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February 22, 2017

Well this week has been flying by. Monday holidays tend to do that. I'm not complaining...especially because I'm eagerly anticipating the weekend and my visit to Chicago! One of my besties is having a baby shower for the twins she's expecting this summer and I can't wait to pet her bump and see all my other friends. This week my vibes are all about newness...all the Spring/Summer 2017 collections have been launching and I couldn't help including two favorites (Mansur Gavriel and Loeffler Randall) along with one great collaboration collection (Rosie Huntington-Whiteley x Paige Adams-Geller) and a fab brand re-fresh (Renée Rouleau)! (keep reading and enjoy)

1. ADMIRING // MANSUR SS17: We all know Mansur Gavriel for their simplistic bucket bags and totes (I happen to have two of the tote bags and can attest to their greatness and versatility). But as lovely as those styles – and the subsequent designs that have been added over seasons – I have to say that the new Spring/Summer 2017 collection of handbags is the stuff of MG dreams. Like all Mansur designs, the new pieces are clean, minimalistic, and un-fussy. But the addition of circular goldstone hardware and new shapes are the most noticeable departure from the thin drawstrings and ties that have been the brand’s embellishment calling card. I’m having major feelings for the Metropolitan and Posternak bags…so sad that the cammello leather is already sold out in both!

2. WANTING // RHW x PAG: Sally and I have a mutual girl-crush on Rosie Huntington-Whiteley…kind of hard not to. No surprise, we have a crush on Rosie’s collaboration with Paige denim. The collection isn’t huge – a couple dresses, pants, tops, skirts, shorts,  jumpsuits and a jacket – but it is co-dsigned by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Paige Adams-Geller. I’m really liking the super light wash denim pieces with fringed edges (this dress and top are amazing) and the tie-dye goods. The silk Flo Bomber jacket embroidered with “Forever & Ever” on the back is definitely my favorite. It’s so borderline cheesy that it’s cool, amIright?

3. MIXING // GOLD-TONE BOWLS: Ohmigawd I just adore elevated basics. Especially for the kitchen. There’s nothing like a cute set of measuring spoons or whimsical cooking tools to make daily kitchen activity a little more fun. When I saw this 6-piece gold mixing bowl set on CB2 I was 1) shocked that they had such a functional offering, and 2) super into the look and price. $50 for three stainless steal bowls that have a luxe gold finish on the outside and matching lids that have a silicone gasket for keeping stuff fresh? That’s kind of a deal. Not many mixing bowls can go from prep to the table but I’d happily mix a salad in one of these and use for serving.

4. USING // BOY BROW: My eyebrows have not always been “on fleek.” It wasn’t till a co-worker told me that I desperately needed to start filling my very light and naturally sparse brows in about five years ago that I even took notice of them. Since that fateful day I have been very aware of my brows…and humbly admit that they are never going to be the bushy, full caterpillars that Sandy Cohen Cara Delevingne has. And I’m cool with that! At least I can use products to help give them a little definition and oomph. I first used a pencil, then determined it took a lot of time and focus to get a natural look – so I switched to a brow brush and powder. Of course I took notice when Glossier released their Boy Brow product back in October 2015. The buzz and fanatical feedback across the beauty industry was impossible to ignore…but I figured that it was just hype and not a product for me. For some reason (probably all the Into The Gloss reading I do) I decided to order the Boy Brow in “blond” for myself a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been trying to simplify my beauty routine more and more and wanted to see if the one step “fluffer, filler, and shaper” would give me the natural look and easy application I was wanting. I don’t know why I was surprised that I absolutely loved it. It really is that good. The product distribution gives the ideal amount of tint and flexible hold and though it took me a little bit of practice (after being so used to a powder), it’s pretty foolproof to use. And I find that it looks much more natural than anything else I’ve tried! Which is the whole point of beauty…at least in my book. Believe the hype and bow down to the #1 best seller!

5. CRUSHING // RACHEL COMEY TIE TOP: Anddddd my white shirt obsession can’t stop/won’t stop. Rachel Comey is one of my favorite designers because her aesthetic plays into my basic sensibility (re: mostly solids and lots of white and black) but she mixes feminine and edgy, and I love the unique yet timeless silhouettes she designs. Anyway, I’ve seen her Meryl Tie Front Blouse on so many sites that I’m convinced that it’s following me…and that it’s a sign I need to splurge and buy it. I love a white blouse but this one decidedly different than anything in my closet with the black skinny front ties (no buttons!) and slits on the sleeves. Gimme.

6. OBSESSING // LOEFFLER RANDAL SS17 INSPO: In my humble opinion, Loeffler Randal can do no wrong and my love for the brand runs so deep, I’m basically an unofficial stalker/ambassador. Seeing each new season is like Christmas morning and I get googly eyes every time I take in the seasonal mood boards and read Jessie’s notes via the LR Stories blog. Of course, the Spring/Summer ’17 behind-the-scenes inspiration did not disappoint. An “explosion of texture” with “new neutrals” and “conversational pieces” – each shoe and bag in the collection totally slays. Don’t even try to make me pick a favorite…becuase I just can’t and would probably need to visit the LR Showroom in NY to properly do so. But I will say that I find the raffia Cruise Tote and Zip Pouchette to be both be particularly phenomenal.

7. LOVING // RENÉE ROULEAU REFRESH: I’m a girl with many lady “spirit animals.” These women are more than girl-crushes…they are real-life acquaintances and friends that I admire and strive to be like. Sometimes I even want to wear their skin. This is the case with my skin spirit animal, Renée Rouleau. Renée’s 25 years of skin care experience as a celebrity esthetician and trusted skin care expert makes her a guru when it comes to treating and advising on all things skin. Her name-sake skin care line is based on a “one size does not fit all” philosophy and includes products to treat nine skin types. Recently, Renée did a beautiful re-branding and released new products (14 to be exact)! The new site, packaging, and branding is beautiful – which I fully expected considering how thoughtful Renée is with all she does – and the new products are equally wonderful. I’ve been using the Moisture Infusion Toner and Redness Care Firming Serum and both are so nice! Make sure you visit the site and take in the newness…

  1. Wow, love this post!! Thank you so much for all your sweet comments and so glad you are loving the new products. Love you, toast sisters!

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