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April 26, 2017

I told Molly that the closer I get to my due date, the more I feel that when I write posts, my brain doesn't feel completely all there. With a fully grown baby in the belly, its no surprise that my brain power is feeling a bit compromised! Either that or the fact that I am scurrying around, trying to get as much done as possible that has my thoughts going a million which ways. Either way, I hope you'll bear with me and enjoy this week's vibes. Crazy that this could be the last one of these I do before our little one comes! (vibes, vibes, vibes after the jump)

1. CHEERS-ING // BON VOYAGE: I’ve always been drawn to photography as art, so Gray Malin’s work really speaks to me. His newest Bon Voyage series is inspired by cultural icons as told through the window of an airplane. Individually, each piece tells a story of the person traveling by giving a small glimpse into their lifestyle while at 30,000 feet. From their drink of choice to their accessories. I love the idea of hanging them in a series down a long hallway – they would make quite the statement all hung together and make for some great conversation starters!

2. SAMPLING // FOLLAINFollain is a go-to shop for non-toxic and green beauty buys. Knowing that I can go to their site and every single product has been “Follain approved” takes the research and guess work out of buying clean beauty products – which can be completely daunting! I love the site for their curated categories like pregnancy & baby and the travel sized shop, making it easy to find exactly what I’m looking for, or what I never knew that I absolutely needed. Follain’s latest in the form of “Go-Clean Kits” is pure genius. The starter kits for skin and body contain trial sized products for whatever skin situation you may be in – normal, dry, oily, or combination. The kits allow you to try products geared at your skin type to see whether or not you like them before investing in the full sizes. They contain the stores best sellers so you know you’re getting the best of the best. At just $55, these trial products come with their very own pouch – which is incentive enough for me to buy!

3. STACKING // DANA REBECCA: Between Molly and me, she is the definite jewelry queen and has the absolute best taste in jewelry and truly knows how to invest in great pieces. I doubt she has ever regretted a jewelry purchase because each one is so well thought out. I am constantly going to her for her input in this arena as is our mom. Although she may be the expert, every so often I come across pieces that I can’t resist wanting for myself like Dana Rebecca’s new Poppy Rae stacking bands. We’ve both loved the brand since the beginning and have continued to add pieces to our personal collections over the years. Its been so much fun watching them grow and consistently continue to create beautiful, collectible pieces. The Poppy Rae bands are no exception and I have a strong desire to add them to a stack of other dainty gold rings that I have had for a few years now! I am also equally as obsessed with these bands. This is why I can’t even visit the site – I create a wish list a mile long!

4. BABY BUNDLING // OEUF: Bunnies are hands down my favorite animal and I know I’ve mentioned that on the blog time and time again. I truly cannot resist a bunny item in my life and having a baby on the way has only made this inability to resist worse! There are SO many precious bunny items out there for babies and little ones. The mecca of precious baby bunny pieces has to be Oeuf. In fact, the brand even has a “Bunny Shop” on their site. Yes. Please. I have somehow (miraculously) resisted the bunny shop thus far – mainly because shopping for a child that hasn’t entered the world yet and navigating sizing has been quite overwhelming! You never know how big he’ll be and therefore if things will fit “true to size”. I hate to make an investment only for the product not to fit. As soon as our little one is born, I have big plans to buy him one of Oeuf’s Bunny Hoodies for the fall/winter. Thinking it will be precious paired with bloomers and knee socks since the weather here is so mild!

5. SLIDING // SABAH BABAHS: Can’t stop, won’t stop when it comes to Sabah. Just this past week, putting on my tennis shoes for daily walks with the dogs has become quite the task because my belly gets quite in the way. It’s fairly comical to witness! When I’m not needing to wear shoes with laces, I am regularly turning to my Sabah shoes because they require no bending over which is most ideal. They’re also beyond comfortable – an added bonus for this soon-to-be mama. Molly and I each got a pair from the brand’s new Spring collection and have been wearing them non-stop. Roatan Rose for me and Thassos Tea for her. Our mama jumped on the bandwagon too and got the Isa Pink which is even more killer of a color in person. The latest creations from the brand come in the form of backless Sabahs, aka Babas, and we can’t seem to stop thinking/dreaming about them on our feet. The calf hair (!!) slides are currently in production now and available to order for delivery around June 1. Because the calf hair is all custom printed, there are limited quantities, which just further convinces me that I better purchase my pair before they disappear. Particularly dying to make the Cassis, striped pair mine!

6. HOOPING // THEORY WHITNEY: I rarely buy myself new bags because I continue to wear the bags I have over and over again and never truly feel a need for something new. Call me a creature of habit I guess! I did however purchase a “baby bag” that I had posted about a little while back and am completely obsessed. Aside from this practical purchase which will be used on a daily basis and used by both my husband and myself, I am realllyyy eyeing the Whitney Hoop Bag by Theory. If I’m not carrying a tote (my every-day bag of choice), I am either carrying a Truffle clutch or a cross body/shoulder bag. The Whitney Hoop bag is great because it can be worn multiple ways – as a shoulder bag, cross body, or held by its metal hoop as a smaller handbag. This versatility is what has me completely obsessed with the idea of owning one of these guys. The ability to wear it so many ways means that it could go from running errands during the day to a night out. I also love the idea that the “hoop” can be worn in the crook of your arm if you need two hands for something, which I always seem find myself in this predicament!

7. ORGANIZING // LE BATHROOMThis recent article on The Coveteur couldn’t have come at a better time seeing as I just spent the good part of my day yesterday organizing my bathroom. Nesting. I had been meaning to do this task for months, but just kept putting it off. Going through makeup, hair products, and body products, some of which is most definitely at least a year old can seem pretty overwhelming! Once getting started though, it was such a good feeling clearing out decent amounts of space and products that I no longer use. My makeup products are now super pared down and limited to only the stuff that I actually use and love. Why I had back stock of stuff I had purchased and never loved, I just don’t know – I can definitely tend to have a hard time parting with things out of sheer guilt for being wasteful. Don’t worry, everything will be donated or given to friends! I have a good feeling that my bathroom routine will be much more streamlined with this latest organization spree!

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