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April 19, 2017

The past few weeks have been a little...loco. Traveling is fun but totally zaps my energy and the back-to-back trips I've had in the past month have made me feel like my head is about to pop off. Looking forward to being in Dallas for the next seven consecutive weekends (I counted. I'm just that desperate to be at home) and will be making the most of this one with tons of downtime. Weird that I'm talking about the weekend when it's only Wednesday? Wait, is it Wednesday? I don't even know anymore. (just ignore me, and get on to the vibes!)

1. DETOX DRINKING // DIRTY LEMON: There’s been quite a bit of buzz around Dirty Lemon – a beverage brand with a detox drink and other tonics that are designed to be added to your regular diet (no fasting!). So if you’re not starving yourself and doing a liquid diet, how is the “detox” drink suppose to help? The ingredients (a blend of water, raw cold-pressed lemon juice, activated charcoal sourced from coconut shells, dandelion-root extract, and ginger-root extract) act together to “calm the stomach, support liver/kidney function and trap impurities before they can be absorbed by the body.” Basically, if you drink the recommended one bottle per day for six+ days, the result should be improved digestion, balanced body pH levels, and toxins should have been absorbed and flushed out. Though it’s not going to melt off any unwanted pounds, it will help reduce water weight. Word on the street is that the Dirty Lemon detox (and other tonics) tastes wonderful, is an easy incorporation into a daily routine, and does produce healthy body results. As someone who has always been scared of juice cleansing and detox beverages, I have to say that Dirty Lemon Detox is super intriguing…have any of you tried it?

2. BUYING BERRIES // J.CREW: I’m not usually a big wearer of prints and patterns – my closet skews more towards solids and textures – but the sweet and vibrant berry print in J.Crew’s spring collection keeps drawing my attention. The realistic-looking raspberries and blackberries floating on a white background just looks so fresh and gives an Americana vibe (red, white & blue) that screams “summer!” The Crew put the berry print on just the right amount of pieces – a flat, pump, one piece swimsuit and a bikini, a pop0ver shirt, pleated skirt, short-sleeve sweater, a light beach button-up, and bandana – and I definitely want to add at least one piece (thinking the shirt or skirt) to my closet to wear in the warmer months. Right now is a pretty good time to scoop something up…J.Crew is offering 25% off purchases (and extra 40% off all sale items!) between now and April 23rd with code “HOPTOIT.” Go get some berries!

3. COPYING // ROPE NECKLACES: After getting to meet Bird Bakery owner Elizabeth Chambers Hammer last month, Sally and I quickly fell in love with her. Not only is Elizabeth absolutely gorgeous, but her down-to-earth personality, commitment to her business (she can be found behind the counter and bussing tables at Bird when visiting Dallas), love for her family (she’s married to actor Armie Hammer and they have two precious little ones), and enviable style makes her a very easy person to be drawn to. I could go into more details about how cool Elizabeth is but I’m going to try and curb the stalker vibes…and talk about the braided rope lariat-style necklaces she recently wears (re: total evidence that I’m a super stalker). The simple but statement-making pieces are by Cynthia Cazort Collins, come in three colors (white, black, and ecru) and are super versatile. Call me a copycat, but I’m coveting one of each!

4. WANTING // SPRING LBD: Normally, as soon as the temperatures drop below 70 you can find me favoring white jeans and white dresses over any other color…especially black. But I came across this black eyelet dress by LoveShackFancy the other day I just love it. The skinny straps (my fave), handkerchief hem, and seasonal fabric make it the perfect spring/summer little black dress that can transition from day to night. (Psst, find it in white here!)

5. LOOPING // LEATHER POMS: I’m feeling all the pompoms that are infiltrating fashion. Aren’t they just adorable? There’s a small part of me that feels like the trend will come and go but the texture loving side of me loves the punch they pack (how fun is this dress, these slides, and this bag?!). To have the best of both worlds – getting the pom pom look but having the option of adding or subtracting when I wish – I love the leather pom pom loops from Clare Vivier. At $55, the poms (which come in several colors) are an accessible price point and a great way to add the pom pom look to your favorite bags. Kind of a perfect gift for girl friends!

6. DRINKING // VINEBOX ROSÉ: Nothing says spring like rosé. AmIright? When it comes to wine, I’m all for grabbing a random bottle or sticking to an old favorite, but in the spirit of trying new things and improving my wine-tasting skills, I love the concept of VineBox and their cool wine vials. “Perfectly measured 10cl pours (restaurant pours, not home-style pours). Hand-selected by a team of wine-obsessed sommeliers. All with curated notes and pairings. Delivered.” The single serving packaging of VineBox is awesome for people like me who often like to indulge in a glass of wine one or two (or three or four) nights away but hate the idea of opening a full bottle and risking it going bad before getting to finish it. You can shop individual wines (priced from $7-$11) but in the spirit of it being rosé season, I’m leaning towards getting the Rosé Pack – a six pack package that includes two servings of three of VineBox’s favorite rosés from France and Italy. The pack is $49 (including shipping!) and I’m picturing the tubes being great for a get together with friends and looking awesome displayed chilling in ice for people to choose their own variety.

7. OILING // ESSENTIALS: I’ve heard about essential oils being a “thing” but really dismissed the idea of them being life changing. That is until, Marissa of Style Cusp told me how incorporating them into her daily routine has been, well totally life changing. Getting to spend some time with Marissa while at MacKenzie-Childs #CampCourtlyCheck meant that I got to ask her a lot of questions about oiling, how to use them, and even get her to mix me a custom roller ball with a combination of oils that would help with my low energy. Marissa’s knowledge and passion for using essential oils is infectious and she quickly made me want to give essential oils a try. But where to start? Well, Marissa has that covered…she’s got an instagrm account (@cuspessentials) where she posts advice for those starting an oil journey, favorite blends, tried and true wellness practices with the oils, etc. and she also does Facebook Live sessions to answer specific questions and talk various topics. The idea of sleeping through the night, reducing stress, gaining energy, improving my health and more with just the addition of the right essential oils is enough for me to drink the kool-aid and jump on the oiling bandwagon…placing my order for a Young Living starter kit today. Highly suggest following Marissa and trying for yourself!

1. Dirty Lemon Beverages ($65 for case of 6) // 2. J.Crew Berry Print // 3. Cynthia Cavort Collins Ecru Braided Necklace ($120) // 4. LoveShackFancy Melody Dress ($385, also here) // 5. Clare Vivier Pom Pom Loops ($55 each) // 6. VineBox Rosé Pack ($49) // 7. Cusp Essentials (order here!)
  1. Love all these Vibes so much! I have the berry print tippi Sweater and love it, highly recommend! Also, love the rope necklaces and have been wanting to get into essential oils for awhile now. Marissa’s account seems like a great place to start!

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