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April 18, 2017

If you read this post from last week, then you already know I'm riding a MacKenzie-Childs high. Something I touched on - but am really really excited to talk more about with today's post - is how I came to know the brand. For almost as long as I can remember my mom has had a collection of the the MacKenzie-Childs Taylor pattern. Each spring and summer Taylor would make spectacular appearances for holidays (starting with Easter), birthdays (Sally's a July baby), dinner parties, and big family meals. Sally and I came to relish the ritual of setting the table and getting to mix-and-match the colorful patterns - making sure that each of the flat dinner plates went with a different fluted luncheon plate and that the tea cups and saucers were juxtaposed with non-matching prints as well. This past weekend I got to spend Easter at home and I employed the same table setting tradition using pattern I've all but memorized since childhood.

If you're a MacKenzie-Childs fan you might know that the company got its start in 1983 with the Taylor ceramic pieces. The colorful, energetic, and eclectic patterns that comprise the collection - there's 20 total! - are a fundamental building block for the brand but also a labor of much so that the nearly all the Taylor prints and pieces have been retired. BUT, for one month only, MacKenzie-Childs is offering the retired Taylor patterns for purchase! Each pattern is available in 17 silhouettes (from a teapot and butterhouse to dinner plates and serving platters) and you can stock up in just one print or do what MacKenzie-Childs encourages (and what our mom does) and mix-and-match a selection! Just hurry and get your orders in before May 14th...when the Taylor collection goes back into retirement.


Truly, it was in getting to know our mom’s Taylor pieces that Sally and I learned about MacKenzie-Childs and began a life-long love affair with the brand. Our mom told us that each piece was hand-painted (still true to this day) and even as little girls we knew that the happy, playful set was something really special. So special that Sally and I still fight joke about which of us will end up with our mama’s collection someday. Perhaps we should take this month as a sign to get some pieces of our own!

For those curious, these are the ten Taylor patterns our mom has had since 1995: Aalsmeer, Aurora, Brighton Pavilion, Heather, King Ferry, Madison, Myrtle, Rose Cottage, Stoke Gabriel and a simple yellow lattice and blue dot pattern that’s sadly completely discontinued. After this past weekend, my mom and I think it would be a great idea for her to take advantage of the collection being available again and add two more dinner plates and luncheon plates to her collection so she 12 pieces for our growing family. We’re favoring the Bearded Iris, Summer Frock or Poplar Ridge.

As I mentioned earlier, each of the 20 Taylor prints is available in 17 different MacKenzie-Childs silhouettes. I’m definitely biased but I think mixing flat with fluted (ruffle) pieces gives such a great dimensional quality to a table and makes for great height when stacking!

*  = the silhouettes our mama has

While on my trip visiting the MacKenzie-Childs headquarters (read all about it here) I asked where all the Taylor pieces were…it seemed like the shop only had a select pattern or two and the same showed true online. That was when I was told about the collection being in retirement and learned about the limited-time opportunity that was happening for us Taylor-lovers to get our hands on the historical and fantastical pieces! I’m sure growing up with my mom’s set of Taylor has influenced my feelings about the collection as a whole, but I really feel like the whimsical patterns do such a great job representing the handmade, artisanal quality that is the hallmark of MacKenzie-Childs.

A huge and special thanks to my wonderful, creative and selfless mama for helping me pull this post together. Could not have done it without her help and of course, her beautiful collection of MacKenzie-Childs Taylor pieces. Don’t forget…you have until May 14th to place your order for Taylor goodness!

Pieces From The Post

MacKenzie Childs Taylor Patterns show in photos and in images above: Aalsmeer // Aurora // Brighton Pavilion // Heather // King Ferry // Madison // Myrtle // Rose Cottage // Stoke Gabriel // Bearded Iris // Summer Frock // Poplar Ridge

  1. Your post made me smile. I think your mom and I must be soul mates. I started my collection with taylor plates as well, and did a post of my own this week too. Hope you’ll stop by hyacinthsforthesoul.blogsopot to take a look. I bring my plates out for spring and summer. The colors and whimsical designs are a cooling refresher for our hot Texas weather. Love seeing your pretty table and also you and your mom. Where in Texas do you live?
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful table and for promoting my favorite brand. We collectors are so happy that these patterns are coming out of retirement for a month.

  2. one of my favorite posts of y’all’s!! now i want them all.
    what are the napkins? LOVE them– remind me of “up” (souffle place) and their awesome napkins.

  3. Beautiful!! I also set my Easter table with Taylor pieces. They are so cheery and I love the mix and match of patterns. Your mom has a lovely collection! I am lucky to live only an hour away from Aurora and get to visit quite often! Great post on a fabulous company!

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