Mixing New Neutrals

January 19, 2017

This week. It's just going by so slowly. This whole month is going by slowly. One of my friends mentioned to me the other week that she thinks January is the worst month of the year - coming off of the chaos of the holidays, getting back into the work grind, trying to get motivated for the new year, dealing with dreary weather, etc. - and I have to agree. I'm ready for the weekend but also ready for a new month.

Complaining aside, this week hasn't been terrible. I've gotten a lot crossed off my to-do list and have seen some of my fave people. And I'm really excited to share this look today because it has pieces from some of my fave small(er) brands...


The Mi Golondrina top is one of their newer designs…so new that it’s been going in and out of stock on their website. Don’t fret! I’m sure there will be more (in both black and white) back up soon. I love tone-on-tone details and it’s a perfect year-round top. The slides are by Sabah (called Babahs) and their the slipper version of the traditional shoe. I wear mine almost a little too much. Inside the house, outside the house – they’re so easy and comfortable and I feel like I might need another color soon (though the Tobacco hue has been going with everything). The scarf is from Donni Charm and you might remember me posting about it in a Current Vibes post last month. It was a splurge, but I wear it all the time because it’s so cozy and feels like I’m wearing a big blanket (but one that’s acceptable for public viewing).

Now…hurry up Friday. I need you.

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