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February 15, 2017

Molly and I had the best, most wonderful weekend in Austin. The weather was beyond amazing and we spent a good portion of it outdoors on our Aunt and Uncle's back patio. My only regret is that we didn't get Amy's Ice Cream (Mexican vanilla, obvi) like we had intended to. Wondering if we can have that shipped to Dallas? I always have a very hard time transitioning back and getting motivated after being out of town and our rainy day yesterday certainly didn't help. With today being a sunny day, I'm going to walk our dogs (they missed their mom but maybe missed our walks more!) and get organized around here. (keep reading for my vibes...)

1. BUYING // ALL THE BUNNIES: One baby/child company that I have loved since early on in my pregnancy – after discovering it at MADRE here in Dallas – is Petit Pehr. They make the most darling, yet tasteful products that don’t scream bright colors and obnoxiousness like these products for children often do. The pieces are classic, yet also have a more modern vibe to them and can easily mix into anywhere in the home, not just a child’s room or playroom. Practical products like quilts/blanketshooded towels, and swaddling blankets are done in darling prints that are sweet and subtle and for the most part, gender neutral. Being the bunny lover that I am, I absolutely adore each and everything thing done in their precious tiny bunny print. Have you ever seen anything cuter? I love how thick and soft this is – perfect for tummy time on the floor. I also can’t get enough of their pom pom storage bins that come in various sizes. They could be used for everything from a laundry hamper to housing toys and books or even diapers. The brand also makes products for the home that are equally as pretty and visually pleasing!

2. LOVING // KLD BRACELETS: Since the beginning of blogging, Molly and I have always said that one of our most favorite parts about blogging is connecting with small brands and businesses. Among these businesses is the ladies of mml pr out of LA. The owner, Merritt ranks right up there with one of my favorite people we’ve had the pleasure of meeting and spending time with over the years. Its no surprise, living in LA and working amongst fabulous brands, that Merritt has great taste herself. A few weeks ago, Merritt posted an Instagram of her and some friends wearing stacks of these amazing gold, beaded bracelets by Karen Lazar Design. Ever since discovering the brand through her, I can’t seem to get creating a stack of my own off my mind. The bracelets come in yellow goldrose gold, and sterling silver and come in various widths. I love the look of mixing different sizes and having a few bracelets stacked. They even look good mixed with other bracelets/watches – see various stacks here! I’m thinking that I definitely need to start a Karen Lazar bracelet collection of my own!

3. SPRAYING // JOSH ROSEBROOK: I don’t remember which site I found Josh Rosebrook’s Hydrating Accelerator on, but I read the reviews and then proceeded to binge read reviews on multiple other sites. The results seemed undeniable and people were completely obsessed with this miracle product. Consider me another smitten kitten to add to the masses as this is my latest “must have” beauty buy (I’ve been using it for a few weeks now!). I wasn’t necessarily needing a new toner or facial mist, but then again maybe I was and just didn’t realize it. The Hydrating Accelerator is the perfect amount of moisture on top of my freshly cleaned face and I find that it really helps whatever serum or oil I apply next to absorb into my skin. I always have anxiety that the $$ I spend on expensive serums and oils just ends up rubbing off on my pillow at night and this spray eases those worries. I also find that I have to use less of those said serums, which is an added bonus! On top of using this as a toner after cleansing (double cleansing if I have had makeup on), I also have been using it as a makeup setting spray. With how dry my skin is this time of year, doing this keeps my skin dewy looking for hours. I haven’t even mentioned the smell, which reminds me of marshmallows – in the best way possible. As of a creature of habit with my skincare routine, I already know that the Hydrating Accelerator is going to become a regular of mine.

4. COLLECTING // PJ SETS: I told my husband that for Christmas all I wanted was pajamas, slippers, and a robe and I wasn’t kidding with him. Luckily, he took me seriously and my wishes were granted. You can never have enough PJs in my opinion – especially white pregnant! Had I made a wish list for Valentine’s Day (we both decided on no gifts as a new baby is the best gift we could ever ask for), these new jammies at Madewell. I just love their pj’s – and the wide-legged, cropped pant is different but in the best way, especially  paired with the classic, short sleeved top. The blush-colored stripe is different than any other pajama set I have…

5. READING // GOOD BOOKS: These days, pregnancy insomnia is no joke. I think my family has become accustomed to my late night emails with random thoughts/concerns with the subject line “insomnia” to explain why I would be sending such things at such an hour. Late night emailing aside, I’m often up far later than my husband indulging in a good book as I find it is the best way to eventually give me the tired eyes and put me to sleep. At the recommendation of a friend, I’ve read two books lately that I find myself telling all of my reader friends about. “It Ends With Us” and “Swear On This Life” were both so amazing and captivating that I couldn’t help but share them with you all. I am always open to more recommendations, too!

6. SWOONING // MI GOLONDRINA x MADRE: Our love affair with all things Mi Golondrina runs deep and wide and we have a true appreciation for each and every product they put out. I have to admit that when I saw they were working with local children’s store MADRE on products for little girls, I told Cristina I only wished they could do something for little boys, too. I’m still holding out hope! Regardless, I cannot get over how adorable this sneak peek of the collaboration is. The bloomers paired with Mi Golondrina embroidered tops are perfect for Spring and Summertime for little girls. How sweet would they look with a little cardigan before it gets warm out? I’ve already told my husband that I might need to buy a set just in case we have a baby girl in the future, but he thought that seemed slightly crazy seeing as we don’t even have our baby boy yet. I guess in the meantime I will spread the word to all of my friends who have baby girls!

7. WATCHING // HIDDEN FIGURES: Our trips to Austin to visit our aunt and uncle are always just what we need – lots of relaxing, time in the sunshine, yummy food and quality time. We usually end up watching a few movies at night and going to the movie theater too. This time, we saw Hidden Figures and all concluded that it was beyond amazing. I think I experienced all of the various feels throughout the movie, including both an aching heart and a happy heart. Without giving anything away, I definitely recommend seeing it, especially since its up for Best Picture at the Oscars this year.

  1. love these posts as always! Wanted to mention that A makeup artist turned me on to Josh Rosebrook sunscreen, and it is the best sunscreen I have ever used on my face. it’s nothing but luxurious essential oils, and the physical sunscreen ingredients. it comes out of the pump white, but never leaves that chalky film on my skin. anyway– can’t recommend it enough and one of my best skincare finds the last ten years.

  2. Hidden Figures was amazing!! I loved it… dare I say… even more than La la land! Though, I saw Lion last night and absolutely loved that one, too. Oh Oscar season, how I love you.

  3. Another item worth the indulgence is the Josh Rosebrook daily moisture SPF – it is amazing!!! Same thing happened to me – I came across the recommendation while looking for a mineral SPF that also offered anti-aging perks and before I knew it I was down a rabbit hole of rave reviews:) It’s the much needed awesomeness to keep me excited about daily spf when i used to skip it and use serum/makeup application as an excuse.

  4. Thank you for posting about Karen Lazar BRACELETS! I saw these on a lady last october while on vacation in Mexico. I was unable to track them down and I was so sad BECAUSe I just loved them. I basically gave up because I don’t think she had a website at the time! I just ordered 3 bracelets and called to ask a question. Karen answered the phone and we had a nice chat. I told her about your blog so hopefully she will reach out to you both. Thank you for always posting such sweet and wonderful blog posts! I am a 48 year old momma of 4 and you beautiful ladies inspire me everyday! Thank you

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