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April 6, 2017

Now that I am in week 36 of my pregnancy, I have a long-established routine with my skin that I have been consistently practicing and loving. Adapting a new routine with new products geared towards my changing skin and body wasn't all that hard...I have always been pretty regimented with my skincare routine and never skip a full face washing (and toning and moisturizing), no matter how tired I may be. Everything I use on my skin is safe to use while pregnant and have been working really well to treat/prevent various skin situations that typically arise during pregnancy. So excited to share what have become my tried and true pregnancy skincare savors and essentials!

Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil ($64): Stretchmarks often come hand in hand with pregnancy and many people swear that they are hereditary and therefore nothing can actually prevent them. I have yet to develop any through the years, and figured that it wouldn’t hurt to use treatments to potentially prevent them if I could. And, at 36 weeks, my belly is a full fledged basketball and has been stretched to the max. With regular (daily) use of Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil, I have yet to see a single stretch mark so I am now a firm believer in the stuff. My friend Hannah was the one who recommended the oil to me after loving it during both of her pregnancies. I have continued to replenish it throughout mine and now consider it a must have! (also find it here, here, and here)

Eminence Organics Bright Skin Licorice Root Booster-Serum ($41): I’ve never had any sort of pigmentation/melasma issues with my facial skin until I was about 30 weeks pregnant when it just decided to appear one morning. Nothing drastic, but definitely some pigmentation that I noticed – otherwise referred to as the “mask of pregnancy”. I can’t say that my situation resembles a mask, but regardless, I wanted to be sure that I was using products to target what was going on. I discovered Eminence’s Licorice Serum through House of Preservation as being a pregnancy-safe way to even out one’s skin tone. The reviews on Amazon are amazing and many of them were written by pregnant women which immediately sold me. So far I’ve been using the product for a month now, both morning and night, after cleansing and toning and can say that I’ve truly seen a difference. My hope is that the pigmentation will go away after pregnancy/breastfeeding and once my hormones are back to normal!

UMA Brightening Face Oil ($150) and Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum ($185): Both morning and night, I finish my skincare routine with an oil or serum. I rotate between three different oils/serums to make them last me as long as possible. In addition to the True Botanicals routine I wrote about here (which I am still absolutely loving), I rotate between that and UMA’s Brightening Face Oil and Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum. All three of these are such high quality oils/serums that I know I am giving my skin the absolute best. I honestly could not apply makeup/tinted moisturizer to my skin without having put one of these on beforehand. It makes everything glide on that much smoother and gives my skin a certain glow. But I also love those days where I don’t wear any makeup and my skin gets to soak up alll of the goodness all day long. At night, I make sure to do this last step a little while before my head hits the pillow so that the products can really sink in and work their magic.

True Botanicals Nourishing Lotion ($42): I’ve always had extremely sensitive skin, but those sensitivities have multiplied with being pregnant! My generally dry skin has become dryer and I have to be very mindful of what I am using on my body skin. I swear that using a non-toxic moisturizer like True Botanicals Nourishing Lotion has been a game changer and my strange sensitivities like itchiness while wearing workout pants have disappeared. I basically apply it everywhere that I don’t use the Clarins Oil and my skin remains moisturized throughout the day, which hardly ever happens to me. I’ve also loved using the True Botanicals Body Balm on my belly once a day – in addition to the Clarins Oil – the smell is beyond.

Majestic Pure Coconut Milk Body Scrub ($14.50): I realized over halfway through being pregnant that regular exfoliation can also help with stretch mark prevention. At one point I read that doing this is just as important as it is to moisturize. It also helps all of the moisturizing you’re doing really absorb into the skin. I came across this Coconut Milk Scrub on Amazon and am completely obsessed. It doesn’t hurt that I love all things coconut, but it also does an unreal job of exfoliating and leaving my skin beyond soft after each use. The fact that it is 100% natural makes me confident in using it almost daily, too!

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