Nellie is Nice

April 20, 2017

At this point, our/my love for all things HATCH is no secret. I had really tried to limit my maternity purchases and make what I had in my closet work, up until discovering the brand, which is now my latest obsession. What I love most about HATCH is that their products are made to fit you before, during, and after your pregnancy making it the best possible purchase while pregnant. I remember visiting our local Pea in the Pod to buy jeans and watching women spend so.much money on items that they could only wear while pregnant - items super specific to pregnant women. Although these pieces are great and practical, I just couldn't wrap my head around doing this - with the exception of my jeans of course, which are a no-brainer and truly not optional! I wanted to be able to make items in my closet work or spend money on pieces that I could wear after giving birth. This has been easy with HATCH because I know that every piece from them is an actual investment piece that I can wear now, postpartum, and later on. Each style is also timeless enough that they could be worn for future pregnancies, which I love. Even with only a few weeks left in my pregnancy, I am still pining for pieces of theirs because I know that I would actually continue to wear them!

HATCH’s Nellie dress has become an instant favorite of mine. The swingy, light chambray dress is comfortable and flattering in all the right places. The darling grosgrain-trimmed, ruffle sleeves are right up my alley and the perfect compliment to the chambray. I love the fact that it has pockets, too, which is always an added bonus in my book. I have absolutely zero doubts that I will continue to wear the Nellie dress throughout the summer here in Dallas, seeing as I’ve already worn it once a week thus far! HATCH truly does make it easy to feel put together while pregnant, even at 38+ weeks!

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