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January 25, 2017

Guys. I have an addiction. I've been binge watching The Killing on Netflix since last weekend and I just have four episodes left in the final season. Yes, I know it's a super old series and yes I love it (or am just very easily hooked on suspenseful murder stories) but ohmeegawd I cannot wait to have my life back and be finished so I don't feel the urge to keep watching. Anyone else get trapped in shows and series? It's super unhealthy for me because I can't stop once I start and can justify spending hours doing nothing but watching. Taking a long break from binge watching once I polish of the last four hours. Don't worry, I spared you all and didn't include The Killing in this week's roundup of vibes. (go an get 'em)

1. SPOTTING // REGID DENIM: Who What Wear totally called it back in December, but I’ve been seeing rigid denim everywhere I turn. There are a lot of denim trends I tend to side-eye rather than try (cropped flares, exaggerated fringe hems, etc.) because I worry about a short shelf life, but the ’80s style denim that’s been taking over looks like it may have some staying power. The style is stiff (made with zero stretch and meant to be broken in), slightly boxy, simplistic, and comes with an air of cool. Along with highlighting the trend that’s taken over, Who What Wear also pointed out FRAME (one of my favorite denim brands) and their Rigid Re-Release Denim collection as a go-to for wearable styles of the 100% rigid cotton and light, faded wash that the ’80s were known for. I’m not 100% sure I can pull off the look but I definitely want to give it a try…especially when girls like Aimee Song make it look so good! Thinking this pair needs to be what I experiment with.

2. LOVING // BECCA ATWOOD’S WOVENS: I can feel equal parts lazy, inspired, and awe-struck every time I look at what Rebecca Atwood is doing. You’ve seen and heard Sally and I share favorites from the artist and designer again and again and it’s because Rebecca always seems to be doing something great. Whether it’s coming out with a beautiful book (“Living with Pattern: Color, Texture and Print at Home” was released last August!), partnering with Method on pretty packaging, releasing original artwork, or adding new categories for the application of her prints and patterns – her thoughtful and what seems like endless creativity is captivating. The most recent launches I’m loving? The Woven Fabrics that would make for perfect pillows and upholstery and the one-of-a-kind quilts (which are selling out so quickly!). Rebecca, you do so much goodness I feel like the laziest person on earth…but keep it coming because I can’t get enough of everything you do!

3. DRY SHAMPOOING // OUAI FOAM: I have tried several dry shampoos – sprays and powders – but after a few experimentations I decided neither formula really worked at “refreshing” my roots and getting rid of oiliness and that actual shampoo and a shower was the best (and only) way to really get my hair looking and feeling clean. I feel envy for girls with hair that can look messy and cool and not greasy after multiple days of not washing. I would try spraying stuff or rubbing in powder and end up with really gross-feeling roots weighed down and coated by product. Not natural and not cute. Can’t win ’em all! Or can you…after reading this write up on VOGUE about the Dry Shampoo Foam just released by Ouai, it sounds like this magic oil and build-up erasing stuff could be just want I need. Unlike other dry shampoos in the spray and powder forms, this one is a foam with a mousse-like texture. Once worked into roots and down the ends of hair, it dries and removes oils and/or product build up. All while adding volume and softness. Jen Atkin – the stylist behind the new product, brand, and infamous hair of celebs like the Kardashians – advises using the foam after blowdrying for added volume and softness or for second (third, or fourth) day hair as a way to cleanse and condition. Sounds like magic, right?!

4. KISSING // EMBROIDERED LIPS: Fact, I just bought two colors of the Tippi Sweater (ivory and heather smoke) from J.Crew. Call me basic (because I am) but the merino wool style fits like a glove and I’m crazy about the simple, classic style. And then what do I see while looking through the new arrivals on J.Crack the other day…a Tippi Sweater with Embroidered Lips. Um, I may need this version. Available in just one color – a very pretty heathered tan called “dust sunset” – the sweater features a smooch near the collar that’s hand-crocheted by one of the J.Crew designers. Same price as the original Tippi Sweater but with a lot more adorable personality. And just in time for Valentine’s Day (20 days and counting).

5. HEARTING // AG JEWELRY: Speaking of Valentine’s Day, I can’t help but have my eye on all things with hearts. Especially in the jewelry category. I’ve always loved the heart pieces by Ariel Gordon (one of my favorite designers for all things dainty) and I couldn’t believe that some of my long-time favorite heart designs are on sale as part of the AGJ Archive collection. All on sale: the Heart Eternity Ring (on was $285, now $215), Love Struck Bracelet (was $895, now $670) and matching Love Struck Necklace (was $720, now $350), and the Etched Heart Ring (was $525, now $395). Not on sale but also featuring hearts and amazing: the Sweetheart Bracelet, Heart Necklace, Mini Sweetheart Ring, Close to My Heart Necklace, and the Heart Silhouette Ring.  Nothing wrong with scooping up some of the heart-motif goodness for someone special or yourself in time for 2.14.17!

6. HEARING ABOUT // JOANNA CZECH: One of the things I love about Dallas is that it’s a big city but a small town…the six-degrees-of-separation factor always seems to be alive and well and even when I’m meeting new people there seems to be a common connection to someone else. There’s also a great “word of mouth” mentality. Dallas natives and transplants love dishing on favorite restaurants, shops, events, etc. All this is to say that I’m shocked that I just recently learned about famed aesthetician Joanna Czech and the spa location she opened in Dallas last year. In my defense, I was living in Houston for much of 2015 so I’m not too ashamed of my lack of insider knowledge. But after having one person mention Joanna and her luxurious treatments to me I now seem to been hearing and seeing her name everywhere. From what I’ve heard, her facials and brow skills are worth every penny and the curated assortment of products and lines she carries in her location are among the best of the best.

7. SLOW CLAPPNIG // VOW RINGS: Sorry, more jewelry. But are you surprised? If you know me, you shouldn’t be. Vrai & Oro (another brand I love for their everyday wearability and pricing) recently launched an a line engagement and wedding bands called Vrai & Oro White (aka, VOW) and I’m so impressed with the concept and offerings. No – I am not in the market for an engagement ring. But I am obsessed with all things jewelry and have become more educated on the gem and diamond markets. What I now know is that many/most diamonds and gems are acquired or sourced through corrupt industries (ex: blood diamonds) or created unethically (ex: manufactured with measures that harm the environment). What happens behind the curtain in an industry known for beauty isn’t always so…pretty. In 2014 Vrai & Oro brought something new to the fine jewelry category when their simple designs were backed by a bigger mission: a direct-to-consumer model (no markups) and commitment to quality (no plating, no filling, just solid gold). Two years later, VOW is born with the same mission but with an even stronger commitment to transparency through sustainability and ethics, specifically in the diamonds they use. The brand works with Diamond Foundary, which grows diamonds in a lab with a method thats scientific but results in diamonds atomically identical to those from a mine. The engagement rings and bands offered are simple – no wild settings – just classic, clean options with a range of diamond sizes to fit a range of budgets. And because buying an engagement ring is a major commitment and purchase, VOW has a neat try-on program. I’m really looking forward to seeing how the brand evolves (more styles? bigger diamond options? customization?) but for now, it looks like they’re off to a great start. P.S. this article has more about VOW and Diamond Foundary and is a great read!

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