Springtime Essentials

March 20, 2017

Lately, I've been giving some thought as to what my "essentials" are. Could be a prelude to spring cleaning (P.S. happy first day of spring, everyone!), a true attempt to minimize the excess I seem to accumulate, or a way to establish routines. But as someone who loves trying new things, I also find comfort in knowing what my daily go-to's and must-do's are. Quality basics that I can trust that simplify my thought process but never fait to make me feel put together and or stylish are just as important as knowing how I start and end each day. Because my days are never the same, having practiced routines and some fallback favorite products and helps me feel like I have some sort of order despite being all over the place 99% of the time...


.Morning: without fail, my mornings are always the same. Alarm goes off at 7am, I take my pups outside for potty round #1, then they immediately come inside to get fed, followed by going back outside for potty round #2. Sometimes I crackup over how in touch Blue and Rosie are with this morning ritual. They basically have internal alarms and even if my phone doesn’t start chiming right at 7:00, they’re already up in bed – nudging me awake. Once they’ve finished their business, I’m making coffee, turning on the Today Show, and getting my laptop out to finish a blog post, check emails, etc. From there, the rest of the day is always different…I workout at different times, some days I’m at home all day working and other times I’m gone doing errands the whole day, etc.

.Skin Care: I don’t always wear makeup during the day – usually only if I plan on meeting someone or Sally and I are taking photos – but I always, always take the time to wash my face in the morning and slather on some products. Right now I’m doing an oil cleaning method that my friends at House of Preservation swear by…I really didn’t think I would like it but it’s truly helped re-balance my problem skin and the process of massaging the oil in followed by pressing a warm cloth on my skin is a ritual I look forward to each morning and night.

.Tote Bag: usually I spend most of my day at home, working on stuff with the dogs by my side, but I do leave several times throughout the day either for my workout, errands, meetings, or to see friends/family. No matter which tote I’m using I have a system for what’s in it and keep it all in the same spot so I can grab and throw into a nice roomy bag. 1) wallet with my ID (duh), 2) Truffle Clarity Clutch Mini with lip balm (currently addicted to this), hand lotion, mints, and a hair tie, 3) sunnies, 4) concealer (for when I have a dreaded spot on my face I feel self conscious about), and 5) my iPhone.

.Jewelry: I do not feel like myself unless I have studs in each of my four ear piercings, tiny bracelets on each wrist, and at least one dainty gold necklace on. I sleep, shower and workout in my jewelry and love to invest in quality pieces so they can hold up to the daily wear. Rings are also pieces I pile on though I don’t love having them on while working out or showering/washing my face.

.Wardrobe: spring can be a tricky transitional time for getting dressed (amIright?) and for the past month or so I’ve been heavily relying on high waisted jeans and easy slip-on shoes for nearly all my getting dressed situations. The Lucky Brand jeans I’m obsessed with (the Bridgette style in the 99% cotton blend) really do take me from day to night, go with any top, and look right with flats or heels. And because spring in Dallas means 90 degrees one day (like today) and 50s the next, slip ons like the cute Söfft Somers sneakers you see here are great for pairing with both dresses and dresses. If you haven’t tried styles by Söfft yet, I highly suggest it. Not only do they have really cute, versatile styles – but they really are some of the most comfortable shoes I own and I continue to go back to the brand each season because the footbeds are incredible (they have extra padding at direct impact points of the foot) and they are a no-brainer whether I know I’ll be wearing them for 30 minutes or 5 hours. Try them…you will love.

.Shopping: I’ve truly been trying to limit what I buy and be super thoughtful with my choices. But spring gives me a huge itch to get new things (I blame the awesome weather and irresistibly cute styles that always drop this time of year) and their huge range of brand and styles makes it a fave spot to peruse for new essentials I just can’t live without. I used to be a big in-store shopper and I still like getting to try before I buy, but when there are retailers like Zappos that make ordering and returning so easy, I’ve been doing more and more online shopping. Knowing that I can get orders ridiculously fast (sometimes less than 24 hours) and have 365 days to return a purchase (it can take time for that buyers remorse to set in) makes Zappos a go-to. And, I love their customer service. I’ve called to ask questions about various styles and/or items and the customer service team is amazingly helpful.

.Unwinding: if I don’t have night time plans with Sally or friends, my end-of-day is almost always the same…dinner followed by a little TV (I’m a slave to Bravo and E!), skin/bathroom routine, then reading in bed with the dogs snuggling me.

  1. SUCH a cute look! can I ask if the Sofft sneakers run true to size or if you needed to size up or down a half size? thanks so much!

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