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April 5, 2017

The event Sally and I hosted yesterday at The Loveliest was pretty lovely...HATCH was there with their spectacular spring/summer 2017 collection and The Tot had tons of adorable stuff for little ones. I made it my mission to alternate eating one Bird Bakery finger sandwich, then one of their famous cupcakes - going back and forth between savory and sweet all day (eight hours requires fuel and I can't say "no" to pimento cheese or mini cupcakes). Sally and I had a little too much fun with our friends and really got into the pop-up spirit by trying on all the clothes (HATCH is NOT just for pregnant people!) and picking out favorites. You'll be seeing a lot of said faves in the coming weeks because we're genuinely obsessed and can't wait to style and share the goodness here.

But alas, a long day of co-hosting made for lots of laughs but also meant that I pushed a good amount of work aside (that whole "I'll sleep when I'm dead" mantra has never been my thing - I chose sleep last night) and that's why you get two post from me today...this morning's outfit post and my Current Vibes. Because it's just not Wednesday without good vibes and Sally and I already got off track last week! (I'm done now...just see what I love this week)

1. PRINTING // JENNY’S: Have y’all heard about the incredible print shop Jenny Komenda of Little Green Notebook lunched mid-March? Jenny’s Print Shop is a digital print shop with over 50 original, hi-resolution prints are available to be purchased, downloaded, and printed. What makes this concept different than other print sources is that every single print is $15 (no more, no less) and once you’ve purchased you have the choice to print where ever you’d like…you can crop, rotate, mirror, edit…print with a glossy or matte finish, on whatever paper you want…then frame or not frame. Art – as most of you probably know – is not always cheap. And I love that Jenny’s philosophy of “your art can be huge, even if your budget isn’t” speaks to both the affordability of accessibility of the prints. My first thought was, “OMG I need this print in my life.” Followed by, “but where does one get good quality, affordable prints printed?” Jenny’s post announcing the shop’s launch here addresses that question…she swears by Costco for medium sized printing (who knew!?) and listed several other resources for sizes larger than 20″ x 30″. Genius, right?

2. SENDING // CHEREE BERRY: Sally and I first discovered the fun and whimsy that is Cheree Berry Paper when our friends from Mary Kay  incorporated thoughtful and unique menus, itineraries, and notes all made by the creative graphic firm into the wonderful weekend. Their custom concepts are “unexpected, clever and command attention” and range from wedding suites and baby announcements to holiday cards and event collateral. Having dogeared them for one-of-a-kind projects I hope to be able to do in the future, I was super excited to see them launch a collection with Paperless Post because now I’ll hopefully be using their designs sooner rather than later! I love how they have a distinct flair for humor and that designs skew more towards quirky rather than traditional and formal…

3. FLIPPING // BILLY!: I can accurately say that I’m obsessed with everything Candice Pool Neistat does. Don’t know this goddess of the jewelry world? She’s responsible for the beautiful designs of Finn, the tiny charms of Minor Obsessions, and (most recently) the coolness that is Billy!. Candice is a creative maniac and though she has been kicking out highly covetable pieces for both Finn and Minor Obsessions like nobody’s business, she created Billy! as an outlet where her creative freak flag could really fly. Right now the line is comprised of a single necklace: one chain with two “tags,” inspired by the Brazilian scapular. Simple but not simple…the tags come in either sterling silver or solid gold, can be hand-engraved with initials and numbers or left blank, or one can go for the already engraved “Sí/NO” or gender symbols editions. I’m personally a major fan of the Sí/NO in gold…so I can flip which sits in front depending on my mood.

4. LOVING // EMBROIDERED CACTI: One thing I love about living in Texas (and believe me, there are many) is that a cactus is one of the unofficial fauna stamps that’s easily associated with the southern state. While I can’t really get away with wearing things with icons like a palm tree/anchor/magnolia blossom/etc. – I can, however, rock stuff with cacti and feel totally normal and (dare I say) on brand with my surroundings. The cacti piece of clothing I’m currently coveting: the embroidered Courier Shirt at Madewell. Bitty baby cacti covering the brand’s iconic oversized shirt makes for a definite win.

5. CASING // ST. FRANK: It’s about that time…my current iPhone case is starting to look a little sad and the fresh factor it once had is slowly fading. Time for a new case! Since I went a little wacky when first dressing my iPhone 7 I’m thinking of going a little less bold on my next case choice. St. Frank’s selection of textile-based designs have caught my eye both for their handmade and global factor. They still pack personality – and I love the patterns – without being too over the top!

6. WATCHING // HONEY & BUTTER: I don’t think I get lost in Instagram the same way other people do. I get so bored trying to scroll through our feed (thanks to Sally following thousands of people/brands/blogs/publications I don’t know haha) that I often find myself clicking around the weird curated posts in the “search” section. There’s always a super random assortment just waiting for me to be all, “WTF isssss this?!” and I happily fall down rabbit holes and melt my brain on a daily basis just falling prey to whatever Instagram algorithm has deemed these posts as stuff I might like. Let’s just be clear: most of it I do not like and I am shocked (and sometimes scared) that it’s been presented for my eyeballs. But generally, there a precious gems hidden and I get lost watching videos of calligraphy (so relaxing!) or waste an hour stalking a Korean beauty review feed (even though I can never buy what they’re reviewing let alone read that it is). @honeyandbutter is one such gem that I found, got sucked into, and now feel like I need to share. Watching macarons get made is easily addictive but Honey & Butter makes the most insane and adorable little animals, people, shapes, etc. that are so cute and cool it will make your eyes literally turn into hearts if you stare at them too long. You’re welcome.

7. READING // SOHO HOUSE: After spending four days in the company of Lynsey Eaton and hearing her talk about what sounds like the coolest home design project ever (don’t let her fool you, she’s killing her building project) I realized I really need to school myself in the aesthetic dream that is Soho House & Co. Lynsey is using the Malibu Soho House as her design inspiration and upon stalking her blog posts and mood boards and hearing her talk more and more about the look, feel, inpso behind her house I felt like I was missing out on some serious design kool-aid. In an attempt to be as cool as her – or at the very least educate myself on the member’s only places, spaces, and lifestyle – I’ve ordered “Eat, Drink, Nap: Bringing the House Home.” Not only does the title really speak to everything my soul LOVES (it’s just missing “Puppies”) but I think the pages of interior design tips, recipes and more will inspire me to bring a little slice of Soho House heaven into my own life.

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