Funnelneck Sweatshirt

February 7, 2017

Raise your hand if you watch The Bachelor...ummhmm, umhm. Sally and I are total addicts and shameless about not missing a Monday night viewing. Last night Nick (the bach, duh) went from 13 girls to 6 girls. And there wasn't even a rose ceremony. Mind. Blown. Nothing makes the weeks go by faster than looking forward to the "reality" shenanigans. This season though, I feel like a lot of the girls (aka, contestants) are all about using the buzz words/phrases really early and it's pretty obvious that they're more into winning than falling in love. Because who can fall in love after only a few weeks, very little one-on-one time, and with a guy who is kissing other women?! Hearing things like, "Ya, like, I just really feel like I'm falling for you? (giggles) And it's exciting (giggles) and scary (giggles) but I want to be open and, like, vulnerable? (giggles) I don't know. Like. I wanted to, like, tell you that. (giggles and sends message with eyes that says "gimme that rose, k?")" Mind. Blow. I think Nick is starting to see through it - which makes him very emotional and sad - and results in him sending ladies packing. It makes for very good TV.

I told Sally last night that I would be the worst Bachelor contestant ever because 1) I don't have a poker face and it seems like a necessary prerequisite, 2) I don't dress in trendy, revealing clothes, and 3) I don't know how to apply eyeshadow. I'd probably be in sweatshirts and caftans and definitely not jeans shorts and crop tops. But who knows...maybe that's what The Bachelor is missing. Women who wear funnelneck sweatshirts like the one I have on here and happen to have two dogs and an investment plan.


Jokes aside, I love this Madewell sweatshirt. The mockneck situation makes it ultra cozy but also elevates it from being too casual. It’s “garment-dyed” – which means that the color is added after the garment is finished being made. The result is a softer, broken-in feeling that almost has a vintage quality. It also takes away the risk of shrinking. If you’re a sweatshirt person (which I am) I totally suggest trying this baby out. It also comes in a pretty “rusted tin” color (sort of a soft red).

P.S. these shots were snapped in front of The Loveliest – one of my favorite Dallas boutiques and a definite “happy place” for me. I just adore Britni and Kelsey – the sister duo who owns the shop with their sweet mama – and the gorgeous embroidery, linens, home stuffs, and accessories they curate. After these pictures were taken I promptly went inside and bought these earrings. Which I wear all the time.

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