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March 30, 2017

First thing's first: Molly and I apologize for the lag in blog posts. She's been in Aurora, New York since Tuesday - visiting what sounds like the sweetest town ever and getting an up-close-and-personal view of Mackenzie-Childs (my jealously is beyond). She'll report back on all the magic she's been experiencing soon, but was without wifi for the first part of her trip and thus, we were bad bloggers this Tuesday and Wednesday. Please forgive us for getting you our weekly Current Vibes a day late!

Our mom comes in town tomorrow for a long weekend for one last baby shower before my due date (35 weeks!) and I couldn't be more excited for her to come. It's been awhile since she's been in Dallas for a visit that wasn't to help one of us with a move, so it will be fun to just hang. Aside from excitement over seeing her and other friends and family this weekend, I've got some good stuff on my brain... (read on for all of my vibes)

1. SAVORING // KEEPSAKE BOX: With less than 5 weeks until my due date, we are definitely in full “baby” mode around here and trying to take inventory of what we still need before his arrival. I am really trying to only focus on the absolute necessities that we will need right away, whereas things like a highchair can wait a while. Although it isn’t a “need” as much as a “want,” getting some sort of baby book is high on my list of must buys. I’m worried that if we don’t get one now, we’ll get too busy and forget all about it and having a place to store all the baby memorabilia I know we’ll start to accumulate is hugely important to my sentimental heart. But then again, there are some memories that can’t quite fit in the pages of a book. I came across the Keepsake Boxes by Savor on Pinterest and think that they are absolutely genius. Growing up we had “keepsake boxes” of our own in the form of plastic bins that slid under our bed to hold all of the little memories as time passed. Savor’s Baby Keepsake Box features tiny “drawers” where you can put things like first shoes, a blankie, first locks, or a rattle. There’s also a section with folders for more paper type items that you want to save. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a more visually appealing, yet also organized way to save all of your baby’s special pieces in one place!

2. CLEANING // DYSON CORDLESS: We recently got this vacuum (the practical part of my husbands 30th birthday gift) after getting tired of lugging our big vacuum out for little messes that the dogs made all of the time. Maybe it has to do with my being pregnant, but it always seemed like such a task to get it out of the closet due to how heavy it was. After having Dyson’s Cordless Animal Vacuum, which weighs only 5 pounds (!), for almost a month now, I am completely obsessed. The machine is beyond easy to use and fits under pieces of furniture and kitchen cabinets that our other vacuum couldn’t without an attachment which always drove me crazy. Having two big dogs that shed white fur on our dark wood floors, we are regularly vacuuming up tumbleweeds of hair (TMI?) and this has made that task SO much easier and dare I say even rewarding. I love that the vacuum mounts on the wall so it is easy to plug into the charger when it runs out of its 40 minutes of charge. The easy access of it hanging on the wall makes it that much more convenient to use, too. We’re actually looking at maybe investing in one of Dyson’s air purifiers next because my husband has such awful allergies. It doesn’t hurt that all of the products are pretty good looking, either!

3. LOVING // FLAT CUDDLE BEARS: I came across the Cuddle Bears by Elks & Angels years ago. Probably before I was even married. But as a teacher and one who has always loved all things for children, I never forgot about them. Now that we are about to have a baby of our own, one of these Cuddle Bears is at the top of my wish list. Is that completely crazy? I just think they’re beyond darling and different from your average “lovey.” I also appreciate that the bears are made of sheepskin which naturally resists bacteria, dirt, and odor. It is also hypoallergenic and never smells. All added bonuses to something that is bound to get a whole lot of love by a special someone. I mean, I’ll be honest, I don’t know the last time I washed my “lambie” that I still sleep with. Yikes. I plan to order one of these now and if our babe loves it as much as I am visualizing him to (ha!), then I will definitely need to scoop up a second (or third?) so that we never have a Knuffle Bunny situation!

4. OBSESSING // CR EMBROIDERED DRESS: I am constantly on the hunt for non-maternity pieces that I can wear now but also wear while not pregnant so that I don’t end up with a closet full of maternity items. The hardest part about this is that a lot of the cute dresses are too short and wearing them with a bigger bump like I have now, would make them inappropriately short. Most of the dresses I have bought that fit the bill are knee length or longer. Just don’t want to be that pregnant person in the risque dress. In fact, I’ve taken to wearing some of my shorter dresses that still fit more as tunics over white jeans. Cynthia Rowley consistently makes pieces that I am wanting to scoop up the moment I lay eyes on them. Classic pieces that are timeless and can hang in your closet forever. Right now, I am obsessing over her Polished Cotton Embroidered Dress which features a fuller skirt that would be perfect with my belly at the moment. Its warm here, but not too hot yet, so a dress with sleeves is perfect. And how cute are the elbow length sleeves with the ruffled hem? I love all three color versions –  mauve, black and white – but I think I’m most drawn to the white (you can’t always count on a white shirt dress, ImIright?).  I also love the contrast of the chartreuse embroidery against the white of the dress. Would be perfect with wedges for a date night or flat sandals for every day wear. I also love that the dress could be worn while breastfeeding due to the fact that it has a front placket opening! Thank you to Cynthia Rowley for giving my 35 week pregnant self an article of clothing to be excited about:)

5. TYING // DONNI CHARM x BAUBLEBAR: How adorable is this collab between Donni Charm (makers of amazing scarves) and BaubleBar? Mol and I consider scarves to be among our favorite accessories to spice up an outfit and these gingham neck scarves would be perfect going into spring with everything from a classic t-shirt to an off the shoulder dress. We love it wrapped around the wrist or the handle of a handbag just as much. The best part? They can be monogrammed with up to three letters. The letters almost look like they’ve been hand stitched, which I love. With Mother’s Day just around the corner, either of the three colors (black, pink, and yellow) would make for a darling gift for your mom or grandmother. Our Mimi (who we get our love of scarves from) would look precious sporting the black and white version. If only we could do four letters and make it say “MIMI.” (P.S. make sure you check out the entire “accessories” collection BaubleBar launched for spring…the other collaborative pieces are to die for!)

6. READING // THE NATURE OF BEAUTY: Imelda Burke is known as one of the earliest champions of the natural beauty movement and considered to be an expert in the field all across the world. Her store, Content Beauty in London has been in existence for almost ten years and many of the big brands in natural beauty started in her store. Pretty amazing, right? Make sense that she would be considered a trusted advisor on the subject of the natural beauty movement. So much so that she took to writing a book to share her findings with the world. Imelda describes “The Nature of Beauty” as “the book she wishes was around when she first made the switch to natural and organic beauty 17 years ago”. Needless to say, I am dying for my copy to arrive so that I can dive into what is sure to be a treasure trove of tips and insight into natural products!

7. TRAVELING // MZ WALLAE GARMENT BAG: Just about every time I fly or travel somewhere, I end up bringing a garment bag. Its so much easier to be able to leave my hanging pieces on their hangers and is especially necessary if it is a trip that involves nicer dresses or tops. I like to avoid ironing and/or steaming on trips as much as possible! I even bring a garment bag when we go home for the holidays so that I can easily transfer any dresses or coats to a closet once we get there. The thing about these said garment bags is that they are anything but fancy. They’re the plastic or canvas bags that come with a purchase that have since accumulated on a closet shelf. There’s not necessarily anything wrong with these, but they don’t hold up great and generally aren’t super protective. My husband bought himself a nicer garment bag a few years ago, but I have yet to follow suit. I’ve always admired MZ Wallace’s bags for their practical nature while also being pretty to look at. Specifically, their Metro Collection. The soft signature quilted nylon is just the right combination of sophisticated and sporty. The totes would be perfect for anything from the gym, to a carry on, to an every day work bag. If you google “MZ Wallace Metro Tote” you will find all sorts of cool, well-dressed girls sporting the bags, giving some serious inspiration as well as bag envy. Aside from having a big crush on the quilted totes, I am seriously eyeing the Michael Garment Bag. Good looking and practical – which is what MZ Wallace seems to do so well! With our next trip not until the end of July, I still have some time to decide between the black and dawn colors.

  1. My partner bought me that dyson for my birthday a couple of years ago. At first i was less than impressed…a vacuum for a birthday gift?! then I used it…and it’s easily one of my top 3 home items i couldn’t live without. it’s even more useful with two little ones – a toddler that drops everything food related and a baby that throws her cheerios more than she eats them!

    enjoy your last 5 weeks. your life will never be the same in the most beautiful way!

  2. I just love these posts. you guys always have such incredible, unique finds. As a natural Beauty lover I am planning to Visit content Beauty when I go to london in July, this book looks incredible! Just added it to Cart. Also, love those MZ Wallace bags.

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