted to phase out of my every day life. See here for details on the ingredients. In my research I discovered Waxelene. The “Petroleum Jelly Alternative” contains only four ingredients and each one of those ingredients has a rating of 1 by EWG, which is pretty much as good as its going to get. Waxlene is all natural and has just as many uses as Aquaphor, but I can feel 10x better about its regular usage in our house. I now need to stock up so that I am never without it!

4. BUYING // MONROE WORKSHOP TOYS: I have a few little “toys” for the baby that we were gifted at our baby shower in Kansas City, but toys just haven’t been at the top of my list in terms of things we really need. That is until I came across Monroe Workshop Toys. The brand is actually part of Monroe Workshop, a custom furniture company with really beautiful pieces. The toy branch was started when owner, Matt Monroe, started making toys out of wood scraps for his two daughters and friends. Its no surprise that the simple, yet whimsical toys caught on and became a brand of their own. The toys are minimalist, which is especially great because it keeps the pieces open to interpretation allows children to truly use their imaginations while playing. My personal favorite? The Cecily the Pig. I can’t with that guy. We will definitely need him in our lives.

5. WANTING // BOW TIE SWEATSHIRT: Another current vibes by me, another sweatshirt. At least that’s how it seems to go. Especially this time of year! I’ve mentioned countless times my love for the “fancier” sweatshirt and it seems as if Pixie Market may have been reading my mind when they brought in the Diagonal Bow Tie Sweatshirt. The diagonal bow tie sweatshirt is perfect for those days where its cooler out, but you can’t stand to put one more itchy, dog hair magnetizing sweater on your skin – please tell me that I am not the only one who feels this way.

6. WEARING // NEW MATERNITY JEANS: I’ve bought pretty much nothing in the way of actual “maternity” clothing because I’ve managed to wear a lot of my looser tops and sweaters just fine, but I did break down and visit A Pea in the Pod last week for a pair of full fledged maternity jeans. I had a few pairs of jeans that I was managing in, but they just didn’t feel comfortable and I am not one of those people who can go through their days feeling discomfort due to clothing. After trying on more pairs of jeans than I can count, I can say that I’m officially obsessed with AG’s maternity jeans. The pair I came home with – Secret Fit Belly Stella Skinny Maternity Jeans – are not only super flattering, but they are beyond soft and comfortable. Essentially, they’re as comfortable as a pair of leggings. I can wear them all day without wanting to strip them off for sweatpants which is a win in my book. This particular pair goes “over the belly”, but since I don’t necessarily need that feature yet, I am able to just roll that part down to wherever feels comfortable. I will admit, the price is not cheap and they were definitely a splurge, but I would rather buy one great pair that I can wear constantly than go through multiple less expensive pairs to find one I just “like” vs. love. In fact, I’m even considering taking advantage of the 30% off promo at Pea in the Pod and buying a white version to get me to May when I’m due, but also to wear postpartum.

7. EYEING // HATCH PRE SPRING: I mentioned that I have yet to buy any sort of maternity wardrobe aside from my new bff jeans mentioned above, but that may all change after seeing the Pre-Spring Collection from Hatch. In general, Hatch completely kills it in the maternity world, creating pieces that one would actually want to wear while pregnant. Classic, timeless pieces that you wouldn’t get sick of if you wore them once a week, because your wardrobe has become quite limited. Case in point with thisthis, and this. I’m also obsessed with this darling dress, potentially for a baby shower. I could have used this tee yesterday in all three colors – seriously! See what I mean? great classic pieces that you really could wear on the daily. The added bonus – you don’t even have to be pregnant to wear these pretties and you can continue to wear them even after pregnancy, making each article a true investment piece.

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