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February 8, 2017

Ugh. I am not feeling 100% today. I don't think I can classify myself as "sick" (no fever, no intense cold) but I'm definitely under the weather. And that feeling of being unwell combined with a lack of sleep recently and whole body soreness from running (more on that in an upcoming post) and a recent pilates class has me feeling super sluggish. Hence the lag in getting this post up today. Going to shamelessly nap for a an hour or so in hopes that I can get back into work mode for the rest of the day. (oh right, keep reading for my vibes!)

1. WAITING // BIG LITTLE LIES: Oooo I just can’t wait for February 19th, when Big Little Lies premieres on HBO. I read the book by Liane Moriarty last year while part of a book club group in Houston and really liked the storyline. A little mystery, a little family dynamics and drama (my favorite), and plenty of women-to-women issues. I’ve read a couple of Moriarty’s novels and love how she approaches tough topics and social taboos. It will be really interesting to see the Big Little Lies story brought to life on the screen with such a great cast (I’m obsessed with Shailene Woodly) and I’m interested to see if I think changing it from being based in Austria to California impacts the overall vibe (we all know that taking The Girl On The Train out of England for the movie kind of really hurt the storyline). Anyone else planning on watching?

2. EATING // BIRD BAKERYBird Bakery opened in Dallas’ Highland Park Village in November and every time I go for a bite or a sweet treat pick-me-up it’s packed. I get it…the sweet, feminine vibe (with a “Let them eat cake” sign in scripted pink neon!) and delicious offerings has been an awesome addition to the Village (now that Celebrity Bakery is gone it’s really the only in-and-out lunch spot) and it’s hard not to love the bustling atmosphere and approachable menu. And let’s be honest – knowing that it’s the second location of the ridiculously good-looking actor couple Elizabeth Chambers and Armie Hammer definitely adds to the allure. If you haven’t been, it’s a must-visit. The chicken salad is just as good as the cupcakes and cookies!

3. USING // DERMANAIL: Manicures are one of my favorite vices. I love painting them myself – all the prep, patience and dry time is like therapy for me – but when I moved to Dallas I broke down and started getting gel manicures kind of often. The nail technicians at my favorite place (Hillcrest Nails, the best) continued to tell me that my nails lacked vitamins. I was all, “Oh ya, I know they peel and do that weird separating thing at the tips, that’s just how they’ve always been.” But with each new gel application my nails got more and more thin…and a month ago I finally took the advice from the sweet technicians and asked my dermatologist about what I could do. Apparently what I had/have is a real condition but thankfully, it’s not permanent and can be treated. My derm sent me home with Derma Nail (which I’ve since found on Amazon) and for a month I’ve been sporting naked nails (SO weird for me) and dutifully applying the liquid formula three times a day. It’s super easy to use – the hardest part is not washing my hands for at least an hour after I put it on each nail – and I’m so happy that after four weeks I can say that my nails have gotten stronger and aren’t splitting and peeling like they were before. I still have a few more months before all the damage from getting the gel manicures is grown out…you know how they buff your nails so much when removing the polish and to get the gel to adhere? Well that texture is still on the top half of my nails. I just wish I had started using Derma Nail sooner! Hoping to get my dark polishes back in action after a few more weeks of going naked…

4. NEEDING // BOX CLUTCH: My single ladiez…we all know that meeting other singles in the wild (re: not via social media apps) can be hard. I have been that person talking to a guy at a bar when his girlfriend walks up. I have also been that girl approached by a very eager guy wanting to buy me a drink when I’ve been in a relationship. Is there anyway to skip this in-person awkwardness? Sometimes I wish I could just wear a button with “SINGLE” on it so that guys know to approach me. When I saw this box clutch by Milly the other day I immediately thought “OMG this is slightly tacky and also kind of awesome and wouldn’t it solve so many problems?” It comes with a chain strap which makes it especially convenient for bar situations and I assume one could wear it around the neck like an actual sign if so desired. Not sure if I’m actually bold enough to rock such a bag but it would be a really fun experiment to wear something that literally spells out your status.

5. WANTING // RAIN MAC: I can’t believe I’m eyeing a rain mac when it’s been so sunny and gorgeous in Dallas the past two days, but Sally showed the jacket to me the other day and I told her it was going in today’s vibes. Some of you might be wondering, what is a “rain mac?” I was, too. I did some Googling. I found this article via GQ to be most helpful and historical. To summarize: a rain mac is a completely waterproof jacket. The liquid-coated garment was designed in 1823 by Scottish chemist Charles Macintosh and the rain must-have has been adapted by various designers and brands ever since his patent on the design wore off in the twentieth century. Thank you, Charles – for making it possible for Topshop to make cool-looking versions of the mac. Because I’ve realized that my other rain jackets are just “water resistant” and “water repellent” but not actually waterproof, I think I might have to make the frosted grey and pink trimmed rain mac mine!

6. LISTENING // TORY’S TUNES: Seeing someone’s Spotify playlists can say a lot about them. Mine are pretty boring. I have three: Slow, Fast, and Country. I like listening to music but am not knowledgable when it comes to the hottest tunes, up and coming artist, etc. Don’t ever ask me to play DJ…I get big time anxiety. My lack of playlist innovation often leads me to checking out what other people and brands come up with. Tory Burch frequently releases seasonal inspired Spotify playlists via their blog and I’m usually impressed. The Resort 2017 list is particularly fun…there are some great throw-back singles and it definitely makes me want to be on a beach. ASAP.

7. LOVING // MADEWELL INTIMATES: Valentine’s Day may be just six days away but that’s not my only reason for including a little lace in this roundup. Madewell’s first ever branded collection of intimates is hot off the press and the launch has me wanting to burn all my unmentionables and stock up on all their styles of bralettes and undies. That’s not entirely true – I do like a lot of my undies – but this fresh newness has the cool, tomboy vibes Madewell is most-loved for and I can’t help but want to try one of everything. I loved reading more about their design approach to the understated pieces via this blog post and definitely think they nailed the goal of creating bras and undies that are sexy and feminine but more minimalistic than filly. I’m going to have to try one of the mesh-trimmed bras first…

  1. I have the exact same issues with my nails and figured i had to live witkh it!! What Is the condition called?

    1. I wish I could remember what the derm said it was called! But I know she had a term for it, haha! Def try Derma Nail and see if it helps your nails as much as it’s helped mine!! xx – M

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