A Fresh View for Spring

May 11, 2017

This post is sponsored by Maui Jim and SheKnows Media

The whole "April showers bring May flowers" is definitely true for Dallas. It feels like the past month was one with lots of rain...but May has brought warmer weather and the sun is starting to peek out more often than not, which means the flowers are blooming like crazy. It also means that sporting sunglasses is a daily must-have. Lately, I've been styling three new pairs of Maui Jim sunnies -  each with different lens and frame colors - and I have to say, the lenses are as premium as they come. To give you an idea of what makes the quality so great, I thought I'd do a little show, style and tell with each style!

In case you’re new to the Maui Jim brand, let me tell you that they’re considered the ultimate when it comes to premium sunglass lenses. They don’t just look pretty and feel comfortable…each pair of sunnies has PolarizedPlus2® technology – an essential in so many ways. First of all, your eyes need as much protection as your skin when in the sun and Maui Jim’s polarized technology eliminates 100% of the harmful UV rays while also protecting your eyes from other stresses. When you think “polarized lenses” you probably immediately think “no glare.” This is of course true for PolarizedPlus2 – they wipe out 99.9% of glare – but the patented lens process is the most advanced in the industry, making them even better for taking in color and detail. Speaking of color, Maui Jim offers four lens colors – all of which offer different value for various conditions (I’ll talk more about that below) and none of the lenses “darken the view” – the PolarizedPlus2 allows colors to become even more vibrant with a higher level of contrast and greater depth perception. And finally, Maui Jim has made sunglasses that are of the highest quality and designed to be worn every day. The PolarizedPlus2 lenses make them even more durable.

So now that you know how fantastic Maui Jim is in general, let me take you through the styles I’m wearing and what makes each of the lenses different…

Sunshine  •  Frame: Marsala with Tokyo Tortoise // Lens: HCL® Bronze

  • I love tortoise shell sunglasses…next to aviators, they’re my favorite. The warm, speckled frame seems to look good on pretty much everyone.
  • To compliment the tort frame, the lenses on this Sunshine pair is HCL Bronze, which means it’s “High Contrast Lens.” The warm tint is good for changing conditions (full sun to overcast) and is considered the best to wear for everyday use. I especially love how though the frames are more of an oversized style, they’re super lightweight thanks to the SuperThin Glass used for the lenses.

Sweet Leilani  •  Frame: Mauve Matte Rubber // Lens: Maui Rose®

  • Picking a colored frame was risky business for me but I couldn’t pass up this deep mauve-hue. I had a hunch that though they’re colored, they’d wear like a neutral and I was right.
  • As someone prone to dropping her iPhone, keys, and sunglasses like it’s nobodies business, I’m loving that these frames are a rubber and feel less precious. Lucky for me, the pretty lenses on these are made with the SuperThin Glass – making them the lease susceptible to scratches. And though the glass is a very pretty hue, the Maui Rose tint is just as much about form as it is function…it’s the tint with the highest available contrast and great for fast moving sports. Now, if only eating nachos could be considered a sport…

Coco Palms  •  Frame: Gloss Black // Lens: Neutral Grey

  • I like to joke that sunglasses are a blogger’s security blanket (amIright?!) and as soon as I slipped this style on I felt like I was invisible, but in a good kind of way. They have a modern movie star quality and I love styling with some of my more feminine pieces.
  • I was curious as to see if colors would look more muted while wearing the Neutral Grey lenses (I guess my brain figured a grey tint would lead to a grey-colored world?) but the grey tint actually offers the highest light reduction while maintaining the richest colors and sharpest contrast. The MauiPure® glass isn’t as light weight as the other two pairs I have but they don’t feel heavy on my face (at all) and I love knowing that this glass type is the most shatter resistance.

You can shop all the styles Maui Jim has to offer right here! There are so many styles to choose from (and I should note that each pair I’m wearing comes in additional frame and lenses color options) that I found it easiest to sort by gender and go from there. But, you can also narrow down by frame style and color, lens color and size, fit, and even frame and lens materials. Being the aviator fan that I am, I now have my heart set on the Honomanu style….

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