Hybrid Stripe Tee

March 13, 2017

Although I only invested in a few "nicer" maternity tops, I did buy a good amount more t-shirt type situations because those were the very first pieces that I outgrew. I still have some non-maternity flowier tops that fit me now, but my regular t-shirts are long since retired - mostly because they're too short. Aside from these basic white tees that I bought three of to layer under sweaters and have worn to death, I also picked up this grey/striped situation which I have loved and styled here!

I like that this particular top is striped – but not fully striped – making it a little bit different. A favorite way to wear it is layered under my favorite chunkier grey, fringed Madewell sweater (this one is similar, minus the fringe!) from last year. We had a random cold day here yesterday and it was perfect for our weather. Like the other maternity pieces I’ve bought, this one will definitely be wearable when I’m not pregnant, which makes me feel better about buying maternity!

It would be impossible not to note these fantastic and fun Frances Valentine flats…the furry pompoms are everything and more, and they were a perfect addition to take the tee to the next level. Also, Truffle just came out with a new navy collection which Molly and I have both been wearing as a neutral on the regular – (such a fresh non-black option for spring!). Their clutches are all I carry!

P.S. this striped tee is next on my list – the length is perfect for a bump!

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