Girl Friend Date

April 14, 2017

I feel really lucky that Sally is both my sister and best friend. And I feel even luckier that we both live in Dallas and get to see each other daily. But one of the things I love most about Dallas (in addition to having Sally and my brother-in-law here, the Tex-Mex, the weather, etc.) is that I have some wonderful girl friends that are equal parts fun, loving, creative, hardworking, and more. These girls are the kind of women who I can always be myself with (they laugh at all my jokes and are the best listeners when I'm feeling down) and could literally spend every day with. Sadly, we are all so busy that we're lucky if we get to see each other one or two days a week. So when we do get together, we always make the most of it - quality over quantity!

The other day my bestie Cristina and I were feeling like it had been too long since we'd had a real hang so we met up late in the afternoon to run some errands together and plan a night among friends...


Cristina is one of my most dear lady friends. If you’ve been reading this blog for a bit you’ve more than likely heard me gush about her and her brand Mi Golondrina. I mean, you can basically feel my love for her radiating through some of the photos in this post – she’s been a friend, creative confidant, and soulful part of my life for a few years now our friendship means the world to me. Not only is she super inclusive and always down for hanging out (when our schedules align!) but she’s introduced me to other women who I now consider to be great friends.

Our girl date started in Highland Park Village – a perfect meeting spot being that it’s halfway between her showroom and my home office. We did a little shopping prep at Royal Blue Grocery for hosting happy hour for friends (wine, cheese, flowers, done) then indulged in some sugar cookies and ice teas at Bird Bakery. Cristina and I could talk for hours about everything and nothing…so anytime we get one-on-one time it’s generally spent over something yummy and involves lots of chatting. After evening drinks and appetizers we headed back to the Village for dinner and a night out with our buds. Definitely an ideal day with our favorite people!

As you can imagine, style and shopping is just one of many topics Cristina and our friends always hit on during our conversations. Being the good girl friend that I am, I made sure to spread the word about the amazing Friends & Family sale event at LOFT. You and your lovely friends can currently get 40% off everything in store and online (use code FRIENDS at checkout)! The event ends TODAY and is a discount deal that’s not to be missed. I personally scooped up great pieces to get me through spring and summer while in the store earlier this week and I have a cart full of additional things I feel like I just can’t life without…

LOFT favorites:  The sunny color of this halter dress is beautiful, love this stripe off-shoulder dress, this is perfect for upcoming wedding weekends, and it’s hard to resist the sweet pink and eyelet of this one-shodler dress! So many great pairs of shorts…I really like this safari-style (and they come in great colors!), the scallops on these are perfection, and I already brought these ombre stripe shorts home and love, love them. As far as tops go, this guy is even prettier in person, I scooped up this textured sweatshirt (wearing as I type this) in white, and this basic silk cami is a spring/summer essential! And if you need some new sandals (who doesn’t!?) I can’t get enough of the heeled and flat version of these cutout lace pretties, and this wedge is an incredible classic (love the brown and metallic!).

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