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March 15, 2017

I firmly believe that pregnancy brain is a very real thing and I must admit that it was quite prevalent while writing this post (took me forever to finish)! Sort of felt like a Loony Tune trying to tie my thoughts together so I'm hoping that it makes sense for those of you reading, ha! (vibes after the click for more)

1. ADORING // LITTLES + BIG DOGS: We are beyond excited for the day that our pups get to meet their baby brother bear and talk about it almost daily, predicting what they’ll do, etc. I’m not sure if they have any idea what’s coming their way, but I’d like to think they do! When I came across the darling portraits in “Little Kids and Their Big Dogs,” I couldn’t help but order the book for the bookshelves in the nursery. There is nothing sweeter than the relationship and bond between babies and their dogs and we cannot wait to witness it with our own little ones.

2. THINKING SPRING // WIGGYWiggy Kit is another one of those brands that I came across somehow on Instagram. Molly and I have a running joke that I follow wayyy too many people on our Instagram account, but when I come across great brands like this one, I can’t help but quickly click the “follow” button. The resortwear labelstarted by Wiggy Hindmarch is compiled of easy, breezy pieces that will literally hang in your closet forever. I had a hard time narrowing down my favorites as I would easily wear each and every item, but this dress and this top are both screaming my name.

3. OBSESSING // BOY SMELLS: With two dogs in the house, burning candles is a regular occurrence in our house. Even though the dogs are “indoor dogs” and act more like humans than animals, they do have a certain smell about them that isn’t necessarily my favorite. As much as I love candles, both my husband and I are pretty picky with certain scents. Anything too fruity or too floral-ly is completely out of the question. A favorite boutique in Dallas owned by one of our most favorite people in the world, Cabana, posted on their Instagram account a new to us candle company called “Boy Smells” which had me quite intrigued. The pale pink, simplistic logo is anything but what would be considered “boyish”, making the brand that much cooler in my book. I am also loving the descriptions of each scent on their site. Molly and I will most definitely be making a trip to Cabana to sniff these out to our hearts content and hopefully scoop some up for our homes, so stay tuned!

4. USING // BELLYBUDS: I briefly mentioned in my last Current Vibes that my husband and I had just started using a set of BellyBuds for the first time. Now that we’ve had a chance to use them pretty regularly, I had to report back on how much we love them. In the beginning of my pregnancy, we actually bought a baby monitor off of Amazon to listen to our baby boy’s heart beat between appointments each night. It may sound completely crazy, but it eased my anxieties between appointments and was a great way for my husband to connect with the baby, too. We did this up until the point where I could feel him moving. That nightly activity was so fun for us and something I truly cherished. At 33 weeks, we know that our baby’s hearing is fully developed and that he is able to form memories from what he hears in the womb. We had already made a playlist to play with our little one once he’s born, but with the BellyBuds, we’ve been able to introduce these songs to him even before then. Its crazy because I will be laying in bed and not feeling much movement from him, and then as soon as we turn on the music and put the buds on, he starts moving. We love to see which songs he moves to more and are SO curious to see if he recognizes these same songs after he’s born. We think hes a big fan of the Beatles! On this same topic, I found this TED talk about how much babies learn in the womb to be absolutely fascinating. Pregnancy truly is the most incredible miracle that is constantly amazing me.

5. ORDERING // GOLD LEATHER EARRINGS: It’s been awhile since I last bought a great pair of statement earrings and after seeing a friend wearing a fun pair last weekend, I went on the hunt for my next pair. BenuMade is a creative jewelry brand based out of Prague and each piece is made to order. If you can believe it, the pieces are actually made out of a shiny, metallic leather! The oversized earrings featuring abstract shapes are like small works of art for your ears. I would imagine that them being made out of leather would mean they are quite lightweight, too. I love them all, but this pair is currently in my cart! When nothing else fits me at the end of my pregnancy, at least I’ll have these!

6. NESTING // HOUSE WALL SHELF: When it comes to resources for great children’s decor items, Land of Nod seems to always get it right and to stand out among the usual contenders. I love checking the site for their new arrivals, because they always have such amazing and unique pieces that are just the right mix of whimsical and tasteful for little ones. My latest favorite from the siteThis Invisible House Wall Shelf. I’m a sucker for all things acryllic, which is what first drew me to this guy, but I also love the house shape as well as the teeny tiny compartments for all of the little trinkets that kids seem to accumulate. We’ve already been gifted some special, smaller pieces that would look beyond sweet on this shelf. Our nursery is tiny and cozy which I love for a nursery, but due to the room having two closets, we are also lacking in available wall space. I am bound and determined to find a way for the Invisible House to work in the room!

7. FEELING INSPIRED BY // CHRISTINA BRYANT’S HOME: While living in San Francisco, I had the pleasure of meeting and spending some time with the talented Christina Bryant of St. Frank. Its no secret that Christina has an eye for all things unique and special. Her store is truly a jewel box brimming with treasures and curiosities – each one with a story and carefully selected by Christina and her team. I absolutely love reading the backstory behind each product on their site, it makes you appreciate the pieces that much more. Recently, Lonny visited Christina’s San Francisco apartment and as one can imagine, it is nothing short of incredible.  Christina’s ability to layer and mix the old with the new is beyond inspiring and the feature is not to be missed.

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