Slouchy Pocket Shirt

March 21, 2017

Full disclosure, Molly and I took these shots a couple weeks ago. And now that I'm 34 (!!!) weeks my belly is a bit bigger growing by the day...and it feels a little bit like I'm dressing with a basket ball. Flowy tops like the slouchy pocket one I'm wearing here (under $70!) often feel the most comfortable when I'm trying to look a little more dressy. And now that Dallas is starting to get really warm - yesterday it was in the 90s and today it's going to be the same - my white maternity jeans are getting worn even more!

  1. I love how How comfortable aNd relaXed you look in this get up. Great choice of ouTfiT! 😽

    ‪With love,‬
    ‪Iann Ethel‬
    ‪ | An Online Space for Travel + Inspiration‬

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