Tippi + Britni

March 7, 2017

I mentioned in this Current Vibes post that I had recently scooped up not one but two of J.Crew's very basic but very great Tippi Sweater. Weeks have passed since then (nearly six to be exact) and I wear the merino wool sweaters so often it's slightly crazy that one of them is just now making an appearance in a post. Here you see "hthr smoke" - a wonderful grey - and "ivory" is the other hue I bought and wore just as regularly. Same sweater in two neutral colors...boring? Basic? I say "genius!" Nothing wrong with having a simple classic sweater in two tones that can be paired with colorful accessories. Like the Britni Pom Bon Earrings from The Loveliest I also can't stop wearing.


Note: the Tippi Sweater comes in a wide range of colors from the most perfect baby pink and olive to traditional black and a few neon hues, too. Many are on sale (as low as $40!) and I highly suggest trying one out. Warning…you might end up buying more than one like I did. The fit is just that nice.

Another Note: the selection of Pom Pon Earrings by Carter G. that The Loveliest carries is especially wonderful because many of the color combinations – like the Emerald, Mint, Salmon, and Ochre pair I have – are exclusive to the to The Loveliest. Kelsey and Britni have such a wonderful way of mixing colors and I could easily buy and wear every three and four tiered pair!


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