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March 1, 2017

As I am writing this post, my husband and I are currently test driving our brand spanking new Belly Buds. We've loved playing music for the baby ever since we passed the 20 week mark when their hearing is fully developed. At 30 weeks, a baby's memories start to form and it is said that they can recognize voices or songs they heard in the womb when they hear them again after birth. So amazing, right? I'm certain that he has become quite fond of our dogs barking as well. The Belly Buds are made special so that you can attach them to your belly and music directly to your womb. As I was typing this post, my phone which is hooked up to the buds actually died and as soon as it did the baby starting moving a ton - I can't help but think he was asking for more music. I will report back on these more once we use them on the regular! (read on for all the vibes...)

1. WANTING // COREY LYNN CALTER: It seems that our weather in Dallas is consistently staying fairly warm, which may mean that Spring is here to stay. I’m finding that as time goes on in pregnancy, dresses become more and more appealing for both their comfort and ease. I’ve never been a “tight” fitting dress gal, so luckily a good amount of what I have will work. I’m also loving just about everything that Corey Lynn Calter has to offer in the dress department for spring. Many of which could work with a bump and beyond. How adorable is this style and color combo? So easy, yet put together. Also loving thisthis, and this. Really, I kind of love them all. Can you blame me?

2. LISTENING // TED TALKS: I’m always looking for podcasts and the like the listen to at the gym while doing cardio, so I was pretty excited to come across TED Talks, 10 Talks for When You’re Expecting a Child. They will be perfect for my next trip to the gym!

3. LUSTING // ULLA SLIDES: I own one pair of Birkenstocks that I actually bought the summer before my senior year of college (6+ years ago) while studying abroad in Italy. Birkenstocks are all over the place in Europe so of course my friends and I had to jump on the bandwagon and each brought a pair home as a souvenir. Since then, I have yet to buy a second pair even though they still seem to very much be “on trend” as well as quite practical. I personally cannot stop thinking about this glorified “Birkenstock” by Ulla Johnson (who can do no wrong in my book). The comfortable cork slide features a knotted suede bow that comes in a pale “rose” color or black. The “rose” pair is practically screaming my name and would definitely fill a void in my closet. I also think they seem pretty practical for my pregnant feet that seem to hate being shoved into most of my shoes these days. The color is the perfect pink that can act as a neutral and go with pretty much everything from jean shorts to dresses.

4. PLAY PREPPING // FINN + EMMA GYM: Babies love play gyms, but lets be honest, most of them can be quite an eyesore. They also often come attached to a mat so if any sort of spit up or accident happens to the mat, it could be out of commission while getting a good deep cleaning. Finn + Emma’s play gyms are amazing on a number of levels. First of all, in terms of function, they can be moved and placed easily on any sort of blanket or soft surface making them much more user friendly and easier to store or place against a wall when not in use. Aside from that, its clear to see that these play gyms are beyond aesthetically pleasing with their wood frames and darling wood and knit dolls dangling from sweet colored ribbons. Even better, all Finn + Emma products are created with 100% organic cotton, all natural wood, and eco friendly dyes making them as safe as they can possibly be for your little one who will surely be putting the little dolls in their curious mouths. If you already have a play gym in your arsenal, their toys and stroller sets are equally as adorable! Definitely going to order these friends for our car seat.

5. TABLE SETTING // CHILEWICH: My husband and I only own one set of place mats that were a wedding gift from a sweet friend and have already gotten lots of love. However, the set is pretty summery and I am thinking that we need something a little more year-round next. My friend Michaela who lives in NYC is a big fan of Chilewich placemats and has the best taste of anyone I know. In interiors, decor, clothing, you name it. So of course, I had to consult her on her love for Chilewich. After our discussion, I’m still deciding which I want to purchase first, but am leaning towards these. All of our china is white so we could pretty much go with anything. Thinking these napkins would look quite nice to add to the table, too!

6. READING // NON-TOXIC BEAUTYInto the Gloss is my go to place to read up on beauty products or search for something specific that I am wanting to invest in or learn more about. One of the latest write-ups on the site is a feature on non-toxic beauty products. It had been awhile since ITG posted on this topic, so I was pretty excited to see something more updated and current! I particularly like this write up because it is written by someone who considered themselves to be a true skeptic when it came to “natural” beauty, which makes her findings seem that much more genuine. As if the products truly caught her by surprise in how well they worked. Lately my skin has been so dry and I am convinced that I need to change up my cleanser, so of course I am now intrigued by the Aurelia Miracle Cleanser. I’ve been obsessed with every Aurelia product that I’ve tried thus far (I use this 3x a week), so I’m pretty certain I will love this one just as much.

7. LOVING // MK x MOTHER:  fell in love with Mother denim after purchasing this pair last spring. They are by far the softest pair of jeans I own making them the most comfortable, too. Miranda Kerr recently worked on a collaboration with the denim company, which has me already planning my first non-maternity denim purchase come this summer. The 12 piece capsule collection benefits Sydney’s The Royal Hospital for Women Foundation – a hospital that provides support for women and assistance for mothers and their babies. Kerr focused on positivity and uplifting messages when creating the collection and each piece has a hand written note in it to add a more personal touch. The collection favors lighter, more worn in washes and high rises which she prefers to wear in her day to day life. This pair might be my favorite – doesn’t it just look soft and comfortable?

  1. I think babies definitely can hear in utero! Two women in my office had overlapping pregnancies and they sat at opposite sides of our open office. When each baby came to visit after they were born, they definitely responded to the voices of those who sat close to each mom…so funny!

  2. hey there, looking forward to listening to those ted talks. Do you have a safe foundation that you can recOmmend? Im still using bare minerals which i love but i know isn’t completely safe.

    As for baby brands we love california baby proDucts.

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