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February 1, 2017

I am now less than a week from my third trimester (!) which is completely crazy and somewhat hard to believe. I know that time is going to fly by, so I'm trying to get as much done each day as I can. Little things like cleaning out my closets and sending pieces to ThredUp, scheduling Child Birth classes to ease my growing anxiety, and finalizing ordering pieces for the nursery. This weekend is one of the last "nothing on the calendar" weekends for me and my husband and I'm thinking we need to go out and test drive some car seats/strollers together so that we can make a decision. Any recommendations? Everyone I talk to seems to absolutely love UPPAbaby. (baby update and nesting aside, read on for more vibes!)

1. NEEDING // STATE OF ESCAPE CARRYALL: When it comes to handbags, I am a tote girl through and through. Unless I am going out at night, I can generally be found with a tote bag on my arm. This especially came in handy when I was carrying all sorts of morning sickness remedies with me everywhere I went. A sleeve of saltines just wouldn’t have survived in a small clutch or cross body! I’ve had my eye on State of Escape’s cool bags for quite some time now. The bags are made out of neoprene and sailing rope, making them beyond durable, yet super lightweight. Started by two women (and moms) out of Australia, it only seems natural that all State of Escape products are also machine washable which truly takes them to the next level. I had decided that I still wanted to use a tote as a diaper/baby bag because then my husband would be fine carrying it around if need be, and the accessibility of a tote is something I love. Being able to reach in and grab something or throw something in – without zippers, etc. I think the State of Escape original “Escape” bag would make for a good baby bag because I could easy buy one of those tote organizing inserts for it. And, don’t forget that amazing ability for the bag to be machine washed. Yes and yes. Its also not too feminine so my husband would willingly carry it. Now the hard part will be deciding on a color! I’m super partial to the “khaki” color, but I also like this and thisBlack is always classic, too. Hmm…

2. WEARING // RRR ROBE: The other day I called Molly to tell her that when I was in Roberta Roller Rabbit picking up some baby gifts (their pj’s are our go-to!), I saw they had started selling women’s robes in their famous, softer than soft 100% pima cotton. RRR’s pima cotton is the stuff dreams are made of and is why their PJs are so popular and loved. The cotton gets softer with each wash and wear, making the jammies worth every penny. The very next day, Molly and I visited the store and each left with our own, brand spanking new heart-printed robes. Since then, I’ve been wearing my new robe on the regular, and I know that I will wear it all the time postpartum. Best. Buy. Ever.

3. OBSESSING // CARVED BUNNIES: Yesterday I went down an Instagram rabbit hole (pun intended) stalking Irene Neuwirth’s jewelry after discovering some favorite pieces by her by way of Ylang 23. Her pieces are colorful, happy, and truly special. Its no surprise that Irene claims to be fascinated by intense colors and raw, un-manufactured gem cuts as this makes up the majority of her most loved pieces. I personally am completely and totally in love (heart eyes here!) with her bunny charms that are carved out of various stones making each charm one of a kind. Bunnies have been my favorite animal for as long as I can remember and my husband and I refer to our dogs as “bunnies” regularly. He’s already told me that we can’t refer to the new baby as a “bunny” as well, but maybe that will change once we meet him?! If you ask me, its quite a flattering term of endearment. And one of those carved bunnies would look quite flattering around my neck!

4. EYEING // BURU DENIM JACKET: I’m all about the classic denim jacket, but I often times can’t help but feel like I am maybe too “old” for the look or that it isn’t polished enough of a look when I am going out at night. You know, now that I go on regular date nights. Enter the Buru White Label Daphne Denim Jacket. The dark denim, collarless jacket has a raw hem making it just the right amount of “distressed” while still looking “nicer” than your usual jean jacket. I also love the slightly longer length of the jacket making it that much more wearable, in my opinion! The no collar means that I could still wear it over my favorite button downs, too. With how mild our weather in Dallas has been, I would be wearing this regularly whether it be during the day or out at night. The options are endless!

5. DISPLAYING // ART FLOWERS: I’ve had the gorgeous book “Art Flowers: Contemporary Floral Designs and Installations” for maybe a year or so now, but it was stacked under some other books, and not one I really took the time to enjoy. We now have it placed on an acryllic book stand in our front bay window and it a work of art in itself. The book showcases the most amazing floral sculptures created by 38 of the world’s most renowned designers. The best part about keeping it on the book stand is that I am able to leave the pretty pages open and flip them regularly to a new page. Both the stand and book would make for a great Valentine’s gift, too!

6. WATCHING // THE FOUNDER: Along with weekly date nights, my husband and I are also making an effort to see more movies while they are in theaters. You definitely can’t bring a newborn into the movie theater and we find that we focus on the story so much more when we’re not on the couch and distracted by our phones and computers, so we’re trying to catch up on some flicks now! After hearing from friends that The Founder was good, we decided to see it last week. If you haven’t seen it, its definitely one worth seeing. It was super interesting to learn the background behind a major food chain that has made a name for itself worldwide. Not only that, but to learn how McDonalds really revolutionized “fast food”. I’m a big fan of documentaries, so this was a win in our house. Next on our list: Gold. Any other recommendations?

7. LOVING // HEARTLA SANDALSLoeffler Randall is hands down my go to place when I am need of a new pair of shoes. No matter the season or style, I know that I can count on them to provide unique, visually pleasing, and comfortable shoes that will truly stand the test of time. Each summer I invest in at least one new pair of sandals from them. LR makes great pieces that have unique details, setting them apart from your typical run of the mill brands. Take for instance, the Heartla Wrap Sandals. Even though its only February (!), these sandals are high on my wish list. I actually own the “Starla” version of these from a few summers ago and they continue to be some of my favorites. So unique and special and I can’t help but smile when wearing them. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, the Heartla version is beyond perfect to last me now and through the summer. And beyond. I am partial to the red version because it is that most perfect red that is actually a great neutral and goes with pretty much anything!

  1. One little tip . you might want a cross body/backpack option for your baby bag. you will find yourself needing both hands, a lot haha.


  2. Would you two ever consider providing a link to your thread up bags? there is a feature on thred up where you can see what else came from the same seller so would be fun to be able to shop your closets!

  3. I loved loved loved hidden figures! It’s also a fictionalized account of something real, so might be right up your alley. It was a feel good, and I’m so impressed with this group of historical women! Girl power!!

  4. I LOVE, love, love my doona car seat/stroller! I had a bugaboo & bob with my first soN. I purchased The doona last year for my second soN. I still use the bob for jogging but The doona is by far my favorite!

  5. so good you’re seeing movies- i have not been to a movie in theatres since my daughter was born, and shes 15 months! those robes look amazing for postpartum- and we had the uppababy carseat when she was little- its super safe but beware its soooo heavy!

    i have a couple good links for you and your baby stuff- ahh, i love little babes!


  7. We love ouR UppaBaby Vista! So easy to use, compatible with our Mesa car seat, folds up easily (and stands upright!) and tons of storage, which I’ve found to be so important in the 6 months since our daughter was born (Your stroller becomes your shopping cart, mobile purse and carry all). I definitely recommend it!

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