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March 22, 2017

Did anyone else watch Sweet Home Oklahoma on Bravo Monday night? I was kind of skeptical of the new series when seeing commercials for it but now I'm fully obsessed. It's one part Real Housewives (three women, all moms, all divorced), one part Southern Charm (fun and with a more realistic cast of people) and the rest is an unparalleled combination of reliability and hilarity. I could not stop laughing through the first two episodes that dropped on Monday and already feel like I want to be friends with the three besties that make up the cast (Jen, Lee, and Pumps). If you're a reality/Bravo addict like me def give this a go. (now go on and check out my vibes for the week!

1. WEARING // LAKE ABSTRACT PJ’S: I’m a pajama girl. Whether it’s a nightgown, matching top and bottom set, or great robe to wear before bed and upon waking up – bedclothes are a necessity for me to feel like I’m bedtime ready. My fave pj’s are of the super soft variety and LAKE pajamas definitely falls into this category. Their pieces are made with Peruvian Pima cotton (re: the softest) and I feel in love with the fabric and fit after discovering the brand years ago. If you’re someone who likes wandering around in jammies a few hours after waking (guilty) and often take your dogs outside before changing into civilian clothing (so guilty) you’ll love that LAKE’s designs are so cute, simple, and flattering that they can almost pass as clothes. While most of the prints LAKE uses are simple stripes and clean checks, they recently released a new abstract pattern with painterly brush strokes. Available in two color ways – “mood” (a soft lavender) and “dream” (a light blue) – the new additions to the short sets and nightgowns are just as cozy as the others and really fun to wear…I should know. I’ve been loving the mood set!

2. OBSESSING // MIRTH S17: My sister sweet friends in Houston that mastermind MIRTH Caftans – Katie and Erin – recently released their Spring 2017 collection and I’m obsessed. I lived in their easy, breezy, chic caftans from the summer collection and have been waiting for warmer weather like a kid waits for Christmas so I can bring them out of the closet and also finally get to wear the styles I scooped up from the Resort 2017 release. I’m telling you, I’m addicted to these dresses. No surprise…I’m screaming over the S17 stuff. Last weekend I got to visit with Katie while I was in Houston (she’s the sweetest and I love her) and try on some of the newness, taking home the Ojai and Zermatt Blockprint with me. Guys, I really can’t tell you how special and beautiful all the MIRTH pieces are…the hand-loomed, woven and block-printed fabrics blow my mind and the amount of care and consideration Katie and Erin put into the styles and silhouettes makes the artisan textiles insanely wearable. Perfect for the heat and just as great for the beach as they are in the city. Will be styling and sharing my new MIRTHs soon. And I’m sure I’ll get the Bali Oatmeal and Seville in the coming months now that Dallas is in the 80s!

3. NEEDING // PINK SUEDE BIRKS: I know that Birkenstocks aren’t for everyone (even with their resurged popularity they still have a little hippie granola feel) but I love them and have worn my Arizona Taupe Suede pair for several seasons now. Sally and I were having a sisterly online shopping moment recently and saw that the classic Arizona style now comes in a pretty Rose hue with a while sole. In unison we both said, “Ohhhemgeee I’m getting these.” Now it’s just a race to see who can get them first. I have a feeling that I’ll win. Because I’m feeling competitive to defend my title as the Birk-wearing sister and also because I just need them in my life, like yesterday.

4. GIFTING // LIBERTY TRACK SHORTS: Gift-giving can be a struggle no matter who you’re buying for but I find myself struggling most when it comes to getting a great present for girl friends. You want to find something they’ll love and use that’s also budget friendly and hopefully not something they’d buy for themselves. Jewelry is so personal and coffee table books/candles are almost too easy a go-to…the solution I’ve found? The Liberty of London print track shorts by Ann Mashburn. To give credit, Sally was gifted a pair of these for her birthday a couple years ago (good work, Keila!) and after buying two pairs for myself that I wear all the time, I found myself buying and giving them to friends, too. The sporty style paired with legendary floral prints is the ideal blend of form and function that most any girl will love and wear!

5. TANNING // FLASH BRONZE: Yesterday my friend Mary told me that she has never seen me looking so pale. My Casper-like glow is so alarming it’s almost impressive. I could kind of get away with it while being covered by jeans and long-sleeves but now that it’s warm/hot and my limbs are coming out of hiding, I desperately feel the need do to something about my un-flattering complexion. Sunless/sef-tanner scares me and I have yet to find a formula that I can apply tip-to-toe that looks natural and doesn’t leave me a streaky mess. After reading snippets of OG sunless tanner user Jean Godfrey-June (current beauty editor at goop) in  Cat Marnell’s memoir “How To Murder Your Life,” I did a little googling to find what the beauty guru uses. (Side note: HTMYL is such an insane read. Both Sally and I were in awe of the craziness of it.) Luckily, Cat (who used to work for Jean G-F at Lucky mag) published a self-tanner blog post to xo Jane in 2011, dishing on what Jean deemed the best of the best. Lancôme apparently has the best self-tanning products and Cat mentioned the Flash Bronzer to be a fool-proof go to for face and body. Obviously, I ordered it immediately. It just arrived yesterday and I plan on covering my entire self with it asap in hopes that I look…healthy.

6. PLANTING // CACTI POTS: It could be the start of spring and the green stuff coming to life outside, but I have been staring at these sad little shelves in my living room that are desperate for some sort of decor situation and I decided that some plants needed to happen. Baby cacti plants to be specific. They don’t get bugs like succulents and being in Texas means that I can get away with having them in my place. Rather than run to Home Depot for a few spikey friends, I first started looking for pots/vessels to hold said plants. Don’t judge me…these shelves are on either side of the fireplace in my living room and the highly visual nature of them combined with the tiny shelf depth means they call for a considerable amount of attention. A quick Pinterest search of “cacti + potted” lead me to finding Black Rooster Decor and their incredible assortment of pots and vases. So many good options! I’ve got thisthis and this (two of each) in my cart and can’t wait to get them so I can make my symmetrical cacti shelf dreams a reality.

7. WAITING // VB FOR TARGET: Mark your calendars…Victoria Beckham’s collection for Target becomes available April 9th. The collaboration includes more than 200 spring pieces for both women, girls, toddlers and baby and is as good as it sounds. You can get a good sneak peek at what to expect from this feature via VOGUE but the range of goods includes scallops, pastels, florals, whimsical touches (bunnies!), and more and looks like it is not to be missed.

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