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March 8, 2017

I really don't have much of any life updates to report...except that Rosie has been losing so may of her bigger baby teeth and I have five of them cleaned and sitting in a teeny jar. Unlike when Blue was in this phase, Rosebud is all about involving me in the teeth-losing process and basically jumps in my lap when there's one hanging by a thread that's about to come out. It's super weird but also adorable (the other day one popped out of her mouth right into my hand) and I feel like she's becoming such a big girl. God, I am such a dog mom. (read on for the vibes...which surprising, have nothing to do with my pups)

1. SEEING STRIPES + MORE // CUYANA SS17: Are y’all sick of us talking about the spring 2017 collections and collaborations? Sorry. ‘Tis the season for newness and we can’t get enough. I took note of Cuyana’s sweet new selection of pastels, earthy neutrals, and stripes when they introduced the Spring Mood Board last month and continue to re-visit the site to look at the prettiness. The concept for the season, “pause,” is like a palette cleanser taking us from the cold winter months to spring’s warm temps and freshness. I’m loving the new colors of some old favorites (the silk slip dress and poplin pleat back shirt) and really adore some of the new styles (the classic trench and silk wrap blouse are both calling my name!).

2. TAKING TIPS // WHITNEY WOLFE: Social media and online dating can be fun, exhausting, self-esteem boosting, frustrating…I personally find myself a skeptic that it can work but am also resigned to the fact that it’s the “modern way” of dating I can’t completely ignore. If you’re also dating in the digital age, I’m sure you can relate that there are ups and downs, fears and expectations associated with the process…reading the the Q+A “Tips for Meeting The Right Guy” Camille Styles did with Bumble founder Whitney Wolfe was surprisingly helpful and I dually noted several of her tips, suggestions, and insights when it comes to bios, setting up meetings, etc.

3. WANTING // MAY’S BLUE COCOON: I really love beauty and skincare stuff but when presented by tons of options when shopping in store I get a little scared to open jars and test stuff. And when the store is Forty Five Ten and the beauty offerings in question are all top line and super luxurious I get even more cautious. When Sally and I were visiting the store a couple weeks ago (lots of looking, no buying) we gravitated toward their little jewel box of a “room” with all skin, makeup, and more. Our focus was learning more about their foundation offerings (we’re both currently on the hunt of the perfect fit for our skin) but I randomly walked up to the carefully arranged May Lindstrom products and smeared a little dollop of the Blue Cocoon beauty balm concentrate on the back of my hand. Truth be told, it was the color that got me so curious – I wanted to see what it would do once on my skin. And like a magic trick, the solid almost instantly went to an oil consistency then melted into my skin with a fantastic silky texture. But what I really freaked out over was the scent – it’s kind of like a light chocolate fragrance combined with these other soothing natural undertones and…it is just so nice. Then when I was told what the lovely little balm does – delicately relieves inflamed and irritable skin – I was like “Oooooh I want this stuff!” The price tag ($180) gave me pause and had me returning it back to it’s spot on the shelf but I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it and keep reading reviews and have it in my mind that it’s just what my super dry, always red and irritated skin needs. I just might have to pull the trigger. If anyone has it or has tried it please gimme your thoughts!

4. READING // “THE 4-HOUR WORK WEEK”: A drinks date with Hart Hagerty – the very lovely lady who is rocking the world with her gorgeous tassel earrings – resulted in a bonding over self discovery, share experiences as “entrepreneurs” (I put that is quotes because it feels odd to describe myself as such, but Hart is definitely a killer entrepreneur!), and an instant friendship. We covered such a range of topics and I keep thinking about her recommended reading: Timothy Ferriss’ “The 4-Hour Work Week.” I’m always on a quest to work smarter, not harder and am desperate to reignite my work ethic (still feeling like a lazy sloth since the start of the new year) so the New York Times Bestseller is next on my reading list!

5. LOVING // EMJOI DESK CARDS: I saw this lucite boxed set of beautiful emoji embossed cards while walking through Ellis Hill the other week (prettiest place for all things custom including invitations, birth announcements, holiday cards, etc.). No surprise, the set is the work of Bell’INVITO – Dallas printers known for their gorgeous craftsmanship and traditional engraving and embossing processes. As someone who is all about making lists, leaving notes, and sending snail mail, I think these note cards would be a worthy splurge to add to my desk! P.S. See the other emoji offerings from Bell’INVITO right here!

6. WATCHING // THE ARRANGEMENT: Did anyone else tune in to watch the new scripted series The Arrangement on E! this past Sunday? I didn’t have high expectations but the storyline is one that brings to mind Tom Cruise’s mysterious marriage to Katie Holmes (star actor, wholesome but lesser known actress, whirlwind romance, a controlling organization tied to star actor, contract marriage agreement…) and it wasn’t hard for me to get into it from the first episode. The pretty people and cheeky script didn’t hurt, either. Excited to see how the upcoming episodes play out and really excited that I now have a Sunday night show to look forward to.

7. DROOLING // SELF-PORTRAIT: If I had a million dollars I would do a lot of things (so fun but slightly overwhelming to think about). And one of them would be to buy just about everything that Self Portrait makes. You know their stuff…feminine, lacy (but not in a granny or bridal way), and just the right amount of lady-like mixed with sexy. Their Azalea Sweetheart Midi Dress was a huge hit among bloggers and replicated (cough, nocked off) by several fast-fashion brands but it I’m really feeling everything they’ve recently come out with. Namely: this dress (I mean, has pink ever looked better?!), these shorts, this dress, and this top. As someone who loves investing in solid-colored pieces versus bold prints and patterns I love that Self Portrait still packs so much visual interest with their unique silhouettes and use of amazing textures, layering and detailing. Off to buy a lottery ticket!

  1. The blue cocoon is the best stuff I have ever used for dry skin. it lasted at least a year (and I used it often and generously), but since it is all natural I threw it away on the expiration date. the smell is strong, but I for used to it. I could only use it at night because it made me too oily during the day when I used makeup on top of it.

  2. How can you be a skeptic that online dating works when there are literally thousands of people who have met their now-spouse via online dating?

    1. I love the online and social media app dating success stories! I don’t doubt that it works and that the platforms are great for connecting people…but even knowing that doesn’t necessarily make slogging through the process any easier, at least for me. xx – M

  3. The Blue Cocoon was like a miracle worker for me when I had a sample size but my skin seemed to sort of get used to it and it didn’t work as well for me. I would say get a sample and use it as a super moisturizing treatment when your skin is a mess instead of daily. A little goes a long way!

    1. Hi Stacia! So interesting that you saw the incredible results plateau after using the Blue Cocoon after a while…definitely something I’m going to keep in mind if I get it. My skin is such a red, irritated, inflamed mess right now that I’m now dying to scoop it up today and see if it works miracles like you noticed on my skin! Thank youuuu! xx – M

  4. The Blue Cocoon Beauty balm is amazing. Great for night hydration and under a more matte or heavy foundation to give it a dewy look during the day. THe price tag is ridiculous but i have barely noticed its level changing as i use it which is different than with a cream product.

    1. Hi Karen! SO good to know that the Blue Cocoon has worked for you under foundations (I was curious about that!) and that you’ve seen it last a good while vs. using a cream (the price tag does make it a big investment). Thank you, thank you for the info! xx – M

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