Laced Up Sweatshirt

January 24, 2017

If you've seen my Current Vibes posts lately, you know that I'm really into sweatshirts. I think it's a combination of being pregnant (26 weeks today!) and never wanting to actually get "dressed" and the chilly weather but I just always want to be casual and cozy. Any sweatshirts with fun details have been catching my eye - like the lace up one I have on here (this one with bow ties, this fun one with ruffles, or this one listing French colors) - and I figured I may as well scoop up a few since they're all I want to wear.


I also mentioned in my Current Vibes post last week that I had finally found the perfect pair of maternity jeans and they’re the ones I’m wearing here. I was hesitant to pull the trigger on a designer pair with an expensive price tag but after trying Gap and Old Navy pairs that stretched out too quickly, didn’t stay up, etc., I went to A Pea in the Pod, tried on a million pairs and found the AG Secret Fit Belly Stella Skinny Jeans. They feel like leggings (amazing stretch and no sag!) and are super comfortable. Worth the money since they’re all I will be wearing till it warms up and I can switch to dresses.

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