Styling Maternity Jean Shorts

April 28, 2017

I was slightly worried that I would look and feel a little ridiculous wearing jean shorts while pregnant...jean shorts can be a tricky thing to wear even when you're not growing a baby so I fully prepared myself to try on the maternity pair I ordered from Gap, have a laugh, then promptly return them. To my surprise, I didn't hate them. They don't fit like a normal pair of shorts might - but at this point, hardly anything fits like "normal" thanks to my big bump - but it's been so easy to style them with my lose-fitting tops and I especially like getting to tuck in the front part of shirts.

Speaking of tops, this off the shoulder jersey shirt is from HATCH and I loooove it. So soft and comfy - it's really an awesome piece for wearing year round and I'm thinking I may need to get it in the grey or black because I've been wearing it so much (and because Molly keeps stealing it to wear for herself!).

  1. Sally,

    What strapless bra have you been using for yourself while pregnant? I haven’t been able to find one that fits comfortably and would love to rock the off the shoulder trend while sporting my bump!


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